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Jemma Wayne

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After Before

After Before That was the day that Mama made the rules If they come run Be quiet and run But not together Never together If one is found at least the other survives During a cold British winter three women rea

  • Title: After Before
  • Author: Jemma Wayne
  • ISBN: 9781909878846
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • That was the day that Mama made the rules If they come, run Be quiet and run But not together Never together If one is found, at least the other survives During a cold, British winter, three women reach crisis point Emily, an immigrant survivor of the Rwandan genocide is existing but not living Vera, a newly Christian Londoner is striving to live a moral life, he That was the day that Mama made the rules If they come, run Be quiet and run But not together Never together If one is found, at least the other survives During a cold, British winter, three women reach crisis point Emily, an immigrant survivor of the Rwandan genocide is existing but not living Vera, a newly Christian Londoner is striving to live a moral life, her happiness constantly undermined by secrets from her past Lynn, battling with an untimely disease, is consumed by bitterness and resentment of what she hasn t achieved and what has been snatched from her.Each suffering their own demons, their lives have been torn open by betrayal by other people, by themselves, by life itself But as their paths interweave, they begin to unravel their beleaguered pasts, and inadvertently change each other s futures.

    • Unlimited [Paranormal Book] ☆ After Before - by Jemma Wayne ✓
      419 Jemma Wayne
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    One thought on “After Before

    1. Margitte on said:

      For the widow Lynn, her two sons John and Luke, as well as Lukes's fiancé, Vera, and Rwandan refugee Emily, happiness were abandoned a long time ago.Secrets and hurt After Before, led them slowly and quietly into darkness. Mentally, emotionally, as well as physically, they were slowly dying because of the wounds from their respective pasts that were still mentally bleeding them dry. Luke found solace in his dedication to Jesus. It did not matter how his insecurities or strong urge to control, r [...]

    2. Bookdragon Sean on said:

      winner!For a debut novel this book is incredibly accomplished. The author deals with many themes including: sexuality, the inevitability of death, faith in religion and depression. The story follows the lives of three women and how their lives intertwine, in which two mutually help each other with their daemons. The book is a sad read but at the same time uplifting as we are reminded of the benefits friendship can have on the soul. First off we have Lynne, a terminally ill cancer patient who’s [...]

    3. Diane S ☔ on said:

      I have decided to abandon this book unrated not because it is not well written because it is but because it is just not my kind of book.

    4. Ashton Gibbs ♥ BB&B on said:

      After Before - Jemma WayneI was a very lucky girl and won this book as part of a GoodReads First Reads Giveaway! #100reviewsin100days"That was the day that Mama made the rules: If they come, run. Be quiet and run. But not together. Never together. If one is found, at least the other survives"After Before is not the type of book I would normally pick up and read, so I have to give a huge thank you to Legend Press and Jemma Wayne for giving away this book and giving me the opportunity to experienc [...]

    5. Janet Camilleri on said:

      While not a "light and fluffy" read, I enjoyed reading this book. I was particularly taken with the way the author handled the very real faith struggles of a couple of the characters. These matters of faith weren't all neatly tied up by the end of the book - but then, isn't that real life?

    6. Liz Barnsley on said:

      After Before was an interesting read for me, one that I went into blind and ended up thinking was really great - multi layered, emotional and with some truly remarkable characters that kept me right in the story throughout.The story is based around three women and is a character driven, heartfelt novel that explores many themes and is a very profound read that will have you thinking about it long after you are done. Lynn, now suffering from terminal cancer is regretful of missed opportunities. H [...]

    7. Gayla Bassham on said:

      Likes: Wayne really knows her characters, and the writing is solid. She has an good observational eye for detail, which I always appreciate.Dislikes: Implausible plotting, including one turn that infuriated me so much I had to put my Kindle aside for a while. IT MADE NO SENSE. IT WAS THREE DAYS AGO. I AM STILL MAD. Also, the fact that Wayne seems to view Luke as largely sympathetic confuses me, as I had been thinking of him as "imminently punchable." And the way that Emily's story ended -- well, [...]

    8. Zoe on said:

      As my very first First Reads book, I was excited to get reading as soon as it arrived through the letterbox. Strictly based on the blurb alone, it wasn’t the type of novel that I would typically pick to read myself, but as I was lucky enough to win one I thought I should give it a go.The style of writing takes a bit of getting used to; at times it can be a little stilted, lacking a natural flow that makes it easy to turn pages. There wasn’t the instant connection with the characters that I [...]

