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Goldenboy In his latest case Henry Rios may have something few defense attorneys ever experience a truly innocent clientIt s a cause Henry Rios can t resist defending a young gay man on trial for killing the c

  • Title: Goldenboy
  • Author: Michael Nava
  • ISBN: 9781480401808
  • Page: 144
  • Format: ebook
  • In his latest case, Henry Rios may have something few defense attorneys ever experience a truly innocent clientIt s a cause Henry Rios can t resist defending a young gay man on trial for killing the coworker who threatened to out him Jim Pears is charged with first degree murder Pears says he s innocent but the evidence is damning Pears was found covered in the victimIn his latest case, Henry Rios may have something few defense attorneys ever experience a truly innocent clientIt s a cause Henry Rios can t resist defending a young gay man on trial for killing the coworker who threatened to out him Jim Pears is charged with first degree murder Pears says he s innocent but the evidence is damning Pears was found covered in the victim s blood and with the murder weapon in his hand But nothing about the People v Jim Pears is what it seems.Rios is asked to join the case because he knows first hand the pressures and threats that come with being gay in 1980s California In the midst of one of the most complex trials of his career, Rios meets and falls in love with Josh Mandel, the prosecutor s star witness For this defense attorney, fighting for justice has never been personal And the stakes are no less than life and death.

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      144 Michael Nava
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    One thought on “Goldenboy

    1. Lena♥Ribka on said:

      4,6 stars!Since I know that a lot of readers browse through reviews to decide if they pick up a book or skip it, it became increasingly difficult for me to review my books. Because when I like a book, I want to share my enthusiasm but at the same time not to give a lot of away. It is why I want to warn you:Henry Rios Mystery series is a MUST READ in the first place for all fans of the gay mystery genre of a high quality.Goldenboy is the second book in the series and I liked it even more than the [...]

    2. Laura on said:

      3.5 StarsHenry Rios is in Los Angeles trying a case at the urging of an old friend. Murder, legal twists & turns, loneliness, greed, and perhaps innocence swirl through the Hollywood air. Is Henry’s client actually innocent? And can he prove it?Michael Nava writes beautifully. I can’t tell you how many times I stopped and read a line out loud just to hear it roll off my tongue. Gorgeous! The way he describes the seasons, weather and the city pulls me right into the mood and tone of the s [...]

    3. Giulio on said:

      Awesome, this book has everything I like!Dry wit:“I was raised Catholic, Mrs. Pears,” I said, “so I know all about Catholics like you who can’t take a shit without consulting a priest.”Pop references:“Don’t tell me,” Freeman said. “He’s in the shower just like Bobby Ewing.”High references:"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day", was written to another man."Beautiful writing:"His slightly battered nose — it looked like it had been broken, then inexpertly set — and firml [...]

    4. Ulysses Dietz on said:

      GoldenboyBy Michael NavaOpen Road Integrated Media, 2013 (Originally 1988)Five starsIt’s hard to know what to say about Michael Nava’s Henry Rios mysteries. They’re wonderful; terse, wry, smart, a little dark. Rather sad. Not romantic. On the other hand, in these stories love matters; and in this particular book, matters a lot, both in a sad way and in a happy way. Love thwarted; love denied; love endangered; love fulfilled.Henry is a self-made Chicano boy from the Central Valley, a lawyer [...]

    5. Ami on said:

      In this 2nd book of the series, Henry Rios was asked by a friend to defend a gay-teenager accused of killing another teenager. In the course of the book, the kid claimed his innocence, and he ended up with suicide attempt in jail -- which dismissed the case. This happened, like, on the first half of the book. However, it turned out that there were more to it because the actual killer was still out there and closer to Henry that he might know it. I enjoythis book very much; there is still this mo [...]

    6. Tex Reader on said:

      4.0 of 5 stars – Good, Entertaining Continuation of a Classic Series.I love gay mysteries and this is the second of the Henry Rios series I’ve read, and I continue to be entertained. Published inn 1988, it took me back in time to 26 years ago, this time set in LA. I really liked Michael Nava’s crisp style. As opposed to a few who thought it was too spare or lacked emotion, I liked the no-nonsense, at times gritty approach, appropriately reflecting the somewhat depressive and desperate situ [...]

