The Death of Friends

Michael Nava

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The Death of Friends

The Death of Friends When a judge leading a double life is murdered Henry Rios comes to the controversial defense of the prime suspectChris Chandler a long married California state superior court judge and family man h

  • Title: The Death of Friends
  • Author: Michael Nava
  • ISBN: 9781480401792
  • Page: 336
  • Format: ebook
  • When a judge leading a double life is murdered, Henry Rios comes to the controversial defense of the prime suspectChris Chandler, a long married California state superior court judge and family man, has been found dead in his chambers beaten to death with his recent Judge of the Year award When his young lover, Zack Bowen, is arrested, Henry Rios takes on Bowen s defense.When a judge leading a double life is murdered, Henry Rios comes to the controversial defense of the prime suspectChris Chandler, a long married California state superior court judge and family man, has been found dead in his chambers beaten to death with his recent Judge of the Year award When his young lover, Zack Bowen, is arrested, Henry Rios takes on Bowen s defense For Rios, who has kept Judge Chandler s secret since law school, it means going up against a closed community including Chandler s angry wife and son to defend a man he believes innocent Then Bowen vanishes.As Rios copes with tragedies both personal and communal, he finds himself front and center in a case that becomes a test of his own moral courage.

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    One thought on “The Death of Friends

    1. Lena♥Ribka on said:

      4,8 stars!First of all - a big thank you to my Secret Santa who gave me this book as a Christmas gift.The Death of Friends, the 5th book in the Henry Rios mystery, is the best for me until now. I agree with all readers who said that this series is getting better and better from one sequel to another. Chris Chandler, a superior court judge, a married man, a father of twenty year old son, a friend of Henry since law school has been found dead in in his office. Was his death in some way connected t [...]

    2. Ije the Devourer of Books on said:

      I think this must be my favourite in the series so far. This was a deeply engaging mystery with many twists and turns that kept me guessing and I didn't know who did the murder until the very end. The lives of the characters were just so multi-layered and complex and this enriched the story.Reading about them was a bit like peeling an onion with different facets to the characters bring revealed bit by bit. The story was also emotional with Henry having to deal with the loss of his friend Chris, [...]

    3. Ulysses Dietz on said:

      The Death of Friends (Henry Rios #5)By Michael NavaOpen Road Integrated Media, 2013 (first published 1996)Five stars“The truth can be painful, but it does not produce evil. Lies are the source of evil.”Thus says Henry Rios, recovering alcoholic, self-accepting gay man, lawyer for the weak and undefended. If Michael Nava’s preceding book in this series, “The Hidden Law,” was all about Chicano rage, “The Death of Friends” is all about the destructive forces of lies. The story starts [...]

    4. Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~ on said:

      Henry's friend is discovered murdered and he defends the man accused of the crime. Meanwhile, Josh's health continues to worsen. (view spoiler)[I admit, even though I pegged the suspect early on, there were moments when I thought I was wrong, and that Henry was wrong. Even when I figured out how the killer may have done it - which took Henry a little too long to get there, I think - I still doubted it because by that point, I'd forgotten who I originally pinned it on and Henry's deductions were [...]

    5. Antonella on said:

      Wonderfully written, lovely literary quotes, good mystery, scenes in the courtroom like out of a gripping movie, the touching relationship with Henry's former lover Josh as he is dying of AIDS, the discussion being in the closet versus being out dealt without preachiness: because of all of this you should read this book even though you can suspect beforehand that the quote by W.B. Yeats from the title is quite literal.

    6. Benjamin on said:

      In The Death of Friends, gay Chicano lawyer Henry Rios finds himself defending Zack Bowen, seemingly the most likely suspect in the murder of his old college friend and one time lover but subsequently family man Chris Chandler, recently voted Judge of the Year. But first Henry must Find Zack who it seems as gone into hiding. Despite his disappearance Henry believes Zack, who claims to have been Chris's lover, is innocent, and sets out to prove it even if it means upsetting the a number of people [...]

    7. Adam on said:

      Nava's own favorite of what he coins "the children," a.k.a. the Henry Rio's series; and I now understand whyThis was a moving book, it felt very real for the clash of Henry's personal life (caring for an ex-lover diagnosed with AIDS), with keeping together and focused on his professional life. Henry Rios' colleague, Judge Chris Chandler, is murdered in his office on the night of a California earthquake. The suspects pile up, giving us more and more insight into Chris' spiraling mess of a man com [...]

    8. Ami on said:

      Henry Rios tries to reveal the crime in which his friend, Chris Chandler, a Supreme Court Judge, was found murdered. Chris was a closeted homosexual and the night that he was murdered, Chris's boyfriend came to Henry for help. On the other hand, Henry must deal with the last days of Josh, his lover who suffered from AIDS, after seven years. Why do I bring myself to hearbreak like this *sob*. I know that this novel will be the "saddest" among all of the novels. But it is still very good. Michael [...]

    9. Michael on said:

      Nava delivers another well written, compelling mystery replete with real characters with real emotions. As the series continue, the narrative is becoming more personal and introspective and I think a bit darker.

