Cookies: A Tale of Friendship

Kirstin Lenane

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Cookies: A Tale of Friendship

Cookies A Tale of Friendship An innocent visit up to meet their new neighbors turns into an intricate tale of deception How will Frog and Pickles find their way out of this mess and still manage to keep their new friend Both you

  • Title: Cookies: A Tale of Friendship
  • Author: Kirstin Lenane
  • ISBN: 9781500636784
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • An innocent visit up to meet their new neighbors, turns into an intricate tale of deception How will Frog and Pickles find their way out of this mess and still manage to keep their new friend Both young and older readers alike will enjoy this humorous tale about the summer the foxes moved to town.

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    One thought on “Cookies: A Tale of Friendship

    1. Jules on said:

      This book has so much - cutely drawn, likeable characters, a story that children and adults alike can learn from, and last but not least there's tons of cookies! Kirstin Lenane has grasped one of the most important things in life: cookies make everything better. Especially if you're new and/or need cheering up.I'm definitely gonna show this to my pupils!

    2. Cheryl McGonigle on said:

      I really like the story, so cute and I love the simplicity of the artwork. I think it will really appeal to children.

    3. Nancy Hill on said:

      I was enchanted by this story and so want to move into this neighborhood and hang out with Frog and Pickles. Heck, I want to BE Frog and Pickles. I'd say something like, "Perfect book for a child moving to a new place," but that would be limiting the audience. I think it's simply a wonderful story full of whimsy. Frog and Pickles may be confabulators, but so what? I grow so weary of heavy-handed messages in kids' books where moral fiber has to be at the center. I love that Lenane lets her charac [...]

    4. Chris Meads on said:

      This was one cute book. I think young children would love this to be read to them and ones that can read, would love to read it on their own.Frog and Pickles have learned that someone has moved at the top of the hill. They want to go meet them but think they aren't good enough for the new neighbors. So by being deceptive, they go up the hill to meet the Foxes. They do this the whole summer long and share cookies with the young fox boy.The pictures are wonderful and with the humor of the story, f [...]

    5. Kirstin Lenane on said:

      If you've ever had to move, you know that change can be a scary thing. Fortunately for the foxes, their neighbors decide to come up for a visit. And what neighbors they turn out to be! Who could have imagined a quirkier, more lovable pair than Frog and Pickles?As the foxes soon discover, a difficult situation can be turned around as long as you're open to meeting new friends.

    6. Vanessa Paniccia on said:

      This is a really cute book. It reminds me of a cross between the Piggie and Gerald series by Mo Willems, and Peppa Pig. Different levels of dry, silly humor as well as a cute lesson mixed in on being yourself, making friends and moving. I can't even begin to imagine how many books I have read to my kids, so it's certainly nice to find something different and unpredictable!!

    7. Dorottya on said:

      I loved this one - not only because I won it on a giveaway and Kristin sent me the cutest hand-written and -drawn!!! note :).I thought this was a really sweet and funny, but not blatantly preachy and predictable. The illustrations are just too precious.

    8. Eva Jurešić on said:

      Beautiful, funny and clever. I read this to my little brother and he LOVED it! We are just in the process of moving to a bigger city so we can really indentify with the (lovely!) characters. Gorgeous illustrations!

    9. Mrs. L. M. Cafiero on said:

      Perfect For My ChildrenPerfect For My ChildrenWe moved from New York to California an it's time for school an your book helped to make that transition EXTREMELY EASY!!!!!Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!!!! Thank You!

    10. Heidi on said:

      This was such an adorable book! Interesting enough to keep my six year old's attention and a bit challenging for her too.

