Over to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying

Roald Dahl

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Over to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying

Over to You Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying Roald Dahl was badly wounded in Libya during the war but he went on to serve in the RAF in Greece and Syria In these spine tingling tales of battles in the sky and in the psyche he draws on his own e

  • Title: Over to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying
  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • ISBN: 9780241955802
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Roald Dahl was badly wounded in Libya during the war, but he went on to serve in the RAF in Greece and Syria In these spine tingling tales of battles in the sky and in the psyche he draws on his own experiences and those of his friends and colleagues to convey the bizarre reality of a pilot s existence.From the nervy jollity of life in the Ops room and the Mess in DeRoald Dahl was badly wounded in Libya during the war, but he went on to serve in the RAF in Greece and Syria In these spine tingling tales of battles in the sky and in the psyche he draws on his own experiences and those of his friends and colleagues to convey the bizarre reality of a pilot s existence.From the nervy jollity of life in the Ops room and the Mess in Death of an Old Old Man to the nightmarish horror of being shot down in A Piece of Cake , or the infectious madness of war in Someone Like You , these stories capture with chilling clarity the experience of living with the daily possibility of extinction.

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    One thought on “Over to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying

    1. Rachel on said:

      "Ten mind-tingling stories based on Roald Dahl's experiences as a wartime fighter pilot." As one who has wanted to jump into the minds of pilots in wartime I thought this book would be a great introduction it really wasn't. Death of an Old Old Man - 3/5An African Story - 3/5A Piece of Cake (rated and briefly discussed in 'The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar' review)Madamme Rosette - 1.5/5Katina - 3.5/5Yesterday was Beautiful - 1/5They Shall Not Grow Old - 4.5/5 Beware of the Dog - 3/5Only This - [...]

    2. Христо Блажев on said:

      В полет към теб, в полет към живота или смъртта: knigolandiafo/book-review/vНе може да се каже, че съм фен на детските книги, заради които Роалд Дал има толкова много фенове – все се каня да попрочета някоя от тях, но след като преди време злослучих на “Семейство Тъпашки”, така и си остана [...]

    3. César Lasso on said:

      Se trata, tal vez, del libro de Dahl que menos huella me ha dejado. Reúne relatos con la experiencia del autor como piloto en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Tiene, eso sí, el sello de Dahl, y satisfará a los que han hecho de ese escritor un fetiche. Entiendo que se tratará de las primeras experiencias del joven autor en el campo de la literatura, pues sufrió un accidente y, ya en el hospital, comenzó a escribir cuentos de guerra para revistas.

    4. Paul on said:

      Interesting to see where Dahl started out as a writer. A general melancholy runs through the stories , a sadness at the waste of life or dealing with causing or watching death.A couole of the stories ate clearly propaganda pieces with the death of a child or hero pilot at the hands of the evil german. Definotely a collection of uts time but all the more interesting for it. Most were written in the midst of war and that tension is obvious.Worth a read for curiosity and a feel of history

    5. Tommy Verhaegen on said:

      Een bundel korte verhalen van een groot schrijver. Toch had ik moeite om er doorheen te geraken. Voornamelijk door het thema doorheen het boek: oorlogsvliegers, en dan niet de spannende heldenverhalen, maar de belichting van de keerzijde van de medaille: het lijden, sterven, verlies, Vaak vanuit een originele hoek, een ander soort heldendom, meer type martelaarschap. Prettige verhalen zijn het niet, dikwijls kan je alleen verder lezen met een krop in de keel, soms lijkt het toch een positief ver [...]

    6. Angie Fehl on said:

      3.5 StarsDuring World War 2, beloved childrens' author Roald Dahl served as a fighter pilot with the Royal Air Force. Though severly injured in Libya, he went on to fly in additional missions over Greece and Syria, later transferring to a position in Intelligence. Inspired by his own true-life experiences, Dahl crafts a truly unique collection of sometimes eerie, sometimes touching short stories, each story illustrating an unusual experience of a different pilot. In his foreword, Dahl explains t [...]

