The Hasty Marriage

Betty Neels

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The Hasty Marriage

The Hasty Marriage Laura had always been used to taking second place to her pretty younger sister Joyce If Joyce wanted something she got it It was therefore no surprise to Laura that when she fell in love with the

  • Title: The Hasty Marriage
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • ISBN: 9780373470938
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laura had always been used to taking second place to her pretty younger sister, Joyce If Joyce wanted something, she got it It was, therefore, no surprise to Laura that when she fell in love with the attractive Dutch doctor Reilof van Meerum, he chose Joyce instead But when Joyce walked out on him to marry another, richer man, Reilof asked her to marry him He needed aLaura had always been used to taking second place to her pretty younger sister, Joyce If Joyce wanted something, she got it It was, therefore, no surprise to Laura that when she fell in love with the attractive Dutch doctor Reilof van Meerum, he chose Joyce instead But when Joyce walked out on him to marry another, richer man, Reilof asked her to marry him He needed a wife, and Laura, it seemed, would do as well as anyone So she accepted but could she really expect to be happy with a man who did not love her

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    One thought on “The Hasty Marriage

    1. Leona on said:

      I think this book is either a hit or miss for readers. There is definitely no in-between. The key being whether you can forgive the hero enough to believe in their HEA. Sadly, I couldn't. First, Laura is not your typical BN heroine. She is a doormat to her sister and everyone else. She falls instantly in love with a man who is not worthy to wipe her feet. She is very one dimensional with only one train of thought I love Reilof, I love Reilof, I love Reilolf. Frankly, I got bored with her pretty [...]

    2. Kay on said:

      4 Stars ~ Joyce was the apple of her father's eye; she was young, beautiful and full of life. She'd tried various jobs but nothing seemed to agree with her, so she decided that she'd marry well. Laura loved her younger sister, and she knew that Joyce would always outshine her. Several times a year, Laura's Godfather traveled from Holland to visit them, and this visit he accepts a ride from his friend Rielof. When they arrive, Laura's delighted to see Godfather, and when she looks into Rielof's f [...]

    3. Claire on said:

      Betty Neels does marriage-of-convenience stories -- lots of them. But I believe this is the only MOC where the hero Reilof admits upfront that he’s in love with another. What I like: 1. Martha/Mary complex. Background info: In the bible, Mary was the one who worshipped at Jesus’ feet while do-gooder Martha was the one with household tasks to finish. (Unlike Jesus, I always sympathized with Martha more.…) From the start, we immediately see the contrast between the heroine and the sister whe [...]

    4. Kathy * Bookworm Nation on said:

      Oh boy, I was not a fan of this one. I don’t even know where to begin. I will say, it was clean and the premise was interesting. The execution just left a lot to be desired. Laura was okay, your likable plain-Jane with a huge heart. She’s lived in the shadow of her gorgeous younger sister her whole life and has little self-esteem as far as her looks go. I was disappointed Laura NEVER stood up to her sister; personally I would have cut Joyce off. She’d be much better without her in her life [...]

    5. Barb in Maryland on said:

      This book is one of the high-points of the Neels canon, and one with the most widely divided opinions about the Rich Dutch Doctor. You either think Reilof becomes worthy or that he's a total ratbag! You see, dear old Reilof meets our plain heroine, Laura and her younger, very much prettier sister, Joyce at the same time and is so bowled over by Joyce that he proposes after knowing her for only a few weeks.Joyce, the opportunist that she is, dumps Reilof for Larry, American Millionaire--writes hi [...]

    6. Pamela Shropshire on said:

      This has an unusual plot in The Canon. The hero, Reilof, falls in love with someone other than our heroine. The OW is the heroine's younger, more beautiful sister, Joyce. Joyce is a spoiled brat, to put it simply. Reilof is apparently a sucker for the type, since he was previously and unhappily married to the same type. Typical man - didn't learn anything.Laura falls in love at first sight. She is there to pick up the pieces of his broken heart when Joyce jilts him. He treats her quite nastily, [...]

    7. Clare on said:

      This book kind of took me out of my comfort zone, I've read Betty's stories where the H is engaged to another woman which is fine because to the h that woman is a stranger and the H always ends up falling in love with the h and then he finds a way to break up that engagement and alls well that ends well but in this book I found it a bit uncomforting that he proposes to the h Laura's spoilt little sister and when her sister elopes with another man, Laura who in my eyes has no dignity or pride dec [...]

    8. Kat on said:

      I actually mostly enjoyed this one. It's still a Betty Neels book, but the main character more or less acted like an adult human through it and did things and didn't put up with all of the hero's dickishness.

    9. Reader on said:

      Hands down my favourite Betty Neels book - angsty goodness all the way.