    7. Ronald Wilcox on said:

      Henry Rios, an openly gay lawyer in San Francisco in the early 80's, is asked by an old friend in LA to take over the case of a young closeted gay man who is found standing over the body of a co-worker who harassed him for being gay, with the murder weapon in hand. Rios's friend wants him to go for acquittal but the young man will not help much with his own defense, claiming amnesia for the time. Rios has to investigate if his client even committed the murder and why he may have done it. Lots of [...]

    8. Adam on said:

      better than the first book of this mystery series, although, you don't need to read the first to follow if you like dashiell hammett, and you are gay, this is the book for you! similar writing styles, full of romance, sex, homophobia, and MURDER!

    9. Michael on said:

      Better than I remember it. Michael Nava is by far my favorite mystery author. He takes time to develop characters over the course of the series rather than simply revealing plot point after plot point.

    10. Antonella on said:

      4.5The missing half star in this perfect gay mystery is because of the (view spoiler)[almost instant attraction between Henry and Josh (hide spoiler)].

    11. Eli on said:

      When I decided it was time to reread the Henry Rios books, I realized I hadn't actually read all of them, so I'm catching up.This series stands up a lot better than other LGBT mystery series written around this time. Because Henry, Josh, Freeman, et al. are such complex and interesting characters, the books don't feel dated, even though some of the language is cringe-inducing and the conversation around queer issues is very different than the one we're having now. Unfortunately, a gay Latino att [...]

    12. Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆ on said:

      Loved it. I liked it even better than the last book.I'm not feeling it with Josh, but I'm not really here for the romance. OH, I like there to be some romance, I'm just not feeling Josh. But, I think he'll either grow on me in the next one, oruh, I'm not wishing for it or anything, but I think he might get murdered. Just kinda the way that things go for Henry. Idk, maybe not, maybe he'll just fade away. I just don't feel like Josh is going to be a permanent fixture in Henry's life. It just doesn [...]

    13. Hoong on said:

      While it is a bit dated, this is a very good legal thriller featuring Henry Rios with gay characters in a gay community. Michael Nava's style of writing is similar to Joseph Hansen's Dave Brandstetter's series. As an educator, I approve of these kinds of "clean" fiction for the educational settings since they don't contain lewd graphic scenes that are contained in many M/M romances, making them pornographic.

    14. Bonnie on said:

      As much a chronicle of LA at the height of the AIDS epidemic in the Gay community (when it was a death sentence) as a mystery. There is also a little romance tucked in here. This is the second book in a series with lawyer/investigator Henry Rios. In addition to being a lawyer, and being Gay, Henry is a theater buff, a recovering alcoholic, a dedicated friend, an engaged if cautious lover, and most importantly a person of integrity. I am looking forward to checking out the other six volumes.

    15. Meggie on said:

      Have to say, Henry's romance with Josh was pointless and unrealistic. But at least Josh came out to the world about being gay and in love with Henry. The main criminal case wasn't satisfying. Henry couldn't do much for Jim Pears, which was sad. I was glad when this book ended!

    16. A.B. Gayle on said:

      Great readGreat writing. Good plotting. Realistic setups thanks to inside knowledge makes this series good, gritty reading. Best to read book 1 first.

    17. Donna on said:

      This book has a split personality. It started off as a thoughtful story about gay people suffering oppression individually and as a community in the early '80's, when AIDS was both feared by many and seen by a number of people as divine retribution for a so called perverted lifestyle. The book was at its best when examining not only the loathing of gays by non gays, but also the self-loathing of some gays living closeted, some in denial of who they are or as a form of self protection. These them [...]

    18. Susana on said:

      Goldenboy is the second instalment in the Henry Rios series by Michael Nava. Several years after the events in the first book, an old friend requires Henry’s help to defend Jim Pears, a young man who is accused of having murdered one of his job mates, who threatened to reveal Jim’s homosexuality to his very conservative parents. All the evidence seems to prove that Jim did it, although he pleads innocence. What seemed to be a simple case turns into a messy one when dirty secrets begin to sur [...]

