Don't Let Me Go

Catherine Ryan Hyde

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Don't Let Me Go

Don t Let Me Go Former Broadway dancer and current agoraphobic Billy Shine has not set foot outside his apartment in almost a decade He has glimpsed his neighbors beautiful manicurist Rayleen lonely old Ms Hinman b

  • Title: Don't Let Me Go
  • Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Former Broadway dancer and current agoraphobic Billy Shine has not set foot outside his apartment in almost a decade He has glimpsed his neighbors beautiful manicurist Rayleen, lonely old Ms Hinman, bigoted and angry Mr Lafferty, kind hearted Felipe, and 9 year old Grace and her former addict mother Eileen But most of them have never seen Billy Not until Grace beginsFormer Broadway dancer and current agoraphobic Billy Shine has not set foot outside his apartment in almost a decade He has glimpsed his neighbors beautiful manicurist Rayleen, lonely old Ms Hinman, bigoted and angry Mr Lafferty, kind hearted Felipe, and 9 year old Grace and her former addict mother Eileen But most of them have never seen Billy Not until Grace begins to sit outside on the building s front stoop for hours every day, inches from Billy s patio Troubled by this change in the natural order, Billy makes it far enough out onto his porch to ask Grace why she doesn t sit inside where it s safe Her answer If I sit inside, then nobody will know I m in trouble And then nobody will help me Her answer changes everything.

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    One thought on “Don't Let Me Go

    1. Marcus Lyons on said:

      Catherine Ryan Hyde has this unique gift in which she takes marginalized characters and forces us to see them, to hear them, and best of all, to care for them. This gift Ms. Hyde possesses is no fluke, and no sleight of hand. Without fail, every single one of her magnificent stories contains magic of the sort that leaves you breathless by the last page. You might feel that you've been emotionally worked over, but you will feel a better person for having been there. "Don't Let Me Go" is no except [...]

    2. ✨Susan✨ on said:

      Grace is a very young girl who has to rely on herself for most things because her mother is an ongoing drug addict. When they move into the basement of a small, not so nice apartment building, the other tenants start to realize that she is going unsupervised and become concerned. As they each try to get to the bottom of her story, Grace starts to grow on and eventually steal their hearts. They themselves each have their own life predicaments and scarred pasts to deal with, but in the long run th [...]

    3. Marlene on said:

      If I could give this book more stars, I would. The whole concept, the uncomplaining way nine-year old Grace just accepts what happens to her because of her mother's addictions, brings so many different people to a moment of looking outside of themselves. The role the blessing of Reiki plays, as well as the healing of dancing, music, simple beauty of emotions, all these combinations made me love the book and all the characters. From the first pages I was wrapped up in the way Grace just sits outs [...]

    4. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ on said:

      1.5 starsWhat's the point of Prime when these are the kinds of books you can download for free? This is a typical, predictable, sappy, poorly written, tug-on-your-heartstrings type of crap being put out these days by so-called authors. Grace is 9, savvy, and neglected by her pain-killer-addicted mother. Billy Shine (hey, at least it's a stage name) is a sweet former-dancer cum agorophobic recluse. They find each other with the help of some neighbors who want to make sure Grace doesn't sit out o [...]

    5. Dale Harcombe on said:

      Grace, a ten year old girl whose mother is a drug addict and an assortment of people, each with their own fears and peculiarities doesn’t sound like an inspiring read. But it is! I adored this book. Grace is a lively and engaging character who quickly finds her way into the reader’s heart. Billy, an ex dancer and neighbour in Grace’s apartment block is agoraphobic and hasn’t been out of his apartment in many years. As a result he has little if any contact with his neighbours in his build [...]

    6. Rachel Lynn Sterling on said:

      More like 4 1/2 stars! I’ve been stuck on romances lately and wanted to read something different. Well, this story may not have had romantic love, but it had love none the less. What started as the concern of a group of neighbors for a little girl grew into the love of a group of neighbors for a little girl. They were trying to help her, but she wound up helping each of them in an equally profound way. Loved the character of Billy. The author really took me into his world and head! I didn’t [...]

    7. Dana on said:

      Oh my goodness! This book could make a fantastic movie! Grace is 9 years old and her mother is a drug addict. Every day that she can't go to school because her mom can't get her there, she sits on the steps outside so that someone will notice her and help her. In her apartment complex in a dangerous neighborhood, no one knows each other and they avoid one another until several neighbors decide to help Grace. Through her friendliness, they become friends with her and one another. At first, I thou [...]

