ALIBI: The Complete Series

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ALIBI: The Complete Series

ALIBI The Complete Series Abigail Shelton is dead Spring Valley s golden girl is found floating face down in her boyfriend s pool hands bound behind her back head bleeding drugs and alcohol in her system Her friends are the

  • Title: ALIBI: The Complete Series
  • Author: Annie Miles John Byrne Isabel Eckersley Sorrel Provola Twist Literary
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Abigail Shelton is dead Spring Valley s golden girl is found floating face down in her boyfriend s pool, hands bound behind her back, head bleeding, drugs and alcohol in her system Her friends are the only suspects and they all have reasons to want her dead Everyone has an alibi, but no one is innocentIBI is a 4 part young adult e book series Each one hundred pageAbigail Shelton is dead Spring Valley s golden girl is found floating face down in her boyfriend s pool, hands bound behind her back, head bleeding, drugs and alcohol in her system Her friends are the only suspects and they all have reasons to want her dead Everyone has an alibi, but no one is innocentIBI is a 4 part young adult e book series Each one hundred page installment reveals the perspective of a different character the secret love, the nemesis, the boyfriend, the best friend As their tales unfold, we learn that Abby is not as perfect as everyone believes, but she s not the only one with secrets to hide This page turning tale of suspense, betrayal, murder, and lust will keep fans of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars up and reading well past curfew.

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      387 Annie Miles John Byrne Isabel Eckersley Sorrel Provola Twist Literary
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    One thought on “ALIBI: The Complete Series

    1. Laura Thomas on said:

      Bravo to twist Literary.This is a whole new way to tell a story. Four authors, four 100 page books, one event.Each author writes from their character's point of view. It is very unique and fun and it works with Alibi.Every one has an alibi.No one is innocent.The stories all revolve around the murder of a young girl, Abby.Each author tells the mystery from their character's point of view, recalling what happened leading up to and after the murder. I really liked how one story sometimes filled in [...]

    2. RoloPoloBookBlog on said:

      Alibi by John Byrne, Isabel Eckersley, Annie Miles and Twist Literary4½ stars/5 starsSource: Authors for blog tour reviewWhen I read the synopsis for Alibi (a four novellas into a single novel) I, quite frankly, just wanted to see if multiple authors could synthesize their unique voices into a cohesive story. Not only have the authors brought their voices together they have also pulled together a fantastic story full of lust, betrayal and murder, and all while navigating the treacherous waters [...]

    3. Brenna on said:

      ALIBI has been publicized as the next book for fans of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Luckily for me, I followed both those series for the majority of their never-ending books (I gave up on PLL recently.) Note that ALIBI is a 4-part series, and you can buy the series either separately or as a complete volume. But after reading ALIBI, I can say that isn't a fair remark to make about the series. ALIBI is what Gossip Girl WISHES it was and what Pretty Little Liars SHOULD have been! It's a gui [...]

    4. Chapter by Chapter on said:

      For something that consists of novellas that are only a hundred pages long, I was more than shocked and impressed with what I found inside of the first novella in Alibi; a four part series that takes place after the death of Abigail Shelton. In this review, I’m not going to go through each and every single novella in the series because that will get boring really fast and because I don’t want to ruin anything for you!In the beginning of the story, after the death of Abby, I had to admit that [...]

    5. Kassiah on said:

      3-1/2 starsThe full review, with quotes and stuffs can be found on the Fictionators.I've never read a book quite like this one.Four separate novellas that make up one compelling story. This would make an amazing movie.I don't really know what I can say about the plot without giving everything away, so I'll tell you about the overall storyline. From the very beginning, we know that Abigail Shelton is dead. She was found in the pool at her boyfriend's house, by his cousin. Everyone is trying to fi [...]

    6. Nickle Love on said:

      Originally posted in Night Owl Reads.Alibi is like a mash-up between Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. I have not read any book from those series but I do follow the TV show.Abby was found dead and four people close to her are the suspects, each of them has a motive and an alibi. And as they tell their version of the story, the real culprit is revealed.I'll start with the cover/s used. I love how pretty they all are, although I am quite disappointed that the model used for Mason is better loo [...]

    7. Savannah (Books With Bite) on said:

      When I was approached the read this series, I immediately jumped right on. It had everything I want in a book and more. It has mystery, suspense, murder, lies, and cheaters.What I adored about this book is something that I would normally complain about. It's short. Each book is about 60 pages long, but it gives you exactly what you need and more to want to read the next book. The author has carefully constructed each story from each point of view to give away just the right amount of clues to le [...]

    8. Heidi on said:

      Four stars: A wicked fun read that blends a four part story into one twisty read!Abby is dead, but who murdered her? Four different teenagers are caught in a vicious and tangled web of deceit and treachery. Who is pulling the strings? Charles, the handsome Aussie, sits in the police station dodging questions. Abby was the girlfriend of his cousin, but was she cheating with him? Is he to blame for her death? What about "Ace" Mason, the boyfriend.did he and Abby have a feud, did he find out she wa [...]