    9. Sam Still Reading on said:

      The Baileys Prize longlist this year has been wonderful for me – without it, I would never have found the gem that is After Before by Jemma Wayne. This book is intense – it has all the feelings condensed within its pages and on finishing it, I didn’t want to leave the world it had created. The story is difficult, painful and beautiful and something you can analyse in your mind for hours afterwards. The ending is left somewhat open – we don’t know what choices the characters will make, [...]

    10. Nicole Overmoyer on said:

      Jemma Wayne took me for a ride with After Before.There are breathtaking highs and bumpy lows in this story of three women; Lynn, a dying fifty-eight year old who gave up everything for her family, Vera, a lost late twenty-something who gave up her family, and Emilienne, a young woman who lost her entire family. Aspects to the story make it deserving of five stars and aspects of the story make it worthy of just three stars. So I give it four stars, because the ending brought tears to my eyes and [...]

    11. Mary-Ann Smith on said:

      I received After Before, a while ago as a first reads book. I started it a while ago, but have recently re-picked it up and became completely engrossed by it. The pause in reading this book was not based on how engaging I found this book. But rather I was focused on other books I was reading. Once I dedicated my time to this book however, I couldn’t stop. When I wasn’t reading it I was thinking out it, and it was based actually about a point of history I didn’t know about, or at least didn [...]

    12. Lisa on said:

      This is an astounding book which really gets into the skin, hearts and minds of three very different women.Emily is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide who has ended up in Britain as an immigrant refugee. Struggling to exist, never mind live, Emily is all alone and facing an ongoing battle with nightmares of the atrocities she has experienced.Starting a new job as a cleaner in private houses brings Emily into contact with Lynn, an elderly woman with her own demons, now dying from cancer and bitte [...]

    13. Nicola on said:

      The subject matter of After Before is far from a barrel of laughs: genocide and terminal cancer with another harrowing event thrown in for good measure that for spoiler-free reasons I can’t elaborate on here.As the title may suggest, this is a novel about the past and the present and the (in)ability of three women, Lynn, Vera and Emily, to overcome their personal torments and claw back (or cling to) some semblance of a life.Each of these women has to face a certain inevitability: Lynn faces pr [...]

    14. Lisa on said:

      I've always struggled to talk about books I really enjoyed in any great detail. When I dislike a book, I find it somewhat easy to identify the areas that don't work and spoilt the book for me. But when I like a book, it's hard. I want to draw love hearts around it and gush over it but I don't really know how.Jemma Wayne's After Before is a book I love.In After Before, Wayne gives us three women on the verge of revelation and revolution, who find themselves connecting and disconnecting as they co [...]

    15. Janine Cobain on said:

      After Before… If you’re looking for a light cheerful read to pass some time on the beach this summer – this book isn’t for you. This is a hard read, in more ways than one. Each of the characters is given such depth that you are drawn in and experience their circumstances first hand; Vera, striving to be good and present a clean, God-fearing image while her past bubbles inside, threatening her mental stability with each rhyme she recites; Lynne, trying to come to terms with the loss of he [...]

    16. Sojourner on said:

      After Before by Jemma Wayne is a searing, tender and stunning novel which tells the stories of three women whose lives are inexorably intertwined by a twist of fate. It is a surprise and a telling-experience to read about how these three vastly different women with secrets of their own struggle through life, and ultimately found peace and redemption.We are first introduced to Emily, who is a Rwandan genocide survivor. Living as a refugee, the dark and horrendous memories of her past have scarred [...]

    17. Elaine on said:

      This is a very moving, powerful read of three women who all have demons in their past to face. The premise of the story is secrets, secrets that eat you up inside unless you tell someone and achieve salvation, forgiveness or just plain peace of mind.Lynn has terminal cancer. She is a widow and mother to Luke and John who devoted her whole adult life to being a wife and mother. Now she regrets missing out on a career. Vera is engaged to Luke. She also has a dark secret in her past, something she [...]

    18. Judy on said:

      Emily is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. Vera is newly engaged, a recent convert to her fiancé’s religion and a recovered addict. Lynn is dying, a bitter and resentful woman. These three distinctly different women’s lives are soon to become intertwined. Vera’s fiancé is Lynn’s son and Emily becomes Lynn’s carer.Through the narrative we discover the afters and befores of each of these women’s lives. Emily’s story is by far the most compelling. She has watched her family die as [...]