    8. Andrea on said:

      This story is not for the cynical. It focuses on the possibilities of humanity, of taking care of one another, relentlessly showing up, accepting/understanding that we are all doing the best we can. This is me, I think. I hope. And so, how could I not like it?Brilliant truths:"That's all addiction really is. It's trading away the future so you can feel OK right now""The people with the least to give always give the most."

    9. Corina on said:

      Excellent novel! I cannot recommend this one enough. Written by the author of Pay It Forward and many other titles. I will definitely be adding more of this author's titles to my reading list.First grader, Grace, is the force that brings together the neighbors in her building who otherwise would not have come together. Billy Shine, a 37 year old agoraphobic former dancer who has not left the apartment in 12 years, wants to know what's wrong when Grace suddenly becomes a fixture on the front step [...]

    10. Serena (Cioccolato e Libri) on said:

      Grace è la protagonista di "Non lasciarmi andare" e noi lettori non vorremmo lasciarla andare per niente al mondo. Una bambina così sarebbe la perfetta compagnia per i nostri giorni più tristi e noiosi, sarebbe un perfetto passatempo capace di farti pensare, riflettere e di trasformare la tua vita in qualcosa di più bello.La storia raccontata in questo libro è la sua, ma anche quella dell'intero palazzo. Sua madre ha problemi di dipendenza dalla droga perciò non riesce a prendersi cura di [...]

    11. Irene Rauch on said:

      Das Buch ist soo toll!!! Eine super schöne, traurige, lustige und realistische Geschichte! Alle Hauptcharaktere sind mir echt ans Herz gewachsen und es ist schwer sich von ihnen zu verabschieden. Ich möchte definitiv noch mehr von der Autorin lesen! :)

    12. Dierdra McGill on said:

      Don’t let me go is a hard book to review. I loved it and it annoyed me all at the same time. The story is about a young girl, Grace that has an addict for a mother and sits out on the front steps on her apartment building hoping that her neighbors may notice and help her. The story is centered around that apartment building and the neighbors that Grace meets. The characters were great in the book for the most part, and I adored Billy! My problem was parts of the story were just not really beli [...]

    13. Caroline on said:

      As an agoraphobic, Billy Shine looks out at the world from within his small apartment. He sees his neighbors come in and leave the apartment building but doesn't interact with them. But all that changes the day he notices 9 year old Grace sitting out on the steps all by herself. He inches his patio door open and when he asks her why she's sitting out there, she answers; “If I sit inside, then nobody will know I’m in trouble. And then nobody will help me.” In this apartment building of lone [...]

    14. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      While Grace's friendship with an adult man kind of weirded me out, I still really enjoyed reading this compelling and adventurous novel.

    15. Kathleen on said:

      Grace Johnson is a nine year old girl whose mother Eileen is a drug addict. Grace knows that life with her mother wasn't normal and that she needed help, but didn't know how to go about getting it. So she would sit for hours outside on the stoop of her apartment building hoping someone who notice her.Billy Shine is a former Broadway dancer who suffers from agoraphobia and hasn't left his apartment in over a decade. From his patio, he notices that Grace has started to sit on the stoop for hours o [...]

    16. KathyAnne on said:

      This story was written by the same author that wrote Pay it Forward I loved that story so I couldn't wait to see what else this author had in store for me. I love books that touch on the possibilities of humanity and that's exactly what this book does. It ponders the question of "What if?". What if we decided to take action to help ourselves instead of just waiting for something to happen? What if I took the time to reach past my boundaries of safety and take a chance?What if I took charge of my [...]

    17. Ronda M on said:

      4 1/2 stars, really good. ( I like the description on better than the one here:"Former Broadway dancer and current agoraphobic Billy Shine has not set foot outside his apartment in almost a decade. He has glimpsed his neighbors—beautiful manicurist Rayleen, lonely old Ms. Hinman, bigoted and angry Mr. Lafferty, kind-hearted Felipe, and 9-year-old Grace and her former addict mother Eileen. But most of them have never seen Billy. Not until Grace begins to sit outside on the building’s front s [...]