    19. James on said:

      In this entertaining mystery we meet Henry Rios, attorney for the defense. He has a habit of taking hopeless cases, cases with defendants who are certainly guilty. He takes these cases as favors for a friend or for his sister, intent to provide the best representation his clients can hope for. It's his dedication to this principal, that everyone deserves representation no matter how guilty they look or how guilty they actually are, that leads him to fight for his clients until the end, when he f [...]

    20. Michael Flick on said:

      “Goldenboy” is the second of seven books by Michael Nava in his Henry Rios series. Rios is still a lawyer and still based in the 1980s San Francisco Peninsula, but he has been called by an old friend to defend a busboy accused of a murder in Los Angeles. Things don't turn out to be simple and straightforward, to say the least. This novel is better written, richer, darker, wittier, and more assured. It’s also angrier and broadens the scope way beyond legal procedure and courtroom maneuvers. [...]

    21. Adam Dunn on said:

      These books end so suddenly! Due to the Kindle edition having three chapters of the next book at the end, you're at 87% and think you still have a while to go and the book ends!I liked the book a lot, more than the first in the series, but at the same time was a little disappointed. The story RACES along for the first 40% or so, easily getting a 5 star review, and then the perspective shifts totally and it takes a little while to pick it back up. Also I think it never really matches the intensit [...]

    22. Scot on said:

      Second in the series. The time is 1988 and gay Chicano lawyer Henry Rios is called to L.A. by an old friend to defend a gay busboy accused of murdering a homophobic bully, with all the evidence stacked against the self-hating youth who has the added complication of amnesia. As the book started off, I thought it would focus on a lot of court room procedural, but Nava works in several other storylines that take us throughout the LA area: Silver Lake, Malibu, Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood. [...]

    23. _inbetween_ on said:

      The jury's still out. While in general I still agree with critiques about Nava delivering crime novels that are "suspenseful, well written, heartwrenching", somehow this book felt shorter and (to me) too predictable. It could only be one person, and it had to involve people with the ability to emotionally affect Henry. I still keep confusing the stories of Henry and Wilson's Benjamin, although Nava's Henry always seems to have a different older friend dying of AIDS. The disappointment though was [...]

    24. Neet on said:

      The second in the Henry Rios mysteries is an exciting well thought out murder mystery. We meet Henry three years later, sober after a stint in rehab and still sadden by the murder of his lover. Henry is practicing law still, a profession he thought to be unhappy and disillusion with but in the end realizes he loves.A call from a friend on a murder case has him going to Los Angeles to defend Jim Pears, a self-loathing young gay man who is accused of killing a co-worker who wanted to out the young [...]

    25. Writerlibrarian on said:

      The weakest one of the first three Rios' novel. Less about the characters and more about the plot, the why and who of the case. Which wasn't that interesting in the first place or probably a little too cliché for my taste. The plot : Rios is asked to defend a young gay man accused to have murdered his tormentor at work by an old friend who is dying of AIDS. This is set late 1980's, there are no tri-therapy here, only death and ostracisms to look forward to. This is the novel where Rios meets Jo [...]

    26. Mina MacLeod on said:

      I love Henry Rios. This is the second book in the series, and one of the things I like best about it is that it goes in a completely different direction than I was anticipating. Set in the late Eighties, this incorporates some poignant QUILTBAG issues of the time. (It also incorporates some homophobic slurs--mostly from characters we are supposed to find despicable, but some from merely ignorant bystanders. I mention this only in the interest of those who may be sensitive to it.)

    27. Mark on said:

      This is the second of this very well written mystery series authored by Michael Nava. I was late discovering these books but really enjoying them. The main character, Henry Rios, is probably exactly my age, so his experiences in the 1980s resonate. It's interesting comparing the current status of gay rights with the environment portrayed in the books. A great reminder of how far, and how quickly, we have come.

    28. Michael on said:

      “Goldenboy” has Henry Rios involved in a murder case that doesn’t turn out to be simple and straightforward. Along the way, the novel’s scope goes beyond legal procedure and courtroom maneuvers to include themes of homophobia, exploitation, and AIDS and the terrible toll it takes. I found this second book of the series better written, richer, darker, and wittier than the first.

    29. Kim on said:

      This book confused me because I think there were too many cooks in the kitchen here and the initial murder was lost in the shuffle as a result. I also didn't get Josh's sudden declaration of love for Henry and vice versa. That seemed to come out of nowhere.

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