The Journey Back

Priscilla Cummings

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The Journey Back

The Journey Back Escaped and on the run can Digger find redemption His bold escape from a juvenile detention facility nearly kills him but soon an angry fourteen year old Digger is on the run hijacking a tractor tr

  • Title: The Journey Back
  • Author: Priscilla Cummings
  • ISBN: 9780525423621
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Escaped and on the run, can Digger find redemption His bold escape from a juvenile detention facility nearly kills him, but soon an angry fourteen year old Digger is on the run, hijacking a tractor trailer, borrowing a bicycle, and stealing a canoe When injuries stop him, Digger hides at a riverside campground, where he befriends a young boy and a girl his own age NewEscaped and on the run, can Digger find redemption His bold escape from a juvenile detention facility nearly kills him, but soon an angry fourteen year old Digger is on the run, hijacking a tractor trailer, borrowing a bicycle, and stealing a canoe When injuries stop him, Digger hides at a riverside campground, where he befriends a young boy and a girl his own age New friends, a job caring for rescued horses, and risking his life to save another make Digger realize that the journey back is not just about getting home, it s about discovering what he s really running from, and how to come to terms with his troubled past.

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    One thought on “The Journey Back

    1. RyanE on said:

      This book was well written, but I didn't enjoy it as much as you would think.The beginning started good, and it was a good sequel. But in the end it didn't live up to what I thought it would. There was only a few of the original characters, and I don't believe I'm gonna read the third book, if there is one.

    2. Kearden on said:

      This is a great book it takes place after the events of red kayak. It follows diggers escape from juvenile center for second degree murder. He makes an escape from the area to go save his mother and siblings from his father. He memorable characters with interesting stories. The story progress at a normal paste not leaving you with the question on how he got here or there or how did that happen and that didn't. If you could rate the book up to a 10 it would be a 9.5 for me.

    3. Cinnapatty on said:

      So what do you know? The day after I wrote the review for Red Kayak, I was shelving at the Middle School and found THIS book, which is a sequel to Red Kayak. Just came out in November! What luck! I snatched it and read it all in one day. Yep. That's what happens when your boys go camping with Scouts and you're home alone for an evening. This book was all about Digger. Digger has had a tough life. He's rough around the edges. He has a temper. He has a drunk of a dad who beats him and his mother s [...]

    4. Lauren on said:

      Set around a central character who aims to do good, but has had a troubled past, learns that he is more than who he used to be. A good, action-packed book in which all the characters help each other out, and end up finding true friendship.

    5. Reese Bohm on said:

      this is a really good book I would read because If you have read the red kayak then it just leaves you on a cliff hanger so this picks up from were the red kayak left off you do not here a lot from brady

    6. Kate Chiddix on said:

      This is such a GREAT book if you read The Red Kayak. It's about a Digger (who did something bad in "The Red Kayak") and he has to go to juvenile dentition and tries to find some way out. It is young adult fiction.

    7. Amanda Peddie on said:

      The Journey Back by Priscilla Cummings, this book takes place in a juvenile detention center and ends up in many different locations. The main character Digger was placed in a juvenile detention center for “accidentally” killing a child, which was supposed to be a prank on his much older friend. He quickly escaped the juvenile detention as he said to get back to his family to help and support them. Digger got out through the dumpster traveling through a garbage truck he was afraid he may be [...]

    8. Tyler Pence on said:

      After a daring escape from juvenile detention, Digger finds himself on the run from the police. He escapes through a garbage truck and steals a big-rig truck. The trucks brakes end up catching on fire and he has to abandon it. Alone and in the wilderness, Digger has to find food and shelter quick. While hiking trails, he finds a dog tied to a tree and he frees him and names him Buddy. When Digger acquires an injured ankle, he is forced to stay at a campsite where he befriends a young boy (Luke) [...]

