Portal Through the Pond

David K. Anderson

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Portal Through the Pond

Portal Through the Pond They said her grandfather was dead They said her grandmother was crazy Christy knows better When year old Christy s grandmother dies she leaves Christy a mysterious packet of information revealing

  • Title: Portal Through the Pond
  • Author: David K. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781939233059
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They said her grandfather was dead They said her grandmother was crazy Christy knows better When 13 year old Christy s grandmother dies, she leaves Christy a mysterious packet of information revealing an amazing secret the pond in her yard is in fact a portal to another world And what s , her grandfather had disappeared in that world nine years earlier Christy isThey said her grandfather was dead They said her grandmother was crazy Christy knows better When 13 year old Christy s grandmother dies, she leaves Christy a mysterious packet of information revealing an amazing secret the pond in her yard is in fact a portal to another world And what s , her grandfather had disappeared in that world nine years earlier Christy is determined to honor her grandmother s wish to keep the secret, even if it means alienating her best friend Trevor However, things spiral out of her control when nosy classmate Rob accidentally crosses into other world, the grown ups think he has drowned, she s forced to tell Trevor, and Danny the nine year old deaf boy next door follows her through the portal to rescue Rob Will Trevor be able to convince the grown ups to trust Christy to get them all home Or will they let the police drain the pond, stranding the children in an alien world

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      485 David K. Anderson
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    One thought on “Portal Through the Pond

    1. Lex on said:

      I wanted to like this book, I did. It had a lot of potential. Poorly executed, though. My brain actually hurts. I ended up skimming the last few chapters. There is a such thing as too much description. Cut out half of the explanations for every last detail about every last object and the book would've been half as long and twice as good.Also, poor Rob. Everyone needs to shut the heck up and give the kid a break. (Mild spoilers? Idk) The kid (who is probably only twelve or thirteen) falls through [...]

    2. Chandra Vice on said:

      It was a really good premise, but honestly, I was bored to tears before they even got to the other world. I kept thinking it would get better, but sadly I was mistaken. I got so irritated at the author, for the way he treated this one young character. Spoilers ahead. So there's a portal through the pond. You might've guessed that by the title. At one point the main character is trying to go through, but she gets busted by her nosy neighbors. When they see the portal open, one bullying little bra [...]

    3. Nancy Silk on said:

      "The Long Journey into Another World"This is a science fiction story written in depth which many may enjoy, especially teenagers who love to read. Also, adults will also find it exciting. Ten thousand years ago, on a planet in another galaxy, a pathway had been perfected to allow crossing over into our world. They had studied our world throughout it's violent geological changes and since the last ice age had past, they arrive in the area we know as northern New England: Vermont, Maine, New Hamps [...]

    4. Fabulous Darling Little Duck Muffin on said:

      I'm feeling a bit salty tonight, so I've decided to write a review for one of my least favorite books. Ever.The characters were awful. They're weird and hard to like, and I only liked one, I think. Like Christy's grandfather. What was his name? I don't even remember, since I read this last year - 2016. But I remember he was a real jerk, with how he basically abandoned his wife, the way he treated that little boy. Oh, the little boy. Daniel? I think that's his name. I liked him.That's it. Christy [...]

    5. Jennifer on said:

      Read in almost a single sittingThis book is fascinating. I didn't mean to stay up till 2am reading it, but here I am. I probably will pick up the next in the series to see what happens next.

    6. Violet on said:

      I liked the book and author. It is a book not just for kids for any one who likes fantasy and sci-fi. I would like to read more of the series.

    7. Monique Braun on said:

      Attention Grabber.Loved the ending, but didn't think it would go that way. Keeps your attention on each chapter and is appropriate for all members of the family.

    8. Diana on said:

      Imagine that the pond in your back yard has a secret - it is a portal to another world. Imagine that your grandmother knows the secret and that your grandfather was thought to have drowned in the pond. And imagine that your grandmother leaves to you information about the portal. That is the framework of "Portal Through the Pond."Christy learns about her legacy on the day of her grandmother's funeral from Detective Lockhart who hands her a large envelope and tells her that it is her decision to s [...]

    9. Bailey Baxter on said:

      I really loved the concept of this book. A pond as a time travel device! And a grandfather trapped on the other side! What a novel idea! I couldn't wait to read it.But I have something horrible to admit. I lost interest about halfway through. Yeah, I put down the book and walked away. Why? It just took so long for the story to really get started. And, when the characters finally went through the pond to the "Empty World," so much time was spent explaining the world's geography, flora, and fauna [...]

    10. Sandra Megyesi-hallas on said:

      Very enjoyable book.A portal leading to a fantastic new world. I can't wait to learn more about this unique world and it's inhabitants. There are two intelligent species here in the empty world. Do they both belong here or did they both enter through portals? The back history of this planet is just beginning and it will hopefully be an amazing story. The characters are interesting, likable, for the most part, and intriguing as we get to know them. The book is YA friendly yet interesting enough f [...]

    11. Gloria on said:

      The beginning of a new series!Lots to explain, but I think it bogged the stories' action down. I knew from the description that children would go through the Portal, but getting to the point in the story required a lot of background, description, and this took about 100 pages. So I enjoyed the story, but it wasn't quite mind blowing.I received this book as a "first reads" book from or one of its partners.

    12. Donna on said:

      This book had a very interesting concept. During a storm a portal opens in the pond. If you jump into the portal then you are transported to another world. As with all great adventures, there are many dangerous people and risks along the way. This was an interesting book. I would like to know if they go back to the other world to rescue to the grandfather or not. I may just have to read book 2 to find out.

    13. Stacy Goodworth on said:

      The beginning felt tedious. The world was unique. I struggled to connect with the story, however. That's rare for me. I usually enjoy almost everything. It really wasn't a bad story, the characters just didn't seem to ring true or capture my attention. I couldn't seem to get excited about their adventure.

    14. Ms. Reader on said:

      I received this book on in exchange for an honest reviewI have one word to describe this book: boring. The storyline and plot is weak, the characters are bland and hold no fascinating traits at all, and overall the story was boring.

    15. Trudi Jorda on said:

      Great description and a very clever plot- a well written young adult book. The characters were well fleshed out and interacted well. I got a bit restless toward the end of the tale-- but am looking forward to getting the next in the series to find out who the ancients are.

    16. Mary Ann on said:

      An intriguing story when there were less adults to throw into the mix. The grandparent figures would have been enough interference for my taste, but I did enjoy the mix of youngsters ages and the addition of American Sign Language.

    17. Lisa Morrow on said:

      This was an entertaining children's book (middle grade/middle school). The author ends the story smoothly, leading into the second book of the series. It leaves the reader wanting to continue the series to see what happens next!

    18. Teresa Kaye on said:

      GoodGood book that's why I gave it five stars. I will tell anyone who would wants to read this book

    19. Claudia Kishi on said:

      The book starts out sad and all with Christy's grandmother dieing but its sooo awesome. It has so much adventure and bravery in it. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes adventure!

    20. Twila on said:

      I had difficulty finishing this book. I will not read any others in this series. Good premise but horribly done.

    21. Breanna Pollard on said:

      *** received the book for free through First Reads***the book is great and I loved the topic!

    22. Roger on said:

      Good read, I look forward to subsequent books, because this books just screams sequel.

    23. Debra on said:

      A winnerI bought this for my niece and hope she enjoys it as much as I have. I am definitely buying the next one. This is good for all ages.

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