Winter of Change

Betty Neels

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Winter of Change

Winter of Change Mary Jane Pettigrew can look after herself but it comes as a surprise to her when she inherits a large house and an income to go with it But there s a catch Fabian van der Blocq who is appointed

  • Title: Winter of Change
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • ISBN: 9780373511754
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mary Jane Pettigrew can look after herself, but it comes as a surprise to her when she inherits a large house and an income to go with it But there s a catch Fabian van der Blocq, who is appointed 21 year old Mary Jane s guardian She can t even marry without his consent Mary Jane isn t going to let Fabian have it all his own way But that is easier said than done.

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    One thought on “Winter of Change

    1. Kay on said:

      3 1/2 Stars ~ Recently registered as a Staff Nurse, Mary Jane finds her position at her London Hospital under a tyrant of a Ward Sister not to her liking. When she's called to the Chief Nurse's office, she thinks she's there to be sacked, but learns that her grandfather has suffered a heart attack and he's asking for her to come home. Orphaned as a child, her grandfather is her sole relative living several hours away in the country. When she arrives, she learns that he has only a very short time [...]

    2. Fiona Marsden on said:

      A guardian ward romance. Yummy. Mary Jane is twenty-two, a qualified nurse and quite capable of running her own life thank you very much. So when her grandfather dies and leaves her a lovely house and a nice little income, the news that she is to have a guardian comes as a nasty shock.Especially as the guardian is forty year old Fabian van der Blocq, one of Neels oh so special Dutch doctors. Her resentment strikes sparks between them from the beginning but somehow she wishes it wasn't so even as [...]

    3. Barb in Maryland on said:

      This book came so close to being a wallbanger for me. Our heroine is supposedly 22, but around our hero she acts about 20 years younger. I got soooo fed up with her peevishness and rapid mood swings and general asinine behavior. I found it very hard to believe that our 40 year old Rich Dutch Doctor had fallen in love with her. (Plus I was bothered by the age difference anyway.)Though Betty did miss the mark with the heroine's oscillating emotions, she did manage to put in a few good scenes, so t [...]

    4. Allison on said:

      It was fine. I'm not a big fan of the guardian and ward storyline and this book really didn't change my opinion. Mary Jane is annoying.

    5. Caro Charmie on said:

      Traducida como Apriétame en tus brazos: la heroina aquí es Mary Jane Pettigrew y el cirujano Fabián apellido dificilísimo. En esta novela no encontraremos el melodrama que caracteriza a Betty así que solo por eso es floja para mí.La heroina aquí es enfermera y debe partir a cuidar a su moribundo tío para luego sorpresa heredar su fortuna y el héroe o antihéroe masculino oficia de tutor de la muchacha,generalmente se muestra atento y sólo un poco frío con ella pero no hay dudas que la [...]

    6. Xondra Day on said:

      Betty Neels stories always read more old fashioned than the time period is. This story was set during the 1970s, but it might as well have been the 1870s for the characters actions.Mary Jane Pettigrew is annoying the way she simpers and practically drools over our so called hero. I certainly did not buy the attraction between them. Fabian van der Blocq is I am thinking supposed to be this dashing doctor, but he comes across as an arrogant pig. I disliked him in every way, but especially how he t [...]

    7. Marybelle on said:

      I read this book two years ago and wrote this review. However, many times I change my mind during a second reading. Unfortunately, I haven't really changed my mind. I love Betty Neels' books, but I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed in this one. The lead character, Mary Jane, is such a twit. For an educated young lady working in a London hospital, she's remarkably naive, not to mention ungrateful and argumentative. Honestly, I can't see what Fabian sees in her. Along the same line, the [...]

    8. Patricia Solla on said:

      An interesting take on a very old-fashioned idea. I realize these books were written around 30 years ago but still if the setting is contemporary the idea of having someone control you to the point of approving whom you marry is still odd. The thing I really liked in the story is the settings and their descriptions and some of the action is good also.

    9. Lexie on said:

      Charming book, quite a delightful read to get my mind off my stresses. This is obviously not a book for literary merit, but I thought the writer was a good one. I look forward to reading her other works as well.

    10. Tanya on said:

      Charming as alwaysAnother sweet Betty Neels story. I own all her books and bring them out when I feel like a sweet predictable read.

    11. Tonya Warner on said:

      A very sewwt story. Mary Jane loses her grandfather and Fabian is there to be her guardian.

    12. Nell on said:

      One of Betty's later books and not as strong as some of her others but still a soothing tale.

    13. Paulettehose on said:

      Great story age and love goes hand n handBetty, has a way of making you feel like you are there n the story. I want to read the m all.

    14. Anna on said:

      This had a more unusual premise for Neels than some, and I found her characterization of the cousin of Cousin Emma particularly entertaining. However, I wanted better resolution of the middle-of-story plot twist (especially Mary Jane's treatment of Fabian). I also didn't get quite enough sense that Fabian and Mary Jane were mutually good for each other, or that he was otherwise taken with her. Middle-of-the-road Neels for me.The one particularly memorable moment -- and the point at which the sto [...]

    15. Monique E. Lacroix on said:

      Did not like it very muchSo far the only one I skipped several pages. I could not read about Mervyn and his sneaky ways. Others might like it though.

    16. Trenchologist on said:

      An uneven Betty. One of the plot formulas I prefer (and dismay at opportunities lost she hashed her one guardian/ward book), but convoluted and a more foolish heroine than I like--her choices made me cringe at points, and Betty usually doesn't equate youth with cringey behavior--and here it happened in muddled spades. Too many round-and-rounds of petty squabbling.And the hero here is somewhat out of type. He managed to be awful-then-less-awful by unpredictable turns, and just couldn't gain back [...]

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