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Jo Chumas

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The Hidden

The Hidden Winner Breakthrough Novel Award Mystery Thriller A university professor is brutally murdered in Egypt s Sinai desert in leaving behind his new bride the beautiful young Aimee Ibrahim As Ai

  • Title: The Hidden
  • Author: Jo Chumas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 2013 Winner Breakthrough Novel Award Mystery Thriller A university professor is brutally murdered in Egypt s Sinai desert in 1940, leaving behind his new bride, the beautiful young Aimee Ibrahim As Aimee tries to unravel the web of lies and secrets surrounding her husband s death, she unwittingly becomes a pawn in a revolutionary plot against Egypt s kin2013 Winner Breakthrough Novel Award Mystery ThrillerA university professor is brutally murdered in Egypt s Sinai desert in 1940, leaving behind his new bride, the beautiful young Aimee Ibrahim As Aimee tries to unravel the web of lies and secrets surrounding her husband s death, she unwittingly becomes a pawn in a revolutionary plot against Egypt s king With the discovery of a twenty year old diary, the mystery only deepens As Aimee gets ever closer to the truth, she discovers startling parallels between her own life and that of the mother she never knew Unfolding in the city s brothels, hashish cafes, and jasmine scented colonial mansions, The Hidden is a gritty, sensual tale of revolution, betrayal, and the lengths we will go to for love and truth.

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    One thought on “The Hidden

    1. Patrice Hoffman on said:

      The Hidden is the first novel I've read by Jo Chumas and it won't be the last. The Hidden is captivating from page one. Before long, the end of the book is near and I'm left wondering what a heck of a ride.The novel begins 1940 with the murder of Aimee Ibrahim's husband Azi. From the first chapter it is obvious there will be tons of mystery and intrigue surrounding his death. An unsuspecting Aimee goes to the university, where her late husband worked, to retrieve her husbands' belongings and is [...]

    2. Kathryn Svendsen on said:

      Absolutely mesmerizing! I could not put this book down. The story alternated between the journal that Aimee’s mother had written for her daughter in 1919 , and Aimee’s present-day life in 1940.This book explores the treatment of women in the Muslim faith, particularly harem life. Aimee’s mother, Hezba is the daughter of a sultan who is wed to a much older man when she is only 11 years old. The marriage is a political one and her husband is terribly cruel. Hezba wants to be free – free fr [...]

    3. Amy Lignor on said:

      The questions are many in this thriller that will keep the reader racing for answers until the very last word.The action begins in Cairo, and immediately the reader will see that this is much more than your usual mystery. Egyptian culture is a primary focus, delving into the woman’s role in society. To begin with, the chief advisor to King Faruk is talking with his security men as they come upon a plot to assassinate the Egyptian ruler. The murder is to be completed by an organization called t [...]

    4. Alison on said:

      Well you have to love it when you win a giveaway, get sent the wrong book, read it, & are pleasantly surprised at your luck. That's just what happened to me with this book. I won another book called Hidden but was sent this 1 by mistake. It was better than the book I really won!This book alternates between Egypt in the 1920s & Egypt at the turn of the century. It is told alternately from the perspective of Aimee & a journal written by Hezba a few decades before. It wasn't hard to fi [...]

    5. Theresa on said:

      This author is one of those individuals for me that no matter what they write, I will read it; no questions asked, no reading the back cover…period!Aimee was raised by her Aunt Saiza, she was an orphan and never knew her parents. She was sent to France to be schooled in the convent and after 14 years her Aunt summoned her home to Cairo because of the war. She was born in Cairo but did not remember it. Aimee traveled back to Cairo with her friend Sophie and both loved the freedom and excitement [...]

    6. Jane on said:

      This was an enjoyable espionage/thriller. I debated between 3 and 4 stars, and ended up rating it with a 3 1/2*** because of lack of character development. This novel consisted of two plots. One was in the Egypt of 1919 against British colonial rule. The other in the Egypt of 1940 involved a plot against a high government official, with the hope of revolutionaries this would spark a coup. The heroine, Aimee, receives the diary of her mother, Hezba, daughter of the sultan and one of his wives, wr [...]

