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Ch ri Ch ri romance publicado em aborda o delicado tema da sedu o amorosa entre uma bela cortes a caminho da meia idade e um adolescente mimado Ch ri de uma c lida voluptuosidade rompe com os c non

  • Title: Chéri
  • Author: Colette
  • ISBN: 9789722342087
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ch ri, romance publicado em 1920, aborda o delicado tema da sedu o amorosa entre uma bela cortes a caminho da meia idade e um adolescente mimado Ch ri, de uma c lida voluptuosidade, rompe com os c nones da poca ele com as suas infantilidades e pequenos amuos, quem se deixa amar Ela, uma mulher experiente, aceita com serenidade o prazer que ele lhe proporciona e n Ch ri, romance publicado em 1920, aborda o delicado tema da sedu o amorosa entre uma bela cortes a caminho da meia idade e um adolescente mimado Ch ri, de uma c lida voluptuosidade, rompe com os c nones da poca ele com as suas infantilidades e pequenos amuos, quem se deixa amar Ela, uma mulher experiente, aceita com serenidade o prazer que ele lhe proporciona e n o descura nenhum pormenor da sua educa o amorosa At que a m e de Ch ri resolve, convenientemente, cas lo.

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      297 Colette
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    One thought on “Chéri

    1. StevenGodin on said:

      Reading Colette's short novel Chéri, felt like munching on a box of fancy Belgian truffles, and in this case washed down with a bottle of fine vintage French wine, everything is all very French and all very luxurious. On it's first publication in 1920 both Marcel Proust and André Gide deemed it as a masterpiece, I wouldn't go as far as to say that, but was pleasantly surprised how pleasurable a read it was. I love how the female lead character Léa de Lonval is described as a magnificent and a [...]

    2. Duane on said:

      Cheri is the story of a privileged and wealthy young Frenchman living with a wealthy courtesan (Lea). She is much older, 50 vs 25, and when Cheri marries a young woman, Lea realizes that she loves him and he is gone forever. It's a little more involved but that's the gist of the story. This book was published in 1920 and is one of her better known works, but honestly, I prefer her early novels, especially the "Claudine" books. Colette would live a long life (1873-1954), and she wrote well into h [...]

    3. Teresa Proença on said:

      Publicado, pela primeira vez, em 1926, Chéri é das obras mais famosas de Colette. Conta a história da relação amorosa entre Léa - uma cortesã, a rondar os cinquenta anos, - e Chéri, vinte cinco anos mais novo, o filho de uma "colega".Normalmente, estas ligações "dão para o torto", mas Léa tem sempre um comportamento exemplar; o moço nem por issoGosto muito de Colette (este é o terceiro livro que leio e todos mereceram as cinco estrelas). Mas não sou a única; Chéri faz parte da l [...]

    4. Bettie☯ on said:

      bbc/programmes/b009j9hsDescription: Léa de Lonval is an aging courtesan, a once famous beauty facing the end of her sexual career. She is also facing the end of her most intense love affair, with Fred Peloux—known as Chéri—a playboy half her age. But neither lover under-stands how deeply they are attached, or how much life they will give up by parting ways.1/5. After a six-year affair, Cheri announces to Lea he is about to enter into an arranged marriage.2/5. Lea has to face the harsh real [...]

    5. Faisal on said:

      قرأت اول ١٠٠ صفحة والحقيقة كل ما تخطيت صفحة زدت تشوشاً لم استطع استيعاب الأحداث هل الاختلاف الاجتماعي هل الأسلوب السبب لا اعلم ولكن لم أتأقلم مع الرواية بتاتاً ولذلك توقفت وجعلتها بلا تقييم .

    6. Laura on said:

      Free download available at Project Gutenberg.From BBC Radio 4 - 15 Minute Drama:Colette's tale of a love affair between a courtesan and a man half her age, set in Paris before WWI.1/5. After a six-year affair, Cheri announces to Lea he is about to enter into an arranged marriage.2/5. Lea has to face the harsh reality of her young lover Cheri's marriage to another woman.3/5. Cheri returns from honeymoon dissatisfied, yearning to know where Lea has fled.4/5. Lea has returned to Paris, lonely and y [...]

    7. Nigeyb on said:

      I read this book in readiness for a group discussion. There are lots of positive reviews around so clearly many readers have found much to enjoy. I found nothing to enjoy, indeed I thought it was one of the worst books I have ever read and give it one star - a rating I have never used before. The basic plot is very straightforward (and, as it was on cover of my edition, I don't think the story is meant to be the point): 25 year old Chéri (real name Fred), the son of a wealthy courtesan, has bee [...]