    9. Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads) on said:

      From my blog: readingandwritingurbanfantasy.3.5 starsAt a GlanceThe first time I heard about this series--about each book (short story) having a different POV of four characters, learning about their stories and how they all connect and lead to a murder--I was intrigued. And it only got better once I started reading, even if the ending left me a little unsatisfied. The GoodWho Killed Abby SheltonI was blown away by this series. The intrigue, the lies, the betrayal. All of it simmered then explod [...]

    10. Emily (Book Jems) on said:

      As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!4.5/ 5 Stars!The ALIBI series is a series of novellas. The four parts of this book are titled after the character the story centers around: Charles, Palmer, Mason and Rowan. Each story is written by a different author. When I was first asked to review this, I was a bit nervous. I have never read a series like this. Different authors made me wary. My doubts were unjust. I ended up sincerely enjoying this story. And being sad when I had finished. This series was legi [...]

    11. Ellen on said:

      When I read the synopsis of this book I was immediately intrigued. It is different that anything I have read before and my curiosity was definitely peaked. As it says in the synopsis, this is a combination of four novellas, written by four different authors. After Abigail Shelton is found dead in the pool at her boyfriend's house, every one is that was there is a suspect, but does everyone have an alibi? Each novella is told from the perspective of the character it is named for, and involves the [...]

    12. Pooja (On books!) on said:

      Review originally posted on my blog: On books!This series is so OH MY GOD. There is no other way to describe this absolutely amazing four part series that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end!I loved the concept of the perspectives of four people in this mini-series taking you in all sorts of directions until finally, you figured out how Abigail Shelton, who seemed like the girl who had it all ended up drugged, bleeding and dead; floating face down in her boyfriend, the governor's s [...]

    13. Heather on said:

      This was the kind of book I've been looking for the past few months. It's a YA contemporary, but I'd say definitely on the upper end of YA as there is a lot of sexually explicit scenes. That being said, they fit in with what was going on and I didn't think they were overdone or too graphic. Just a warning before you let your 13 yr old read it.The first book, Charles opens with him being questioned in the police station. We aren't sure why he's the main suspect. But we learn all about what he's b [...]

    14. Once Upon a Twilight on said:

      review link: onceuponatwilight/2012I enjoyed Alibi. It's fast paced twists and turns kept you guessing. As the plot unfolds, you find each friend played a part that resulted in the death of Abigail Shelton. I liked reading each persons perspective. I did read all of the volumes consecutively and by the third volume I was a little tired of some of the places in the story that crossed over. I believe originally this story was published one volume at a time so the repetitiveness was necessary but I [...]

    15. ☕ Kimberly on said:

      Alibi Volumes I-IV is a collection of four one hundred page novellas, that each delivers the POV of a suspect. Written by four different authors this murder mystery offers a refreshing and unique twist. I was captivated from page one of the first book and became immersed in the characters. The synopsis states that each has an alibi and no one is innocent. I found this to be delightfully true and consumed this in a single evening.The tale begins after the death of Abigail Shelton at the police st [...]

    16. Michele on said:

      This, and other reviews can be found on my blog Just a Lil LostAbby is found dead, face down in a pool and all those around her are the suspects. From her boyfriend to her best friend, her rival to her secret lover – all of them had reason to want her dead and all of them are on the detective’s radar. Told in a 4-part story, each segment is from the point of view of each of the suspects.Touted as a perfect read for fans of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, Alibi certainly lives up to that [...]

    17. YA Novelties on said:

      Check this review out at our blog!I totally didn't really think this book would be my thing. When you put the words "Gossip Girl" and "Pretty Little Liars" in the blurb, those who have a disdain for those things, aka. me, immediately turn away. But I admit, I really wanted to see if I could solve a murder. It wasn't like this series would drag along like Pretty Little Liars does (it's on like its 12th book by now?). Guess you can now call me a detective geek because I enjoyed reading Alibi and d [...]

    18. Valerie on said:

      4 stars - Brilliantly explaining why the truth lies somewhere in the middle Yeah so I wasn't sure about this one because it seemed outside my normal genres but really I have to give kudos to the authors for peeking my curiosity with their request to review their book. They actually read my review police and provided everything I requested. So I gave their book a chance and I'm certainly glad I did. The book is divided into four sections, about 100 pages each, one from each of the four characters [...]

    19. Preet on said:

      I won't lie, I was kind of stalking Twist Literary (only online people, I wasn't like in their bushes or anything) once I heard about them a few months back. The whole concept of a series written by different authors for different characters is seriously intriguing. I kind of thought I'd be able to tell when someone else was writing, but the authors do it so seamlessly that there's really no difference. What definitely helped is the amazing characterization throughout the story. Every character [...]