    18. Kylie on said:

      What a wonderful story. You connect strongly with the characters and really want things to work out. I like the way the author hints at the way the world is not perfect for many without telling the reader exactly what happened. You can work out some of the tragedies that the characters have faced that have lead them to where they are when Grace finds them. By leaving out these details, the author makes the point that while our pasts have taken us on the journey to where we are now, they do not d [...]

    19. Laura (Blackbird Scraps) on said:

      Very emotional Addiction is something that affects my family on a very personal level, so I felt particularly emotional about the subject matter. The book is told from mainly two people's viewpoints, but always in third person narration. This was my first read by this author, and I definitely intend to read more of her novels. She made it easy to identify with the characters, and made me want to keep reading to find out what happened to them. There was one point when I shed a couple of tears, an [...]

    20. Phyllis on said:

      Nine year old Grace lives in a run down area of Los Angeles with her mother who is addicted to pain killers and sleeps most of the day. The people in the apartment complex are all loners and usually don't speak to each other. Billy Shine is an agoraphobic and hasn't been out of his apartment in twelve years. This is the story of how Grace brings out the best of these people and they bring out the best in her. It is the story of how people overcome their fears and addictions.

    21. Kathryn on said:

      Took me quite a while to get through this audiobook - no fault of the book though. I enjoyed it and the story of a young girl and the varied group of people who colluded with her to hold her mother to account. Moving story and fun.

    22. Teresa on said:

      Don't Let Me Go is set in LA, where 10 year old Grace lives with her drug addict mum in a run down area. The inhabitants of her appartment block are folk who keep themselves to themselves, not wishing to engage in a neighbourly way (par for the course these days!). When Grace is in danger of being taken into care, she decides to enlist the help of this motley crew to get her mum clean but how can she break down emotional barriers which her neighbours have taken a lifetime to build?This book real [...]

    23. Kelli on said:

      There are those authors who create such life within the characters they write that you immediately are drawn into their story, and Catherine Ryan Hyde is that author. From the very first chapter of Don't Let Me Go you are cheering for the main character, Grace. The young girl, whose mother is a drug addict, is basically left to fend for herself. It is this feeling of being alone that drives the book. The vulnerability of that one girl brings an entire group of unlikely loners together. Grace's s [...]

    24. Stacy on said:

      I don't give 5 star ratings very often, but if I could give this book more stars, I would. This author, whom I've not previously read, took marginalized characters and really made me see them. Set almost exclusively in a run down apartment complex in a bad LA neighborhood, Grace is 9 years old and living in squalor with her drug addicted mother, unable to go to school because her mom can't even get out of bed to get her there. So she sits outside on the stairs, hoping that someone will notice th [...]

    25. Suzie Quint on said:

      Nine year old Grace has a problem. Her mother isn't taking care of her because she's drugged out. The other five tenants in her building barely know each other, but when they start to care for Grace, they go from strangers to something like a family. My favorite character in this book was Billy Shine. Billy is an ex Broadway dancer who is afflicted with Agoraphobia. He hasn't left his apartment in twelve years, but when Grace needs him, he slowly manages to step out of his safe little world. All [...]

    26. Alyssa on said:

      I thought this would be a good book, given all the great reviews on and , but this was just awful. The characters were stereotypical, the writing was plain, the plot line cliche, and the dialogue was mechanical. As other reviewers said, the little girl's character was both too naive and too old for her age, and I did not like how the author used the girl's "observations" to tell what the characters were doing. Show, don't tell--as the adage goes. This is the first time I've been so let down by [...]

    27. Linda on said:

      In an effort to read more books that I have owned for years instead of buying new ones, this book made it's way to the home screen on my Kindle. I downloaded this book for free back in 2011 and now I can finally cross it off my TBR. Don't Let Me Go was the perfect book to read around this crazy and hectic holiday season. It is one of those books that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you believe in people- even though it's fiction. I loved the concept of this book and found myself being able t [...]

    28. Joy on said:

      I completely LOVED this book. I fell instantly in love with Grace, the main charactor. She is funny and smart and loving. This story is about little Grace who is neglected by her drug addicted mom. Renters within their apartment complex never socialized together, until one day, Billy, the upstairs neighbor, noticed she needed help. The author did a great job giving each charactor their own light to shine on Grace. This is a beautiful story of friendship, courage and love. A must read!!!

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