    10. StMargarets on said:

      Betty wrote one novel with the Harlequin Presents formula and this is it. I love HPs and I love Betty, so this is catnip to me. Many readers never warmed up the hero and can't forgive him for being so mean to the heroine. Others thought Laura, the heroine, was too much a martyr. To me, they're acting very much in character in an extreme situation. Laura, a nurse, falls for the new Dutch doctor at first sight. He seems interested in her until he meets her younger, prettier sister Joyce. Joyce and [...]

    11. Teri-K on said:

      Suppose the man of your dreams gets engaged to your beautiful, spoiled, much younger sister. Now suppose she dumps him, leaves you to break the news, and he proposes to you. (Come on, it's a romance, it doesn't have to be realistic.) What will your life be like now?I quite enjoyed how the author milked this situation, giving us the heroine's concerns, reactions from co-workers, etc. I wasn't as in love with the last part, where the jilting younger sister comes back into their life. But it's a Ne [...]

    12. Fiona Marsden on said:

      This is one of my favourite of Betty Neels Marriage of Convenience stories. It is a bit more emotional because we all know the hero was madly in love with the heroine's sister Joyce until she dumped him.Not caring at all Reilof marries Laura but doesn't treat her well, more or less ignoring her and keeping her cut off from his working life and rarely spending time with her.The return of Joyce, just when Laura is starting to think Reilof might one day become fond of his wife is a severe blow.I've [...]

    13. LuzAdri on said:

      First book that I read by this author. I don't know how to describe how I feel about this book. I liked the premise, but somewhere along the lines it felt rushed. Laura fell in love at first sight and since the book is from her POV I never felt how or when Rielof fell in love with her. I could tell he would be jealous of the time she would talk to Jan, but other than that nothing of romantic inclinations towards her. His family was very nice, her sister is a very different story. Joyce was very [...]

    14. Nicky on said:

      What can I say? This one was one of the more angsty ones of Mrs. Neels that I have read And I have to say I just couldn't see it being a HEA until the HEA. (view spoiler)[ Conveniently the H didn't explain why he let the sister in law kiss him very un-sister in law like (hide spoiler)] I loved both characters i'm a sucker for unrequited love stories and this one was just right :)

    15. Lynn Smith on said:

      At the time I enjoyed the story. By today's standards it is very bland in comparison to today's romance market. I was only 12 and in those days Betty Neels was on my favourite shelf of authors to read and look out for on the market bookstalls.

    16. Alaine Batty on said:

      After reading this book i really enjoyed it especially the end I would have like a better ending but the emotions were portrayed really well Just wish the guy had been warmer to the heroine in this story

    17. Deborah D. on said:

      Classic Neels.Her stories are gentle romances with a simpler ethic.No overt sex scenes, not overly taxing - but if you want a book to calm down with after a stressful day or 5hers are the stories to try.

    18. Virginia on said:

      Bit more tearful than hers usually are. Neels is a nice respite after reading something more demanding but this one has a less cozy feel and more angst than most. The hero is a bit unlikeable as well.

    19. Allison on said:

      Another very sweet read. I am still a little confused about how old the doctor is.

    20. Evelyn on said:

      I enjoyed this book. Mrs Neels has her own style of writing one that I really like.

    21. Odessa Nance on said:

      Good book. I enjoy the book and the author really pulled you into the characters.

    22. Carol Mello on said:

      It's a nasty sister story line with a RDD and I cried at the endI did not discover Betty Neels until after she had died. She was so prolific that I have not read all her romance novels yet but now that I have found them for kindle, I intend to do so. I have vision problems that are beyond reading glasses so I need the enlarged type feature.This story is about Laura who is the sweet older sister in her family. Laura wanted to be a doctor but her family spent so much money on her younger sister (J [...]

    23. Charmaine M. Green on said:

      I loved the heroine Laura from the beginning of the book I grew to love the hero Reilof as the book progressed I never liked Joyce the sister of the heroine. The heroin fell in love at first sight the hero had to realize his the sister of the heroine was selfish and over indulged by everyone

    24. Hopefulpuffin on said:

      Aston Martin, RR and Fiat!A MoC plot with a twist! Reilof engaged to Joyce. Joyce runs off with a younger, seemingly more wealthy guy. Laura enters into a MoC with Reilof. It is strained to say the least. Reilof was not an easy hero. He's pretty horrible for most of the book. When Neels writes about someone "sneering" you know it's not good. Laura does her best with the hand she's been dealt but she never stood up to Joyce and that surprised me.

    25. Melinda on said:

      Just okay, not much romanceyou don't see much development in their relationship seemed a bit shallow. Hero is dazzled by younger good looking sister and marries h without loving her.

    26. Lizzie b on said:

      Very dated. Very British, if one more person asks for a cup of tea.The hero is awful,really mean, the things he says to poor Laura.

    27. Patricia schmit on said:

      Marry in HasteBut no need to repent for it all worked out. We all have to stretch just a tad to get things going, but well worth it to the end.

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