    7. Nicole Overmoyer on said:

      (This review is a copy of what I posted on my blog, which is linked in my profile here on .)I once had a dreams of being an Egyptologist. I’m not ever going to be one, but I still very much want to visit the land of the pharaohs. With all that Egypt and its revolutions have been in the news lately, I started to realize just how much more there is to the country than I previously thought. So, when I got my copy of The Hidden by Jo Chumas, I was excited to discover a part of the story I hadn’t [...]

    8. Robert A. on said:

      In The Hidden, there are two parallel stories being presented simultaneously: one is in a diary format circa 1919 and the other in narrative form beginning in 1940. This is an interesting approach in which the two stories eventually come together in unity. A thought comes to mind about the two periods in the story: as things change, the more they seem to be the same. The novel is put into perspective through its historical content that tells about life in Egypt during the years covered in the no [...]

    9. EShay Fagan on said:

      I might be judging too harshly, but when I think of historical fiction, I think "The Killer Angels" or "The Poisonwood Bible." I feel like both those books tell the stories of fictional characters while staying accurate to the historical accuracy of the time. I cannot say the same of "The Hidden." I have been to the Middle East, read parts of the Koran and a few histories of the region, but I would never claim to be an expert. This novel felt like Ms. Chumas was applying current issues and techn [...]

    10. Jane Davis on said:

      A great novel should transport you to a time and place. The Hidden took me straight to the heart of Cairo where the heat and the buzz of the streets, with all their sights, sounds and smells, were tangible. In 1940, Aimee Ibrahim is widowed and, with the authorities showing little interest, she sets out to discover who was responsible for her husband's death, only to find herself entangled in the plans of others seeking personal vengence and the warring leaders of an underground revoluntionary g [...]

    11. Katy on said:

      3.5 stars. First reads winner, so here is my unbiased view. I really like the blend of the main story woven with the diary of Aimee's mother. At the beginning I was not sure how these elements would connect, but as the chapters went on, the correlation became quite clear. It was also interesting to see how the government worked in both 1910's and 1940's Egypt. The power struggles of the characters was compelling, but as times the story moved a bit slowly for a suspense. I enjoyed the character d [...]

    12. Adrienne on said:

      I know the point of winning a book on is to give an honest review, but why do I feel so guilty? Maybe its the nice note the author sent with the book (thank you!). The truth is, I just am not going to finish this book. I am about 1/2 way. I could force myself to finish, but there are just too many books to read! Its not that the books isn't written well, its just that I am not interested in seeing where it goes. The best parts of the book are the mother's diary pages - but the fact that the dau [...]

    13. Lizzy Lessard on said:

      I was torn in the beginning of this book on whether to DNF due to the redundant writing style or to continue reading because of the captivating lives of the female narrators in the dual storylines. Needless-to-say, I kept reading, and overall, I very much enjoyed the book. I did find several of the events of the book stretching what is believable, yet I can't quite tell if it is my ignorance of Egyptian culture in the early 20th century that puts me in disbelief.I wish that the beginning chapter [...]

    14. Babus Ahmed on said:

      A mercerising tale told from two points of view, one from the point of view of the Sultan of Egypt's daughter Hezba through her diary left for her daughter and secondly from the point of view of her daughter Aimee some 30 years later. When newly we'd Aimee loses her husband she is determine to find out who killed him but in this quest she comes across her mothers diary and is caught up in the political struggle of the time. Aimee unearths more than she was expecting and the conclusion of this bo [...]

    15. Richard Tolleson on said:

      I wanted to like this book more than I did. I stuck it out to the end, and still was feeling "meh". I know that's not much to go on, but I hate to give away plot and/or spoilers that someone else has already written. The structure of the book flips between two distinct time periods in each chapter. At first the earlier time period seems like an afterthought, but by the middle of the book, it's the more interesting of the two. By that point, the reader has figured out the connection between the t [...]

    16. Christina on said:

      This is one of those books that was just not for me, especially since I didn't particularly care for it for exactly three reasons: the first being that the way the novel read was extremely dry making it hard to kept interested in what was happening. The second reason was that didn't particularly like or care about what happened to the characters. The third is that if this hadn't been part of the first reads I wouldn't have finished reading it (the last several chapters did not make up for the f [...]