    20. Book Whales on said:

      Originally posted @ Book WhalesThe cover is so beautiful. You get to see what the characters really look like. I devoured this book in one sitting. This book is such a page turner! The Alibi series consists of 4 books, wherein the four primary suspects have their own POV’s regarding the events before and after the death of Abby. As you read, you’ll only have one question in mind. Who killed Abigail Shelton?The series started with Charles, our hot Australian who went to live in Spring Valley [...]

    21. Lauren on said:

      The four additions in the Alibi series (Charles, Palmer, Mason, and Rowan) have been sitting on my eReader for ages now, and I'm not really sure why. They looked like fun and scandalous reads. Plus I loved the way Twist Literary was packaging them as individual novellas featuring one of four point-of-views. Anyhow, I recently decided to give it a try, and I ended up enjoying what I saw. They weren't perfect, but they were still fun and twisted reads that had me hooked from the get-go.The four no [...]

    22. Carrie Ardoin on said:

      High school senior Abby is dead, and her circle of four people are the only ones who know what happened. Through a series of four novellas, the events leading up to Abby's demise are told. The lives of Charles, Palmer, Mason, and Rowan are tied together nowd the consequences are deadly.This book definitely gets credit for originality--the story slowly unfolds through the eyes of four different people. But unfortunately, I was disappointed by the execution of storytelling.No one is as they seem i [...]

    23. Sarah on said:

      See the full review at Short & Sweet Reviews.This book is full of drugs, sex, and lies, and these teenagers inhabit a world that sometimes only seems to exist in movies. Everyone is rich and glamorous and could have anything they want. It's a little hard to believe that these kids are all only supposed to be 17 or so, which is always the biggest hurdle I have in reading books like this. I really liked the idea of seeing the story take place from each character's viewpoint. Although it got re [...]

    24. Tee loves Kyle Jacobson on said:

      Alibi is one of those books that draws you in right from the start. The story line and the way it is told will have you at the edge of your seat waiting to read what will happen next. This story is told from a four person point of view and you get to see what the character is feeling and see through their eyes what they perceive could have happened. Alibi is a story about a girl named Abby Shelton. She is smart, beautiful, and has everything a girl could want. She also has dark secrets and lies [...]

    25. Yelania Nightwalker on said:

      4.6/5When I read the synopsis of ALIBI, I knew I had to read it. I found fascinating a book where each of the characters give us their POV's. Each book tells us how things are developing. It starts already with the death of our golden girl and then each of the details that lead us to how and why Abby died.The first to tell the story is Charles, Australian boy who travels to USA to live with his uncles, fleeing a dark past. Charles is handsome, successful athlete and very nice, is the character t [...]

    26. Stephanie Ward on said:

      3.5 StarsALIBI is a collection of 4 short novellas that complete a series. It revolves around the death of Abby Shelton. Each of the stories is told from a major character's point of view - in effect it is each of their alibi's for the murder. Behind the seemingly perfect life of the victim is a web of lies and deceit, woven by those closest to her. All the stories overlap and provide a backstory that leads up to the night of the murder, and will eventually answer the question of who killed Abby [...]

    27. Jenea Whittington on said:

      3.5 stars Review will be on Monday November 5thAbby has been found dead in the Mackenzie's pool. There is alcohol and drugs in her system and now the question is who killed her and why?We have 4 suspects. Charles, who is from Australia and is quite the ladies man. He has his eyes set on Abby, who happens to be Ace's girlfriend. Ace is the spoiled son of a politician, who wants nothing but tho play football. And he will do what ever it takes to be the best no matter the cost. His attention to his [...]

    28. Jessica on said:

      I was given a complimentary copy of this series in return for my honest review. Alibi: The Complete Series is a collection of four novellas written by four authors (Annie Miles, John Byrne, Isabel Eckersley, and Sorrel Provola respectively). Each novella is written from the perspective of four of the main characters (or suspects, in this case), detailing the events leading up to the murder of the seemingly perfect Abby Shelton.Initially, I was worried that the retelling of basically the same eve [...]

    29. I'd So Rather Be Reading Nat on said:

      This was a really neat concept, and very well-executed! I was kind of leery going into Alibi, because I'm not one for short stories, and Alibi consists of four 100-page installments or volumes. Each installment is told from a different main character's perspective. But, the story flowed well, and getting a better understanding of each character was really neat. I found Alibi to be compulsively readable. During each volume, I was absolutely convinced as to who the killer was. Then, I'd start a ne [...]

    30. ChristinaTorretta on said:

      What an ingenious way to show different points of view. Each point of view a little different, actually so different from the others that you would never think that just reading one would give you the full story. Everyone is hiding something and the fun part of this is finding out whether that something is detrimental to Abby.What I was worried about most was the ending. How were the authors going to finish this, were they going to pull this together or just let us sit and stew over the four poi [...]

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