    10. Susan on said:

      Henry Rios is back, finally!! This is the fourth in this legal/mystery series that is really different and very good. (reviewed in 1996)

    11. A.B. Gayle on said:

      Excellent continuation of a great seriesOnce again Nava gives us a great plot and gritty insight into the law as it is, not as usually portrayed on TV. Plea bargains, suppression of evidence. This isn't a police procedural, it's a legal procedural. In the background is a heart rending picture of the impact of being HIV positive and having full blown AIDS. Underlying this is a picture of a society with an increasing gap between the Haves and Have nots. Of bankrupt counties. Underfunded government [...]

    12. Scot on said:

      In this fifth entry in the Henry Rios mystery series, the title reference is to a W.B. Yeats poem, "The Tower." Also serving as an epigraph is this quote from the Gospel of Thomas: Jesus said: "If you bring forth what is inside you, what you bring forth will save you. If you don't bring forth what is inside you, what you don't bring forth will destroy you."How do these connect? Henry must unravel the mystery of who murdered a closeted high ranking judge (who also happened to have had a relations [...]

    13. Neet on said:

      The 5th in the Henry Rio`s novels is one of the one that touches me the most. It's like a study of Henry`s grief as he says goodbye to two people that were a big part of his life. We watch as Henry`s world is literally shaking in the form of an earthquake. When he`s back on steady ground, Henry discovers a handsome young man at his door who brings news of the death or should I say murder of a law school friend. Chris was a lover, and decided that he wanted to be married and have children and be [...]

    14. Toastlover on said:

      Writing was decent and book moved nicely. Plot and characters were acceptable, not much depth to either. Was refreshing to read a book with predominantly gay main characters that was story focused and not erotica. However, more than one element of the book was a downer. The author painted a pretty bleak picture of the protagonist's daily surroundings. I was a little shocked this book was written in the mid-90's and not earlier in the century. The setting was an unfriendly world to any gay man, e [...]

    15. Arlie on said:

      I confess. Now on my fifth novel featuring Nava's Henry Rios character, I'm in love! Henry is an intelligent, compassionate, commited, gay latino lawyer approaching middle age, defending the rights of the falsely accused, hoping against hope that his old friend is essentially a good person in spite of his double life, and caring for his partner in the last days of his illness with HIV/AIDS. It sounds like it would be sentimental, but Michael Nava's writing is anything but. In addition to Nava's [...]

    16. Michael Flick on said:

      “The Death of Friends” is the fifth of seven books by Michael Nava in his Henry Rios series. Rios is back at work as a criminal defense attorney after his mid-life crisis in “The Hidden Law” and there’s no sign of the new boyfriend from the end of that book. The title here lays it all out: While his former lover, Josh, is dying of AIDS, Rios defends the alleged killer of one of his oldest friends, a deeply closeted judge. The cost of the closet on both sides, in and out, is steep.Nava [...]

    17. Marge on said:

      I liked this one better than the three previous books in the series. Despite the sadness referred to in the title, Henry seems more settled and grouded in this book. The mystery is interesting and he has a client whom I actually--well not liked, exactly, but I really wanted him to be innocent. I had nearly given up on this series, due to the bleakness and Henry's unhappiness, but now I will read the next two.

    18. Rosemary Dreyer on said:

      Fascinating peek into a closeted-gay judge who is murdered and his gay defense attorney friend who tries to solve the case through the legal system. The characters were mostly well-developed and the side-plot of AIDS was heartbreaking. The glimpse of life in Los Angeles also seemed spot-on. I'd never read this author before and enjoyed this novel.

    19. Adam Dunn on said:

      I agree, the best of the series so far.It's nice to step back into Henry Rios' shoes and life, I liked seeing the investigator again and Josh.I knew who did it, there are very few able bodied suspects capable of committing the crime, and I related more to Henry than to the kid he's protecting, I don't know that the character was fully fleshed out.An enjoyable outing in the series.

    20. Writerlibrarian on said:

      It's his series with Henry Rios' the latino lawyer, recovering alcoholic, gay and helping his lover dying of AIDS during his last days. The whodunit is actually quite interesting, the relationships between the main characters have some depth and are intriguing. I liked this particular title enough to go hunt for the previous ones.

    21. Katie M. on said:

      Basically indistinguishable from John Morgan Wilson's Benjamin Justice series (I don't remember which came first, though it doesn't really matter), but not necessarily in a bad way - I mean, sort of the whole point of a murder-mystery series is its comforting predictability, no?

    22. Kim on said:

      Very good. Definitely one of the better Henry Rios books. A good story with good pacing. Henry's prior relationship throughout the years with Chris and his wife Bay was, for me, a very interesting part of the book.

    23. Janet on said:

      I love M. Nava's books. They are great. They definitely get to your soul.

    24. Elizabeth on said:

      Henry Rios is a wonder, complex and very likable character. Maybe it would be more specific to say a very admirable character. This series is way to short!!

    25. Mina MacLeod on said:

      This was one of the most depressing books in the series--and Henry has had his share of hardship. Any further would be massive spoilers, but someone please give Henry some happiness. He needs it.

    26. Emma R on said:

      Well-written and interesting. Makes me want to go back and read the rest of the series. The only criticism that I have is that the protagonist should have been able to figure it out sooner.

    27. Scott on said:

      I found this murder mystery rather engrossing, albeit a bit depressing.

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