Mamma's Boarding House

John D. Fitzgerald

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Mamma's Boarding House

Mamma s Boarding House Jacket has some wear but has protected book very well Jacket shows a corner bottom front tear and slight tearing along edge Picture intact Book is extremely clean and intact Ships very quickly and pac

  • Title: Mamma's Boarding House
  • Author: John D. Fitzgerald
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jacket has some wear but has protected book very well Jacket shows a corner bottom front tear and slight tearing along edge Picture intact Book is extremely clean and intact Ships very quickly and packaged carefully

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      257 John D. Fitzgerald
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    One thought on “Mamma's Boarding House

    1. Christopher Bunn on said:

      John Dennis Fitzgerald is an American treasure. He wrote consistently excellent books with his Great Brain series, a sequence of books about the Fitzgerald family who lived in Adenville, Utah. The mixed Mormon-Protestant/Catholic setting of Adenville provides a colorful and poignant background for the escapades of Tom Fitzgerald, his family and friends.His Great Brain series are definitely books you'll want in your child's library. They're that rare sort of middle-grade fiction that is written s [...]

    2. Bridget on said:

      This one gets five stars even though it's not as good as Papa Married a Mormon. I was just so happy to be back in Adenville with all those lovely people again. The stories are just as good, but the author's brother Tom is kind of on the periphery, which takes a little of the fun out of it all.

    3. J.S. on said:

      After the death of Papa, and with the children mostly grown and moving on with their own lives, Mamma decides to take on boarders, not only to support herself but to keep busy. John is the only one left at home and he changes his plans of going away to school to stay and help his mother. This is a collection of his stories/memories of that time, one or two of which I think are also told (although a bit differently) in his other books. And this one explains why you won't find Adenville on any map [...]

    4. moviebunny on said:

      From my blog: (\__/)nymfauxThis book begins where Papa Married a Mormon left off. Clearly my grade school chronology was off. Not only was Mamma’s Boarding House the second book, but there was a third, Uncle Will and the Fitzgerald Curse, that came before the children’s series. It turns out that the children’s series was actually begun as the fourth book of the adult series. It was a matter of timing, a decline in interest in adult books of this nature, mixed with in-house publishing reorg [...]

    5. Melody on said:

      I liked this installment a lot better than I liked the first of Fitzgeralds's family histories, Papa Married a Mormon.The writing was better, the characters more finely drawn, and the events recounted were so interesting. And sometimes tragic, indeed. It made me feel like I was part of the extended family. Again, Uncle Will was a favorite- I'm looking forward to reading Fitzgerald's bio of him, and then I think I'll be moving on to the Great Brain books.Recommended, if you like this sort of thin [...]

    6. Ami on said:

      While I didn't love this book as much as I loved its predecessor, Papa Married a Mormon, I did enjoy this sequel's look into the history of Utah during the early 1900's. It's easy to forget that Utah was a western state with its share of gunslingers, saloons, and mining towns, but this book reminds us of its rightful place in the wild West.John D. Fitzgerald is one of those authors that offers us a rare glimpse into a past time and place. I adored his Great Brain books when I was younger and now [...]

    7. Alanna on said:

      Finally getting my hands on this book after having read Papa Married a Mormon and all of The Great Brain books felt like hanging out with old friends again. Adenville is just as charming as ever, and it's impossible not to love Mamma and her ability to bring out the best in everybody. Papa was missed, of course, and I wish Tom (aka, the Great Brain) would have been in the novel more. But it was still an absolute delight to read.

    8. Aubrey on said:

      While fun, it's just not at the same level as Papa Married a Mormon or the Great Brain series. I missed Tom and really wished he'd been more involved. I also felt like having an adult narrator took away some of the charm that the other books had. It's still lovable, but it's not a favorite to return to again and again like the other Fitzgerald classics.

    9. Ellie Leonard on said:

      This is the second in the series by John D. Fitzgerald. Though it is a great book, it is often very hard to find. This is the life of Tina Fitzgerald, after her husband has died. She begins her own business, and starts a boarding house. All of the characters who move into her home each have their own story.

    10. Janice on said:

      This book was just as good as the first book, One of my top 10 favorite. We have purchased 2 copies now because every time I want to read it to someone it is loaned out. We have our own private little library. The nearest public library is 25 miles from us and we have no running vehicle at this time. My husband and I just finished reading it.

    11. Chrisanne on said:

      More of the old west, but not as quirky as the original. I suppose what it is really lacking is the sweet old-fashioned romance that was introduced between "Papa" and "Mama" in the first one. The old characters are back but it is a little dusty and dry. Still it's nice to know what happened to the old friends(more or less).

    12. Jen on said:

      Not as good as Papa Married a Mormon, but still good. The whole series soured for me when I realized how much literary license the author took. It's fine, as long as you know that going in. But to find out right after you read them

    13. Traci on said:

      Just as wonderful as the first book, Papa Married a Mormon. I LOVE these books. This one has all the warmth and humor and honesty as the first. Every page was real and made me chuckle or cry. I only wish he'd continued his family's story; what an amazing group of people!

    14. Dahlene on said:

      I love John Fitzgerald books. They are so funny. This was a sequel to Papa Married a Mormon. It was not as funny as the first, but still fun to read. Very entertaining. Does anyone have a copy of the one about Uncle Will? It is almost impossible to find.

    15. Mary on said:

      I had never read this one and I loved it as well. Love John D. Fitzgerald's style and I enjoy historical fiction in general.

    16. Tdraut18 on said:

      Fun, quick read. Vivid writing that really grabs you and brings you into the story. If you liked the "Great Brain" books, you'll definitely enjoy this.

    17. Lori Eaker on said:

      I loved this bood just about as much as Papa married a Mormon. What a fun read!

    18. Aaron on said:

      This was a great book that made me proud of my home state. I would recommend John D. Fitzgerald to anyone.

    19. Anthony Ventrello on said:

      Although not as entertaining as "Papa Married a Mormon", like all of John D. Fitzgerald's books, it is still a joy to read. Hard to find, but well worth the search.

    20. Cindy on said:

      This was ssort of slow and the [pace was not easy to tolerate. I kept reading and waiting for all the action promised in the bi-info but it was all pretty lame.

    21. Jackie on said:

      Fun book about a woman who open a boarding house in the semi-wild west after her husband dies.

    22. Katie Kwon on said:

      Melodramatic. For hard core Great Brain fans only. I liked it but wouldn't make a general recommendation, hence three stars.

    23. Jewel on said:

      Absolutely delightful. Very interesting cast of characters. Some one please digitize his books so I can read them on Kindle! Where can I find "Uncle Will and the Fitzgerald Curse"?

    24. Amber on said:

      Oh how I loved this book! I can't get enough of Mamma, Queenie,, Uncle Will, Earnie, and all the rest. Now I need to reread all the Great Brain books.

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