    9. Addison on said:

      The Journey Back does a great job of being a realistic fiction novel. The events in this book feel so real. If you read Red Kayak i strongly recommend you read this sequel. You see Michael in a way you didn't see his in Red Kayak, he is now stronger, and bolder. You also get to see a soft side to him when his friendship forms with the young boy Luke. Michael is a fourteen year old boy who landed him self and his best friend in a detention center for playing a joke that ended up killing someone. [...]

    10. Krista Stevens on said:

      I didn't read this before the first book "Red Kayak", but that was okay. Angry 14-year-old Digger runs away from his court appointed youth facility to "save" his mom and siblings from his drunk and abusive father. But he's really running away from something else - his role in the death of child, which is what sent him to juvie in the first place. I like Digger. He's angry, he's impulsive, he doesn't think about others, he doesn't think about consequences, but he really changes in this book. The [...]

    11. Tyler Peterson on said:

      this kid name digger goes to jail and then he falt like his family need be protected. so hr exaped the jail throw the dumpster. and he stoll a simi truck or something close to it and then the brake burn out and then he stell a bike. and then he find this pet dog and this one kid stoll digger backpake. then he was by this lake resting and this kid was spying on him and then they became best friends and this girl lived in the camp grownd and then he fell in love with her and on day the boy was swi [...]

    12. Louie on said:

      If you like a thriller this is the book for you. This book makes you always wonder what will happen next. It might be the second book of the series, but both books are great. Although this book is fiction it takes place during our timeline. Two boys go to juvie for killing a little child. The main character (Digger) tries to escape juvie by getting taken away by a garbage truck. Once he escapes, he quickly steals a truck, bike, and canoe. Digger's main goal was to go back to his poor family and [...]

    13. Richie Partington on said:

      Richie's Picks: THE JOURNEY BACK by Priscilla Cummings, Dutton, October 2012, 224p ISBN: 978-0-525-42362-1 "'Do you think he's dead?'"'No. Watch his stomach. It moves when he breathes. See? He's not dead. Why would he be dead?'"'I don't know. I mean he was starving to death yesterday.'"'Well, he's alive all right.'"'What do you think we should do?'"Lying there, pretending to be asleep under those napkins on my face, I felt Buddy beside me lift his head. I recognized Luke's voice right off. The o [...]

    14. Ivy on said:

      This book had great character development and a great message. I loved watching Digger slowly realize that he can't run from the past, but he can change his future. Even though he's made many mistakes, he has a good heart and a bright future. I did not however, like every single part of this book. I felt that Buddy, the dog, just wasn't right. How is it possible that Digger found the perfect dog that does whatever he says and saves his life? Not very. This story would have been just as good, if [...]

    15. Cricket Muse on said:

      A definitely satisfying companion to Red Kayak. Digger escapes the detention center after only serving a month of his sentence. With realistic detail, Cummings relates how Digger lives on the run, but he learns he can’t out run the decisions and consequences of those decisions. Well-told and even though the ending has some twists, it falls into the redemptive denouement that is inevitable with the arc of the story. However, the big message of living with mistakes isn’t easy and some mistakes [...]

    16. Michaella on said:

      In The Journey Back by Priscilla Cummings a boy named Michael Griswald was placed in Cliffside Youth Detention center for murdering his neighbor’s child. This is an action packed story that contains breaking out of jail, running from the police, and stealing trucks. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat and I recommend it to anyone who likes thrilling books. You can find this book on .

    17. Jack on said:

      I liked the book The Journey Back by Priscilla Cummings because it was a sequel to The Red Kayak and it was cool to see how he broke out of "prison" just to get back to his mom and siblings. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has read Red Kayak. The genre of this book is realistic fiction and I have rad this genre before and it's my most favorite because it's the easiest to relate too.

    18. Liam on said:

      Liam Davies5/21/20165th Period Acc. English (Ms. Prilutski)Imagine that you grew up in a super unwealthy family. Your father is an alcoholic and abuses you and your family whenever he drinks. You soon find yourself going to prison for the murder of your neighbor’s son, when a prank went wrong (you poking holes into a kayak and the son getting into it, who couldn’t swim and drowned and died). One day, you decide that you have had enough with your father beating on your defenseless family at h [...]

