Warrior's Moon

Lucy Monroe

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Warrior's Moon

Warrior s Moon Chrechte wolf shifter Caelis turned his back on his human lover Shona so that he could remain loyal to his pack Six years later he thinks she s dead He s wrongAfter being rejected by Caelis the pr

  • Title: Warrior's Moon
  • Author: Lucy Monroe
  • ISBN: 9780425254424
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Chrechte wolf shifter Caelis turned his back on his human lover, Shona, so that he could remain loyal to his pack Six years later, he thinks she s dead He s wrongAfter being rejected by Caelis, the pregnant Shona was forced to marry an English baron Now, she s on the run from the deceased baron s heir Determined to protect her children, she heads north to the only fChrechte wolf shifter Caelis turned his back on his human lover, Shona, so that he could remain loyal to his pack Six years later, he thinks she s dead He s wrongAfter being rejected by Caelis, the pregnant Shona was forced to marry an English baron Now, she s on the run from the deceased baron s heir Determined to protect her children, she heads north to the only family she has left on Balmoral Island On her journey, fate brings her betrayer and the father of her oldest child back into her life.Caelis is destined to usurp the corrupt laird ruling over the Chrechte people, but he refuses to abandon his sacred mate and son once again The last thing Shona wants is to return to the clan that hurt her or forgive Caelis, but passion and a love that will not die urges her to join him The fate of his people and her own small family rests on her ability to forgive But she has to wonder if she truly comes before the pack, or if nothing has changed at all

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      117 Lucy Monroe
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    One thought on “Warrior's Moon

    1. HR readsNstuff on said:

      Ok so what we have here is a h who has been done majorly wrong by her H. Because i'm blood thirsty when it comes to groveling and grudge holding i think Lucy Monroe dug herself a hole here that she had little hope of the characters climbing out of. Of course others will disagree because they're not as bloodthirsty as i amsically 6 years ago H thinks more of his alpha than his true mate. Alpha tells H that the h can't be his mate for a number of reasons, one being that if she was his mate she wou [...]

    2. KatieV on said:

      I love PNR, but this one didn't do it for me. I felt like we were constantly taking a break to explain the mythology/world build through conversations. Endless conversations Granted, it has to be tough to seamlessly build mythological worlds and give the background without info-dumping. However, I have read plenty of PNRs that have managed quite well. Considering this wasn't the first book in the series, I was surprised at how much 'splaining was going on.For those of you who seek out betrayal s [...]

    3. Cheesecake on said:

      Caelis the Chretch who needs to grovel and Shona the mate he wronged.Six years ago, Caelis repudiated his true mate and set her on a path to hell. So of course the premise is twofold. The H must prove he is worthy of her trust again and they must defeat their old lord, who is a staunch Fearghall and an evil liar.Although Caelis' reasons for refusing to marry Shona were based on the lies of his laird, a man he trusted, they were no real excuse. And Caelis must come to know this in his heart. The [...]

    4. Sandy M on said:

      How I love reading about shapeshifters. Especially in this Children of the Moon series. And this time around, Lucy Monroe has given readers a new take on the werewolf.Shona is fleeing England to escape the clutches of her stepson, the new baron since his father’s death. He wants her just because he can have her, but he wants her son dead. Eadan is not the old baron’s son, though no one other than Shona and a few others know that, so Percival is out to make sure the boy is no competition for [...]

    5. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads on said:

      It took me a while to get through this onech longer than any other in the series. Honestly, I just wasn't into this one. The way the h went back and forth between giving in to the H and then giving him a hard time for leaving her six years prior annoyed me. She was very inconsistent. Also, if the H's "gentian" blue eyes were mentioned one more timegood grief. And the big "challenge scene" at the end took less than 10 pages. I loved the first 3 in the series, but this one I found to be a bit bori [...]

    6. Fabiola Chenet on said:

      I don't have any word to tell how I loved this book. I have known Lucy Monroe for a few years and until now, I only knew her Harlequin Présents books. So, I didn't know what to expect with a paranormal romance. It's my first one in this series and now I want to read the others. I absolutely LOVED the characters, especially Shona. What a Heroine!I also loved the fact that even if the characters are mated, the author makes the difference between being mated and being in love.Just read it!

    7. Sheyla Costa on said:

      I have enjoyed the first two books in Lucy Monroe's Children of the Moon series, and while this was enjoyable, it did not quite deliver the same punch. There were too many supernatural races being bandied abut, and frankly a lot of times it was confusing.So, enjoyable, but not quite as much as Moon awakening (my fave)

    8. Debra Taylor on said:

      Looking forward to reading this book. I read the excerpt at the end of Dragons Moon. Sounds like it's gonna be a second chance at love story. Oh Goody!!! My favorite kinda story.

    9. Jule on said:

      wieder ein gutes Buch, allerdings waren die vorherigen besser. Auch wenn ich die Beweggründe von Shona verstehe, hat mir der Prozess zu lange gedauert, den sie gemacht hat um zu verzeihen.Gefallen hat mir, das die Charaktere aus den vorherigen Büchern auch einen Platz im Buch bekommen haben. Insgesamt war das Buch nett, aber zu langatmig bevor etwas passierte und dann ging alles zu schnell.

    10. Tina on said:

      This is the sixth book in the Children of the Moon series, and definitely worth reading. I’ve wanted to read this series about shape shifters but haven’t had the opportunity until this book and I was not disappointed because I loved it. What I really like is that I did not have to read any of the prior books before reading this one. It was so mesmerizing that I had a really hard when I had to put it down because it I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. I will definitely be [...]