    8. Mina Soare on said:

      With stunning prose, engrossing descriptions and spectacular character depictions, Collette outdid herself. The level of significance in every detail makes every scene even more expressive for the relationship between setting, society and character marking this a realist balzacian novel. Now, despite the numerous modern elements, the title drawing attention to the enigma of one character being the most conspicuous, I don't like neither the realism nor the ending so there goes one star.Nonetheles [...]

    9. Margarida on said:

      Brilhante. Uma bela cortesã de quarenta e nove anos, Leónie Vallon, Léa de Lonval, deixa-se conquistar por Fred, Chéri, um jovem de vinte e cinco anos, mimado, petulante e infantil, e ele entrega-se sem tréguas a esta experiente mulher. No entanto, ela continua uma mulher independente, de personalidade forte e segura, até que o casamento por interesse dele coloca um ponto final na relação.Paixão, sedução e volúpia pairam neste pequeno romance fascinante, numa excelente tradução de [...]

    10. Aprile on said:

      Parte sfrontato, arriva dolcissimo e profondoCome mi è piaciuto! E questo nonostante le prime trenta-quaranta pagine che trovavo superficiali e che mi ricordavano Jezabel della Némirovsky (naturalmente scritto dopo, ma da me letto prima). Grande prosa, grande incalzar dell’emozione. E’ l’analisi della crescita – o meglio, dell’evoluzione - dei due protagonisti, lei quarantanovenne di splendide attrattive – ma le righe del collo non si possono nascondere – e lui, bellissimo ragazz [...]

    11. Wayne on said:

      A wonderful look at the cultural trappings that every society brings to the most natural and urgent of natural instincts - consequently and ironically well and truly "fucking" it up for just about everybody.I enjoyed "Gigi" and "Cheri" once I'd got my head around the sexual culture of certain segments of French Society of the Fin de Siecle.The Loneliness and yet High Social Profile of the Courtesan is well and truly captured by Colette. Its ironies, possibilities of great wealth,its pitfalls,its [...]

    12. Leslie on said:

      I think this was the wrong book for me at this time. However, it would never be a favorite as I found the pace too slow. Colette gives beautifully written descriptions so I can understand why some would appreciate her writing more than I did. As for the plot, I could relate to Léa (as I am also a woman of a certain age) but Chéri struck me as a lout and so I couldn't really understand his appeal.

    13. Elizabeth on said:

      This is more like a 2.5 stars but as always I round down. I read this book to practice my French and if you are reading the book for the same reasons Colette is both a good and bad choice. Good because she uses a lot of different words (I now know a bunch of ways to describe how people lean on things lol), but bad because some of her words are so idiosyncratic? I guess? that some of them weren't in dictionaries I looked at. Her French was also kind of difficult for me at times that I had to look [...]

    14. Antonomasia on said:

      2.5What a frustrating book. It isn't badly written, but only if it were written quite differently would I really enjoy it.Chéri and Léa are difficult, unsympathetic characters - but this is a type I often find interesting to read about. Books can show such people's underlying thoughts and feelings, and the events that made them so disagreeable: they can make them sympathetic and understandable if you are reasonably open-minded. But we hear nothing of Chéri's inner life, and in writing alone t [...]

    15. Jenny on said:

      This book is so wonderfully written. The dialogue is too realistic; it's painful to read the conversations between Chéri and Léa and between Chéri and Edmée. Colette's treatment of relationships is excellent. She builds the characters and their interactions with each other quickly. This book is less than two hundred pages, yet I feel like I've known Charlotte, Léa, Chéri, and Edmée. I understand their world, why and how they are the way they are with each other. The last ten pages are the [...]

    16. Edward on said:

      What to make of a "love story" between a woman of 50 and a young man half her age? She is attracted to him because of his youth, his good looks, his easy-going ways. She appeals to him for her sophistication, both in her looks on which she expends enormous energy, and her exquisite taste in food and entertainment. But he, the "Cheri" of the title, marries a woman his own age, it being an appropriate thing to do, and the older woman (Lea) goes off on an extended vacation to try to forget her loss [...]

    17. Susanne on said:

      "Chéri" habe ich zum erstenmal als Film gesehen. Ich wusste damals nicht, dass er auf dem Roman von Colette basiert, mich hat in erster Linie die Fin-de-Siècle-Atmosphäre mit den wunderschönen Kostümen auf dem DVD-Cover angesprochen. Der Film hat mir übrigens sehr gut gefallen (mit Michelle Pfeiffer als Léa) und als dann die Bücher für wenig Geld zu haben waren, habe ich zugegriffen. Léa ist eine Pariser Halbweltdame, inzwischen fast 50 Jahre alt und mit dem 25-jährigen Chéri, dem ve [...]