    11. Debra Knox on said:

      Enchanting children's storythis book is full of imagination and fun. I very highly recommend it. children will love the story. the graphics s add to this delightful story

    12. Guy on said:

      “That was good!”I expected my Granddaughter’s assessment to be “it was OK”, which translates to “you picked it out and I listened, ya could’a done worse”. Maybe I’m learning, or maybe she is😏It is a good story and turned in to an interesting conversation

    13. Steve Conoboy on said:

      Frog and Pickles get themselves into a right, erm pickle. Some new neighbours have moved in, and the pair head up to introduce themselves, but get the wobbles when they worry that they might not be interesting enough. So, they come up with an idea to make themselves that little bit more exciting, but it's a scheme that has a few pitfallsIt's a story told with a warm sense of humour and Kirstin's bright and breezy art style, full of personality. There's something incredibly endearing about the il [...]

    14. K.D. Dowdall on said:

      Children will Fall in Love with this Enchanting Story that Brings a Very Special Message to Children Everywhere. “Cookies, A Tale of Friendship”, created by the very talented Kirstin Lenane, is a tale about children adjusting to a new place to live, a new school, and finding new friends. This delightful picture book brings a very special message with it about making friends wherever you go. The gift of friendship and acceptance that Frog and Pickles offer the newcomer in town, Vernon, will d [...]

    15. Bonnie Ferrante on said:

      This is a delightfully funny book. The pictures are extremely simplistic but the characters manage to come alive anyway. When a new neighbor moves in, Frog and Pickles disguise themselves as interesting people and go to meet them. Over the summer, they create a broad cast of characters who visit Vernon and his father. Bernie’s cheered up considerably by their visits and no longer dreads starting school in September. On the last page, Frog and Pickles dress as crocodiles and head to Vernon’s [...]

    16. Mary on said:

      I downloaded this book for my 7-year old grandson who isn't liking reading very much because after looking at the illustrations he might enjoy it. What I didn't expect his how much my 4-year old grandson enjoys it. He loves to "read" it to me. Each time Frog ad Picked have a little different adventure - I think Little Fox would like that.This is the story of Frog and Pickles who have new neighbors, the Foxes. Frog and Pickles believe they aren't exciting enough to meet their neighbors as themsel [...]

    17. Ericka on said:

      I was not impressed with the lesson this book teaches children. The 2 main characters never reveal their true selves and yet it is supposed to be about friendship. I bought it for my youngest yet I dare not let him read it because I also know him well enough to know he'd try to emulate this book, thinking it was a great idea. The author should have shown them getting caught and how it hurt everyone involved and was better for everyone to be themselves. I actually expected that to happen!

    18. RJ on said:

      It is a story of how a frog and his teddy bear befriend a fox that has just moved into their neighborhood. The frog thinks the fox will not like them as they are. So they dress up and lie. For this I gave it a low rating. The vocabulary is also too complex for a child to read on their own without help.

    19. A.S. Chung on said:

      This is a story about how daunting it can be for little kids to be moving into a new neighbourhood. Luckily for some, they have fun and quirky neighbours how help to make them feel welcome through a little imagination! The illustrations also complement the story well. I enjoyed this book and I’m sure all the little kids will too!

    20. Eileen Carter on said:

      Cookies: A Tale of FriendshipThis story is cute, easy to read, and enjoyable. Children who are just learning to read well enjoy the story as well as those who have been reading for years.

    21. Prudence Hayes on said:

      Cookies: A tale of Friendship was soooo cute! It was a delight to read. I loved when Frog and Pickles dressed up as deportation agents. I think that children will love this and so will the adults reading it :) Can't wait to read it to my niece.

    22. Samreen Ahsan on said:

      it was a very enjoyable read for my kids. The only thing that bothered me was, I opened it in my kindle paper white and since it is black n white, some of the text was unreadable and pictures were very dark for this device.

    23. Jessica on said:

      Son likeditmy son liked the book but commented that they should not have lied about themselves. I guess he is right.

    24. Debby Tjong A Hung on said:

      Aaww this was just such a cute book to read and even as an adult I enjoyed reading it.

    25. Elizabeth M on said:

      ,,I liked it because it shows we can all be friend's tho we are different looking and different colors

    26. Cara on said:

      The brothers were really scared to meet their neighbors but they found a way to overcome that feeling in a very clever way.

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