黒執事 XIV [Kuroshitsuji XIV]

Yana Toboso 枢 やな

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黒執事 XIV [Kuroshitsuji XIV]

XIV Kuroshitsuji XIV

  • Title: 黒執事 XIV [Kuroshitsuji XIV]
  • Author: Yana Toboso 枢 やな
  • ISBN: 9784757536111
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
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      494 Yana Toboso 枢 やな
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      Posted by:Yana Toboso 枢 やな
      Published :2019-05-16T11:50:23+00:00

    One thought on “黒執事 XIV [Kuroshitsuji XIV]

    1. Yue on said:

      WOW, again. This time I loved the scenes about Sebastian´s past, his first days as a butler. We get to see how Sebastian improved to become the best butler, and how Ciel improved to become a great Earl. In my opinion, they also started to respect each other while helping each other. It was pretty funny to see Sebastian being reproved by Ciel, and vice versa, each one of them accepting the disapproval, despite their pride.Then, back to the sinking boat again. Gosh, I love Grell! He does have som [...]

    2. Lanie on said:

      Again, I loved loved loved it! Seeing Sebastian learning to be a butler & Ciel learning to be an earl. Wonderful. It's nice & really speaks volumes about their relationship, showing them learning how up with each other. :) there's some definite mutual respect there, despite the darkness of the contract. also loved watching Sebastian save Ciel from the zombies. I don't care if ciel Is eventually supposed to be his food, they care about each other! You could tell they were truly worried fo [...]

    3. Fatemeh on said:

      سیل بیشتر از باتلر به یه معلم سرخونه نیاز داشته تا ادب یادش بده :|3.5

    4. Vendea on said:

      Vynikající. Je škoda, že bylo arc s Campanií tak krátké, protože mě zombíci fakt bavili. A kombinace Ronald/Grell/Undertaker je prostě neodolatelná. 4/5*

    5. Yasamin Seifaee on said:

      لامصب چه جای حساسی تموم شد. :| بعرا شاید یه ریویو ای چیزی بنویسم :-؟

    6. Anika on said:

      This volume felt pretty meh to me. It's just a transition volume to finish the previous arc and continue to the next arc. I have to say overall I thought the ship arc was pretty weak compared to the other arcs, maybe except for maybe the curry arc. In fact, I think it's pretty on par with the curry arc. The plot didn't really advance as well as it did in the previous arcs and I felt like the zombies' presence was just there. Like they really didn't play a huge role in the plot, they were just th [...]

    7. Natalie on said:

      God, the climax of this arc was so exhausting, physically for the characters and I, as the reader felt exhausted too. I loved that we got to see Ciel and Sebastian's "origin story"-- how they came form their contract and subsequently their relationship and their bond. It was quite hilarious but also oddly touching to see them fight and complain about each other but fall into a twisted kind of devotion for each other, which I love. Also, the final 'aftermath' chapter with the Easter egg hunt was [...]

    8. Chivitouille on said:

      Todo este arco sin duda ha sido extraño, sin aparente sentido y divertido.Lo mejor de todo ha sido conocer más sobre cómo fue el comienzo de la relación entre Sebastian y Ciel y por supuesto el inicio de la siguiente aventura.Desde hace mucho que tenía unas enormes ganas de saber cómo fueron sus primeros días, puesto que con anterioridad nos habían contado de manera algo escasa los términos en que se dio el contrato entre ellos así como las circunstancias, pero hasta ahora no sabíamos [...]

    9. Karissa on said:

      This was an absolutely spectacular addition to the Black Butler series. A lot happens in this installment and I loved every bit of it.We start out on the ship with all the ghouls; seeing the back story of how Ciel and Sebastian made their initial agreement. Sebastian’s life is actually threatened as he goes a bit dark and crazy saving Ciel. Some of the ship sinking is based on the Titanic’s story, which is kind of fun. This is a pretty intense part of this volume.Then things lighten up (and [...]

    10. Yvensong on said:

      This volume picks up where the last volume left off, revealing how Ciel and Sebastian began their relationship as the young Earl and his Demon Butler. It was fun watching the methods they both used to teach each other what would be needed to play their roles perfectly, and to see how they both grew to care for each other.Soon though, the dangers that surrounded them in the last volume (zombies and sinking ship), take precedence, and Sebastian must do all he can to keep Ciel safe.As in previous v [...]

    11. Tamara on said:

      With this volume we get the conclusion to Ciel's horrible ocean trip on the ill-fated Campania, and I have to admit, I was sad to see it end. It was possibly one of (if not the most) entertaining story arcs of the series. This volume gets four stars for the outrageous feats of 'Sebastian vs. living dead horde in water' finale and for the rather charming history of Ciel and Sebastian's contract and odd partnership. The rest of the volume gives us some Easter holiday fluff and then brings us into [...]