    18. Whitney (First Impressions Reviews) on said:

      Cheri by Colette, centers around Lea and Cheri and their six year love affair. Respectfully 49 and 25 at the novels opening, both believe that their relationship to be casual until Cheri is to be married and realize that they were in fact in love. After Cheri's marriage they are separated for six months due to Lea's inability to cope with the new revelations. When she at last returns Cheri visits, they have one last romp in the sheets and the next morning while Lea plans their future together, C [...]

    19. Elisabeth on said:

      Publié en 1920.Thème: l'amour entre une femme âgée et un jeune amant. Thème très d'actualité sociale alors que nos journaux décrivent les couguars. Le roman est étrangement prémonitoire dans la vie de l'auteure. En effet, Colette, alors qu'elle venait de divorcer de son deuxième mari, eut une affaire avec le fils de ce dernier. Colette avait alors 50 ans et le garçon 19 ans. Vengeance ou vraiment amour ? Peut-être un peu des deux. Chéri a toutefois été publié avant l'affaire.L'h [...]

    20. Nose in a book (Kate) on said:

      Chéri is one of Colette’s better known works, so I already knew the rough storyline before finally reading this, but as always her language is as much the attraction as her stories. Chéri is an attractive wealthy young man who has been coached for six years in the art of love by middle-aged courtesan Léa. Now it’s time for Chéri to marry a suitable young lady, and in parting ways, both he and Léa must face their true feelings for one another, which have long been a source of irony and g [...]

    21. Селина Йонкова on said:

      романът на колет "шери" потвърждава клишето, че някои книги трябва да се прочетат в точното си време, за да ви "намерят. явно, аз съм пропуснала въпросния момент, поради което проточих четенето на тези малко над 150 страници, малък формат, като да се боря с дебел том. да, ако я бях [...]

    22. Ana Rînceanu on said:

      O poveste de dragoste plină de melancolie, fericire şi suferinţă, care ţi se înfige în suflet în ciuda faptului că nu îţi poate oferi iluzia unui final de basm.

    23. Sophie Cayeux on said:

      This is about the end of a love story between a young man of twenty-five, Cheri, and his twenty-four years older mistress, Lea. Their affair spanned about six years until his (Cheri's) marriage. It is a sad story about the pain of ageing, the selfishness of youth, the grief of separation. Cheri is a spoilt rich brat but he is gorgeous. Lea adores him and indulges all his caprices. Both are gutted when they are separated for six months following Cheri’s marriage. However their romance has a cru [...]

    24. Barbara on said:

      As a story, there wasn't a lot to this—an aging, but still lovely courtesan has a six-year affair with a selfish young man. The affair ends when he marries. They both suffer.BUT there was a lot more to it than that. Colette's writing is beautiful (in French anyway, I don't know how her language translates). In all her work, the natural world--trees, flowers, skies—is lovingly described. Reading her, I can practically smell the rain on the pavement or imagine the greenery in the Bois de Boulo [...]

    25. Bruce on said:

      This was the first novel by Colette that I’ve read, and I chose it in order to practice my French. In fact, I enjoyed it in and of itself, far more than simply as a language practice exercise.Colette published this book in 1920. The title character is Fred Peloux, although everyone knows him as Chéri. When he was 19 (the novel opens when he is 25) he began a long affair with Lea, a former courtesan, a friend of his mother (also a former courtesan), and his former nurse. She was 43 at the time [...]

    26. Crito on said:

      What makes Colette so endearing and what probably pulls her away from the spotlight of the French canon is just how fun and breezy she is. Her prose is light and nimble, never stumbling for a second as she lets her energetic characters spar wits against each other in good fun. This light atmosphere she herself takes joy in does its best to mask everything that's going on under the hood of this novel, from its psychologically intricate characters, to the depth of observation she has, and of cours [...]

    27. Rainbowgirl on said:

      Voici un livre que j'ai dévoré avec un émoi que je ressens trop rarement. J'ai été séduite par le style, léger et beau, par le raffinement des bijoux, des meubles, des vêtements, la grâce des personnages, l'humour discret mais non moins mordant, comme un rire sous cape, l'étrangeté de la situation où l'amour des amants ressemble à celui d'une mère et de son enfant, les jeux de la séduction, la subtilité des émotions qu'on n'admet pas, et surtout le personnage de Léa, un personn [...]

    28. Maria Beltrami on said:

      Una storia del demì monde di inizio novevento, personaggi che non esistono più come le grandi cortigiane in grado di attirare anche in tarda età amori e patrimoni, a volte lasciandoci il cuore, ma senza mai farne un dramma.Libro molto ben scritto, ma un po' lontano dalla mia sensibilità.

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