    19. Sam on said:

      Won this on a Giveaway.Now this is a strangely powerful and emotional book that creeps up on you with its sheen of normalcy over dark and deadly secrets that never fully resolve themselves. The book revolves around three very different women who have a lot in common. Firstly we meet Vera a born again Christian with a loving fiance and a wild past with a heart-breaking secret. Vera seems rather shallow at first but you gradually find that there is a lot more to her than meets the eye, especially [...]

    20. Emily on said:

      I absolutely adored this book. A page-turner which kept me up far too late at night & nearly made me miss my stop on the train. The characters, particularly the three main female characters all came to life and drew me into the story. I find the best books are ones where I get so caught up in the story that my own emotions reflect those of the lead characters and this was certainly the case with this novel. I loved Emilienne (not just because she nearly had the same name as me), she reminded [...]

    21. Eric Anderson on said:

      The question of how to reconcile the past is at the centre of Jemma Wayne’s debut novel “After Before”. What’s fascinating about this book is the way the author approaches this dilemma through the lives of three very different kinds of women. Emily is a young, Rwandan-born woman living in England. She struggles to survive on low-paid work and lives in social housing. Having abandoned her real name Emilienne because English people have difficulty pronouncing it, she’s effectively invent [...]

    22. Gloria on said:

      After Before, is surprisingly, Jemma Wayne’s debut novel.It tells the story of three women, of different ages, from different backgrounds and cultures, living in London. All three have a ‘Before’ which has had a devastating affect on their ‘After’. Surprisingly they ‘come together’ and have a profound on each others lives.Emily, is a Rwandan genocide survivor. Vera, who has become a ‘Christian’, is engaged to Luke, also very involved in religion. Vera is tormented by haunting s [...]

    23. Boo on said:

      for #100reviewsin100days I received After Before from the First Reads scheme.This is a beautiful book, full of believable characters and full of emotion. This review is Spoiler Free and will also be available on my tumblr.wierdbuthatsok.tumblr/postCharactersEmily- a survivor of Rwandan genocide slowly relearning to live her life. She becomes a carer to Lynn. Her character transformation is incredible.Vera- a born again christian woman who becomes engaged and feels threatened by her own less tha [...]

    24. Nuria on said:

      I read this novel within two days and it definitely left its mark on me. In all honesty, it's very hard for me to criticise a book unless I truly did not enjoy it. But I definitely underestimated After Before, as I assumed it would be a pretty light read - somewhat as a break in between the more emotionally draining novels I tend to be drawn to. This novel, however, really tore on my heart strings and I found myself connecting with the three women in a way I didn't expect to. The only thing I wi [...]

    25. Eiain on said:

      The cover drew be in first, then the title, and finally after reading the story outline I knew I wanted to read After Before.Not having read anything written by Jemma Wayne, I did not know what to expect. However, on starting the book, I found that I could not put it down, and found life getting in the way of reading it.The story of three women's lives that become entwined was one that brought a smile to my face. Lynn a mother and matriarch, Emily a refugee from Rwanda, and Vera an ex drug addic [...]

    26. Angie on said:

      This is the story of three women. Emily is an immigrant survivor of the Rwandan genocide. Vera is a new Christian who is trying to live a good life but her secret past threatens that. Lynn is battling a fatal disease and is bitter because of her choices in life. The story centres around their attempts to come to terms with their lives. It is beautifully written and I had a good cry at the end. Books don't make me cry very often but this one felt so real and bittersweet. This is the first book by [...]

    27. Anne on said:

      I received a free review copy of this book from first reads.This is a difficult book to rate as the writing is good and the author clearly is talented. My problem with it was I didn't like any of the characters apart from Emily. If the book had been about her story alone recovering from the Rwandan genocide, I think it would have been a better book, as I looked forward to Emily's story coming round in the book.The ending was disappointing with many major things unresolved. Also, without giving [...]

    28. Emma on said:

      (No Spoilers)I received this book as part of a giveaway.This is a beautifully written book, about three women's interweaving stories. The main body of the story is set in the modern day with flashbacks as plot-points and interactions important connections are revealed. I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a fairly quick read with an interesting, engaging and, at times, unsettling story.The Rwandan passages are what really sets this book apart. They are haunting and terrifying and [...]

    29. Wendy Greenberg on said:

      A book about big issues brought down to the personal (Christianity, mortality, genocide. name a few). Thought it was a really interesting read about 3 women largely re-inventing themselves. I enjoyed it but found that I couldn't muster up any warmth for the characters who all faced crises in their lives. There were large over-written sections, heaped with descriptionless would have been more for me, as the sections that did this were just beautifully drawn. That said, the uncovering of secrets a [...]

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