    7. Ms Miaow on said:

      I found the stories poignant and rather melancholy, but that is to be expected as they were concerning pilots in the RAF during WW2.

    8. Perry Whitford on said:

      Roald Dahl was a fighter pilot during WWII, flying missions over Africa and Greece, shooting down enough enemy planes to be considered an ace and once crashing so badly that he was temporarily blinded.These ten stories (the first he wrote I believe) are directly influenced from his experiences at that time, and they pack quite a punch, though not by virtue of the devilish sleight of hand that characterized his later stuff.The companionship, the exhilaration, the fear, the grief, the brutal reali [...]

    9. Sam Dupont on said:

      Il y a de nombreuses raisons qui poussent un écrivain à prendre la plume et la guerre a été le déclencheur pour nombre de grands auteurs.Roald Dahl fait partie de ceux là.C’est un texte, à cheval entre réalité et fiction, décrivant son expérience dans la RAF au cours de la seconde guerre mondiale qui lui fera comprendre qu’il peut vivre de l’écriture. Il se lance alors dans une carrière de noveliste produisant des œuvres provocatrices et terriblement drôle telles que Mon onc [...]

    10. Matti Karjalainen on said:

      Suhteeni Roald Dahliin on perustunut käytännössä hänen riemukkaisiin lastenkirjoihinsa, ja muutamaa hätäisesti lukemaani novellia lukuun ottamatta en ole hänen aikuisille suunnattuun tuotantoonsa tutustunut. Ennen kuin nyt.Dahlin "Over to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying" (Penguin, 2011)sisältää kymmenen lyhyenlaista novellia, jotka käsittelevät tavalla tai toisella ilmailua. Tarinat sijoittuvat usein toiseen maailmansotaan, ja ymmärtääkseni niiden tausta on myös hävittäj [...]

    11. Maureen on said:

      I'd read Kids' Books Dahl and Black-Humoured Adult Books Dahl, but this was a beast I hadn't encountered before: Earliest Dahl, writing sincerely and vividly in these fictional stories based on his experiences as a WWII fighter pilot. It often reminded me of Catch 22: the similarity is natural enough, given the subject matter, and Catch 22 is obviously a much, much more complex work. But readers had to wait until 1961 to get the insight into the highly skilled, exhilarating and godawfully terrif [...]

    12. Manta on said:

      I read Roald Dahl as a childd even now, years on, he hasn't let me down. You find layers after layers of new meaning and nuance in his writing each time you come back to it, like coming back to a home that is even better. A lovely book of short stories at times sad, others sharp, but always wicked - wickedly human and biting and wonderful.

    13. Jimeetgandhi on said:

      The book has been entirely dedicated to pilots engaged in the World War, their flying experiences, their ordeals, their pleasures and their spirits. It has 10 chapters, each with a different storyline. Atleast 7 chapters have either abrupt endings, vague flying experiences with no logical explanations; or they have a storyline that is too stretched.

    14. Ralitsa EStoyanova on said:

      “Продължих да стоя и да се взирам в сърцевината на огъня, откъдето бликаха алените пламъци и наситената, нажежена до бяло топлина. Постепенно тяхната яркост се разсея, стана мека и жълтеникава като слънчева светлина и през нея, някъде отвъд, изникна образът на малко момиче, [...]

    15. Richard on said:

      Tales of derring-do during his days as a Spitfire pilot, from the master storyteller Roald Dahl.At this time of year I sometimes look up at the sky over Kent and think how close we came during the Battle of Britain. This short, humorous read captures the spirit of humble bravery and youthful high-jinks, particularly the story of liberating a brothel full of prostitutes in Cairo.But it's also a narrative of lives, and limbs lost.

    16. John Ostwald on said:

      Very neat to see Dahl's surreal tall tale style and even a bit of his kid's book whimsy applied to the grit of the war story genre.

    17. Linda on said:

      Not many people know that Roald Dahl wrote short stories for adults. Over To You is first one of many collections. Not his best but they were still enjoyable.