    11. Theresa on said:

      Last book of this wonderful ‘Children of the Moon’ series. !cry! So many story threads are left untied that it’s a shame but the author says the publisher lost interest, so we can only hope for something and dream in the meantime.This one is about Caelis who used to be a MacLeod under Uven and hated all humans and E’on. Now he’s found out the truth and has joined the Sinclairs to fight against the Fearghall. All I can say about him is that he’s a clueless idiot.Shona has escaped her [...]

    12. Pam on said:

      I always love to go back and visit old friends. Lucy Monroe did that while giving us a whole new story to add to an already great series. When they were young Shona and Caelis were in love and believed they were sacred mates. The Chrechte, could not produce offspring unless they found the one. Shona gave herself to Caelis. They belonged to the clan Macleod. The clan leader would not approve their mating and told Caelis she was not his mate so he abandoned Shona. She left the town with her parent [...]

    13. Cindy on said:

      Medieval Highland paranormal with sex. This is the 5th book in the series. Tropes I dislike - 6 years go by before the H/h are reunited. Hate that! In the meantime, The heroine has to marry an old Baron (old enough to be her grandfather. She's pregnant by the hero, but he's repudiated her. He acts like a jerk & tells her it's someone else that she's slept with that got her pregnant. She also has a daughter by the old Baron.What I like - The heroine is strong willed & not about to take an [...]

    14. Sheila Schwartz on said:

      Oh WOW!! How can I write a review that would described the actual deliciousness Warrior's Moon is!! I love second chances and this story is beautiful in that Caelis gets his second chance but Shona makes him work for every iota of ite has been wronged, hurt, and suffered pain that should be placed where it deserves. Caelis' feet! But Lucy Monroe's characters are so real that you feel their despair and then with her talented ability to write words you feel happiness, compassion, love and such a m [...]

    15. Lori Meehan on said:

      This was a great addition to this series. I loved Caelis and I truly felt for him when he saw Shona and her children for the first time. Caelis thought he would never see Shona his true mate again and Shona never wanting to see Caelis again after his rejection of her. The secondary characters in the story were so charming you couldn't help but fall in love with them. Shona's children Eadan and Marjory were so well written and lovable I wanted to just hug them. Audrey, Thomas and Vegar just added [...]

    16. Jenniffer on said:

      Estuvo entretenida, espero que para el próximo book se concentre más en el romance que caracteriza a Lucy y ya abandone la guerra entre clanes. Las cosas se arreglaron aquí, no? Es hora de unificar y darme más awww Disfrute mucho volver a ver a mis personajes favoritos, Abigail y Talorc, mucho más que a los protagonistas. Ellos serán mis queridos por siempre de esta saga. No me gusto Shona, demasiado quejica y poco comprensiva. Para ser una escocesa de las altas Highlands poco entiende a u [...]

    17. Claire on said:

      I loved all the previous books of Children of the Moon, but despite a promising initial plot this one was boring. There wasn't happening much but empty talking. The leading characters discussed their painful past over and over again in a never-ending circle of accusations, apologies and explanations before it get to the expected happy-end. When Shona at last finished discussing the already well-known facts with her man (repeatedly), old friends and new friends, she mulled over them again in her [...]

    18. iliana G on said:

      ahhh the McLeods time has comei can't sayi enjoyed this book muchi wanted so much to find out what was going to happen i started skipping pages~chuckles~i did love it as all the other books and was happy to see Vegar finding his mate as well i loved the fact that in each story we see all the characters and we are learning of their wereabouts and the whats going on with themn't wait to read some more.

    19. Michelle the Romance Witch on said:

      An exceptionally awesome read, full of redemption, forgiveness, and finding lost love. I loved Shone and Caelis's romance and the appearance of so many new and amazing creatures. It was also great to get to see some of my favorite couples from past books int he series. Can't wait for what's next.

    20. Michele on said:

      I won this as a first reads book for an honest review.I loved this book! I haven't read shape shifter books in a while and so glad I could read this to get my interests back. This book had awesome characters and a fantastic story line. This is the first book I've read of the series, and I plan on getting the other ones as well.

    21. Luu on said:

      Me daba miedo que, con todas las criticas hacia Shona no me cayera bien, pero la verdad no se la puede culpar por su actitud, tiene derecho a hacerse rogar. Ya quiero que salga algún felino >o< Mejor dicho, quiero que salgan los siguientes *Q* Me encanta y fascina la trama que une todos los libros y que salgan los personajes anteriores :3

    22. Modesty_b on said:

      a good story which does justice to its' series.Lucy Monroe has proven again that she has an avid talent in weaving stories that hold as enthralled. Though I have to admit that I expected Uven to put up more fight than he did. I'm looking forward to the next story in the series in which I think Paindeal will be found and it's bound to be exciting.

    23. Lizzie on said:

      I can't say which of these books is my favorite yet, but this is the funniest journey I've had in awhile. I love a good mating frenzy every now and then. And this book provided just that. I ate this book up like the juicy piece it was. I admit to cheering out loud when Shona made him do it right. And if you read this book to find out.

    24. Denise on said:

      Another wonderful addition to the Children of the Moon series. I love reading about the Crechte & the ongoing quest to reunite the speciesd their clans. This entry was just as good as the earlier novels have been, and I was sad when it was over. I eagerly await the next installment. :)

    25. Bozana on said:

      I absolutely LOVED IT!!!! It's hard to find Historical Paranormal Romances and it's such a joy when you do find one. Lucy Monore's Children of the Moon series, is all brilliant books and such a joy to read. A very talented excellent writer and gifted story teller.

    26. Donna Campbell on said:

      This was a great series! As soon as I read this I started reading the others in line--then I re-read this one & just as good the second time around!!

    27. Ruth Ellen on said:

      I loved this book. Shape-shifter Highlanders. It was a great story. Looking forward to more stories.

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