    17. Marla Bradeen on said:

      In this dark thriller, political unrest, family mysteries, and betrayal weave together into an absorbing story. The unanswered questions kept me interested until the very end, which concludes with a very fitting final reveal.Set in historical Egypt, the author's research into life back then, especially for women, is extensive and impressive. I appreciated that the author did not sugarcoat the difficulties of the time periods covered. Hezba's diary entries—the most enjoyable aspect of the novel [...]

    18. Roy Hanney on said:

      Not really for me though I did appreciate the feminist subtext overall I found the book a bit of a plod. the characters were often a little one dimensional and the language very hackneyed. I can see where the author was going with this but it just didn't work for me. The bouncing back and forth between sub-stories also I found a little dull. A bit like watching a tennis match. I was engaged in places, especially with the older female character, the mother. I found the later character very annoyi [...]

    19. Tony Peck on said:

      An interesting read Strong female protagonists, although not always acting in a totally logical way Hezba's return to Cairo at one stage. However authors have total control over their characters and need to drive the story! While I guessed a number of key points in the book long before they were revealed.I enjoyed the twin stories and how they reflect similar paths, but many years apart. Of course we now again see a different cause for similarly disturbing upheaval in Egypt. I did not feel that [...]

    20. Charmin Sterbenz on said:

      If half stars were possible, definitely a 3.5 or even 3.75ish. Loved the premise of parallel between young Egyptian widow in 1940 and the diary of a young Egyptian princess in 1920s. But wish the "modern" woman had possessed half the determination of what turns out to be her mother. While the widow eventually takes action, I was bored by her at the beginning of the book because she came off like Bella in the Twilight series. Weird comparison I know. But she was just so blaaaahhhhh for a while.

    21. Simon Pert on said:

      I am ashamed to say that I had this book on my shelf for a while and as happen other books found their way in frontbut then I found it and started to readI could not put it down. I found the plot fast, so much so that the pages turned and I did not want to stop reading, despite tiredness and sometimes work!! The characters were brilliantly written and you fell into their worlds with then.Jo Chumas has created a book that I would happily go back and read again, I cannot wait to read more of this [...]

    22. Kristal on said:

      Interesting I found the storyline interesting if a little hard to follow at times with all the many changing characters and time frame. The story of Aimee coming together from the past(her mother's story) and the present(her current journey) kept me engaged. I do have one reserve about the ending and the last encounter with her fathera little weird on his part to say the least. But Aimee's ending was fulfilling.

    23. Vicii on said:

      I started reading this in November after having read an epic 1000+ page fantasy novel. I got about 25% through and stopped - I'm really pleased I gave it a break because in doing so and picking it up again later, I feel that I did the book more justice. In fact I think this was a really good book, well written with movement between the current day and the past, and then bringing it all together at the end.

    24. Holly on said:

      Well-researched, well-written, with characters I cared about so much I had to occasionally put the book down and walk away because I was so worried about them. Good action, good emotional pick-up. I bought it because it's a rare book that's set in 20th century Egypt, but ended up delighted by the story, the people, and the setting. Great job, Ms. Chumas!

    25. JMR on said:

      I didn't really want to write a review, but I feel there are some triggers folks should be warned for. I gave it two stars because The Hidden is not my cup of tea, those who are into stories about spies and espionage may enjoy it more. I mainly want to point out that the book contains at least two brutal rape scenes andJOR SPOILER.father/daughter incest that is never fully consummated.

    26. Melinda Elizabeth on said:

      I enjoyed bits of this book, but I found the two plots in different eras a little distracting. The 1919 story was strong enough on its own to carry the novel. I didn't enjoy the daughters story much and found myself skipping through a lot of it because, as others have mentioned, it be some a little dry in parts.

    27. jayarajan on said:

      Good readthis is a good book to read having illustrated the actual position of Egypt during the first half of nineties and their struggle for freedom. The author has narrated the sequence in a very simple language.

    28. Martha on said:

      Liked this book very much. History, Mystery, Romance, all of the above.Can't wait for the next book from this very talented writer.

    29. Steph on said:

      Did not finish. Could not get into the book Stopped at 10 percent

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