    19. Kristine on said:

      A felony conviction. A daring prison break. Desperation and hope. Life on the lam for 14 y.o. "Digger" includes snatching a eighteen-wheeler and burning brakes, hunger, a twisted ankle, near-drowning, a hellacious case of poison ivy, and faithful Buddy, a stray dog who lives up to his name.But what'll happen when Digger stumbles into a campground and meets young Luke and his Dad? Will they discover his secret and turn him in? Or do they have secrets of their own? And what about the mysterious No [...]

    20. Janelle Hammonds on said:

      The tale of troubled youth, a prank gone wrong sending a teen to a juvenile center which he escapes to reduce his family but makes some interesting discovers along the way. I enjoyed the twists although I could’ve done without all the nature but that’s just because I’m not personally a fan.

    21. 6 Theron F on said:

      I think this book was not as good as the first in the series, it did not add more to the main character only showed how people escaped the jail they were sent to, I would not recommend reading this book.

    22. Amatullah on said:

      It was cool once Digger met Luke and Nora. But til it reached that point just

    23. Harleigh on said:

      Read it!!!!!! Kept me on my toes. I stayed up late just to finish it! :-)

    24. Michelle Pala on said:

      Usually, sequels to good books are disappointing, but this one did not disappoint at all! I absolutely loved this book! It a perfect sequel to Red Kayak, a book I found really enjoyable.

    25. Dana J on said:

      This book is so emotional! I love every bit of it! It keeps me on the edge of my seat. His journey is exciting but very relatable. Every one should read this!!!!

    26. Lily on said:

      The Journey back is a book about the guy named digger he went for prison for accidentally drowning a child. So, while he is in prison he is thinking of a plan to get out. The reason digger wants to get out because he has a dad who hits his mother and his siblings, so he wants to help them. Later he gets out of the prison and tries to get back to is family. On his journey back he goes through many obstacles. Such as trying to stay away from anybody, staying away from the police and get food and d [...]

    27. Makayla on said:

      The Journey Back is filled with suspense and fear as you travel through the woods, by rivers, through tunnels, and so many other places and obstacles. So how did this happen? It all started when Michael Griswald or Digger, committed a horrible crime that will live with him for the rest of his life. With his dad causing chaos to his family back home, Digger decides he needs to break out of prison so he can help his family and do something about his aggressive dad. As he keeps moving forward on hi [...]

    28. Ella on said:

      Although I didn't realize The Journey Back is a sequel, I really enjoyed reading about Digger's adventure through life. His dad is an alcoholic and beats him, his mom, and his defenseless siblings. Digger is sentenced as a result of a prank gone wrong, and he cannot protect his family from his dad. While in the midst of his nine-month term, the need to return home worsens and he produces a plan to escape the youth prison. Will he ever return home? Or do his many crimes through his escape land hi [...]

    29. Ryan Y. on said:

      “The Journey Back”Ryan Y.Priscilla Cummings writes a heartfelt sequel to the “Red Kayak “. We go on an adventure with digger and see what he experience’s as a 14 year old boy sentenced to time in juvenile detention center.Michael Griswold “Digger” age 14 is the main character in the story committed a crime. “Digger” is now serving his time in the Cliffside juvenile detention center. While at Cliffside he gets in many fights and wonders how his mom little brother and little sist [...]

    30. Raymond C. on said:

      The Journey BackBy: Priscilla CummingsRealistic Fiction243 pagesThe Journey Back is the story of a boy named Digger who is trying to decide what he is really running from. Digger went to prison after pulling a prank by poking holes in a kayak, which lead to a small boy drowning. The book starts off on Digger's birthday celebration in jail. He and Tio start fighting and Tio gets pinned down by the counselor there. Digger wants to escape prison because he wants to protect his family from his abusi [...]

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