    12. Despair Speaking on said:

      Another interesting arc is opening! And I'm especially interested because it's in the setting of a boarding school! And I love boarding schools! Can't wait to see how Ciel blends in. Hahahaha Charles Grey sure is pissed to find out that Sebastian is alive. I think the other Charles is more fearsome. He's similar to Sebastian that he's skilled and knowledgeable. I like John Brown more though. Can't forget that Albert doll!

    13. Nerdish Mum on said:

      In this we saw a lot more of the back story between Sebastian and Ciel and it just made me love their relationship even more. We also had the usual filler between arcs, this one was slightly better than usual filler, but filler all the same. The ending though started us off into the next arc which looks like it will be based at a school so its going to get very interesting.

    14. Gabriela Paige on said:

      This was really cool! ALL THE BACKSTORY. I loved it immensely. And now something new has begunReread: UNDERTAKER. He is so intriguing. There is so much that I don’t know about him. The backstory was absolutely great to see too!

    15. Mariah on said:

      Sebastian, nooooo! As much as I like the Undertaker I like Sebastian more. How dare he?! Anyway those silly butlers of the queen make an appearance as does Easter. Not to mention another mystery.

    16. Leigh Louise on said:

      This book finished off the Book of Atlantic movie storyline, featured an Easter Egg Hunt storyline and started the next main storyline where Ciel and Sebastian infultrate a school.I loved this one because I have finally reached the point of the series where there are new stories to be told. I'm not repeating what I already know from the anime/movie/ova's. What was interesting was that the conversation the Grey's (Queen's Butlers) had with Sebastian about him being alive and the aggressive Grey, [...]

    17. Eugenia Argerami on said:

      Things I loved:(view spoiler)[Training montage of Sebastian and Ciel teaching each other things while also being sassy and at each other's throats.Ciel: Sebastian, put your hands out.Sebastian: ?? *puts hands out*Ciel: *dumps tea all over him*Sebastian: *murders a dozen men*Ciel: COULD YOU KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE I AM TRYING TO SLEEPSebastian low-key trying to eat Ciel.Ronald: *trying to kill Sebasian* Aw, I feel like a bully picking on the weak.Sebastian: *Bitch-slaps him into the next century* [...]

    18. Stephanie :} on said:

      You know you have a group of really good characters when your reader (me) can't decide who to root for when they're fighting each other. I was torn!! I freaking love the reapers and kind of wanted Ronald to show Sebastian a thing or two, but then I felt like a traitor to Sebastian. I wanted Grell to be able to beat the Undertaker up because Grell is freaking awesome, but the Undertaker is just as freaking awesome as Grell isAHHHH CONFLICTING EMOTIONS DOES NOT COMPUTE. Regardless, the first half [...]

    19. Monrucha▪♡▪ on said:

      This entire review is my live reaction while reading this volume so yeah spoiler.It was so nice to see them growing together.They were no way being nice to one another and that's how they pushed each other to their true potential.Both were not flawless the way they are now.They taught each other and learn togetherTheir relationship is twisted and in a way selfish.It's a business transaction where the contract last a life time.But that's what made their relationship so intriguing.I find their per [...]

    20. Henrietta on said:

      just seeing how much effort sebastian put back then and still puts into being a perfect butler is amazing. comparing the way they were at the beginning to the way they are now is like really eye opening. at this point i don't think he's into it just for the soul, if i'm perfectly honest. he was seriously and still managed to defeat those zombies, and THEN CIEL LIKE SORT OF THANKED HIM. i think these two are like. friends. as much as they can beat easter chapter was adorable, early grey looks so [...]

    21. TheGracefulReader on said:

      THE GOOD Undertaker; I'm glad he got away.but no doubt they will catch him some day. He's too interesting a character to go down so early.Ciel and Elizabeth: The egg thing was freaking adorable as hell. And the design Elizabeth did was cute! I'm curious though why was she so sad at the end? I must have missed something. Or she may be picking up on the fake mask Ciel puts on all the time.Servants: The servants were hilarious in the egg hunt! Snake charming, exploding eggs, Mey Rin's unfair eagle [...]

    22. Casey on said:

      LOVED being able to read about Sebastian and Ciel's first months together! Their relationship gains such depth in this issue, as both cruelly—but equally—push the other to make them into the high class versions of Earl and Butler they become. Plus some fab fight scenes between Undertaker, Sebastian, Grelle, and Ronald. Always here for those.

    23. K.S. on said:

      The conclusion of the action packed arc at sea, followed by a lighter story, and beginning of another ongoing storyline of Ciel and Sebastian going undercover at a school. One of the most dramatic volumes yet of this darkly beautiful series about a devil of a butler and his vengeance driven little master.

    24. Maya on said:

      The easter part of it was silly, it got interesting in the end though.

    25. Aliaa on said:

      Sebastian in bunny ears 😍😍excited about that public school arc. can't wait 👌

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