    18. Kathy on said:

      Loved this book. Dahl really proves that it's possible to be an exceptional children's book author, yet also write serious stories also. This book is a collection of war stories, but ones unlike others told. There are no heroes in theses stories; no last minute, turn the tide of the the war tales - these are the stories of the real people of the war. These are the stories of the countless thousands who never returned home, or those that did, without fanfare or acclaim - some would argue the real [...]

    19. Dani (The Pluviophile Writer) on said:

      Full review at The Pluviophile Reader: wp/p3VFNP-273/5 stars.ebook, 164 pages.Read from December 16 to 24, 2013.This collaboration of stories emphasizes Dahl's experiences as a flying ace for the RAF during World War II. I imagine that Dahl used many personal references and emotions in these stories, though from what I can find, from my very brief internet search, nothing specific has been directly referenced in the stories. Please feel free to comment if you know of a specific experience that h [...]

    20. Деница Райкова on said:

      Много странно усещане ми остави тази книга. Вероятно човек просто трябва да е чел определени други автори, за да може да вникне и да я оцени напълно, навярно имам пропуски в четенето. Но е факт, че ми е трудно дори да кажа в какво точно се изразява това странно усещане. Поне за [...]

    21. Norton Stone on said:

      I don't know whether Roald Dahl was a humble man but I would guess as much from this collection of short stories about flyers in the second world war. I was touched by the very first story 'Death of an old Man' which deals with the terror of a dogfight as seen through the eyes of the pilot who loses. It is a wonderfully gentle treatment of impending death. Dahl was a wartime pilot himself so these were stories almost certainly based on real events,people he knew, and emotions he keenly felt. The [...]

    22. Vik OMGWTFBBQ on said:

      This is Dahl's first published book, and it shows. The writing is good but there isn't much punch to the stories - no whimsical twists, no clever endings, and only hints of the playfulness that characterizes Dahl's later work (both for adults and children). The subject matter here is heavier, focusing on war and death from the perspective of WW2 Royal Air Force pilots. The stories are slow, introspective, glimpses into lives. His later work is much tighter, funnier, and plot-driven. Over to You' [...]

    23. Merve on said:

      I have to admit that I didn't enjoy reading this short story collection a lot. There were a few nice stories, like Madame Rosette or the African Story. But the others were a bit boring for me. I am just not that interested in stories about war aviators. Furthermore, I had the feeling that the characters kept appearing in different stories, for example Paul, The Stag, or Fin appeared in more than just one short story. That confused me a bit. I expected those stories to be 10 different ones, but i [...]

    24. Rosie Morgan on said:

      Yesterday I was talking to a man who is one year short of ninety. We got to talking about this book, (I brought it up) and he began to recall relatives of his who were caught up in this war which Dahl so cleverly and terribly describes. This book isn't a comfortable read but it IS a thought-provoking read - and it's yet another example of the sublime writing style of Mr Dahl. I also happen to think that it's an important book, reminding us of the horrors and brutality of war. Katina, the little [...]

    25. Octavia Cade on said:

      Mostly known for his wonderful children's books, Roald Dahl also wrote a number of short stories - including one of my all time favourites, in which a leg of lamb is used as a murder weapon. That story's not in this collection, however. The ten stories here are all themed around the experiences of British airmen in WW2. Dahl himself was one of these pilots, I believe, and it's hard not to think that his experiences (and those of his colleagues) haven't been an inspiration for these stories.I thi [...]

    26. Paul on said:

      In this compilation of short stories, Dahl captures the sorrow and fear experienced during his time in the second world war, as well as passionate tales of comradeship and downtime. There’s also stories of suffering and madness as his fellow pilots tell of how close they came to death and what they experienced during that time. Unfortunately, some don’t return at all, and the squadron has to accept that as part of the war effort, as well as losing the child that they saved from the wreckage. [...]

    27. Jessica on said:

      That was nice, that was really really nice! A good reading experience if ever there was one. The stories are haunting and gripping and as crazy as they might be very down to earth war experiences. We're all people, carrying out orders doing what we think or hope is right, never really facturing in the ripple effects.This book set me on a Roald Dahl spree. Watched some nice 1950-1970 (short) films based on his stories or for which he worked on the script. Like his stories the movies hold up very [...]

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