Jednou ano, dvakrát ne

Cylin Busby

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Jednou ano, dvakrát ne

Jednou ano dvakr t ne West je sp n st edo kol k a m v e co si jen m e p t Av ak jednoho dne se probud po nehod v nemocnici ochrnut a bez mo nosti mluvit Jedin zp sob jak se se m e dorozum vat s okol m je mrk n Jednou zn

  • Title: Jednou ano, dvakrát ne
  • Author: Cylin Busby
  • ISBN: 9788074476549
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • West je sp n st edo kol k a m v e, co si jen m e p t Av ak jednoho dne se probud po nehod v nemocnici ochrnut a bez mo nosti mluvit Jedin zp sob, jak se se m e dorozum vat s okol m, je mrk n Jednou znamen ano, dvakr t ne.West je naprosto zoufal a neust le ho pron sleduj d siv no n m ry Jedin , co ho udr uje p i smyslech, jsou n v t vy Olivie, pacientWest je sp n st edo kol k a m v e, co si jen m e p t Av ak jednoho dne se probud po nehod v nemocnici ochrnut a bez mo nosti mluvit Jedin zp sob, jak se se m e dorozum vat s okol m, je mrk n Jednou znamen ano, dvakr t ne.West je naprosto zoufal a neust le ho pron sleduj d siv no n m ry Jedin , co ho udr uje p i smyslech, jsou n v t vy Olivie, pacientky z vedlej ho pokoje Ta mu pom h s uzdravov n m, informuje ho o v em d le it m a je jeho nejv t oporou Ov em co se stane, jestli se West vyl Uvid se je t n kdy A m ou se oba je t n kdy vr tit do norm ln ho ivota Skv l rom n o l sce, ztr t a o tom, co je v ivot opravdu d le it.

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      335 Cylin Busby
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    One thought on “Jednou ano, dvakrát ne

    1. Cynn on said:

      Lo encontré de casualidad mientras buscaba otro libro. No me arrepiento de haberlo encontrado pero también me arrepiento, es confuso, lo sé, pero es que…bueno, voy a tratar de expresar lo que quiero decir. La historia se centra en la vida de West, un chico de 17 años,popular con una vida normal y que, al sufrir un accidente en bicicleta, queda paralítico. Cuando despierta, él no puede hablar y tampoco recordar qué sucedió, solo sabe que está recostado en una cama del Instituto Wilson [...]

    2. Ann on said:

      As a librarian, I can see why this novel won a coveted spot in the JLG Fall selection. A compelling read, well told love story, beautiful cover and plotting that will pull in reluctant readers. I see this as high interest for my teens.

    3. Lacey on said:

      Wowis book has definitely earned a spot on my favorites shelf! I'm just so wowed by the entire book and the twist?! I never saw it comingwish I could tell you every little detail I loved about this book but per publishers request I will wait a month before the book's release date to release my review! But Cylin Busby has a wonderful talent in writing and I can't wait to read any other books she releases!Here's the link to my full review: laceyshoelaces/20There's also a interview with the author [...]

    4. Crystal (Kris) on said:

      Blink Once is what I would call a contemporary story with paranormal elements. At the heart of the story is a high school boy who has been in a biking accident that leaves him in the hospital and wondering when--if--he will get out. Weaving in and out of the plot are bizarre dreams that make him questions what is real and what is a figment of his imagination. There is the beautiful Olivia, also a patient and who has her secrets. With each answer, new questions arise in a complex plot that culmin [...]

    5. I'd So Rather Be Reading Nat on said:

      What a haunting story! Reading the summary, I loved the idea of a secret connection between Olivia and West. And that is exactly what they had. Something about being in an accident or similar health crisis kind of strips people down to their core. Suddenly, the things you thought were so important are suddenly not. I like reading about characters who are going through these kinds of situations. These kinds of stories are just so compelling to me.Once I started Blink Once, I knew there was no way [...]

    6. Claudiu on said:

      Well Blink Once it's a life story,a true thriller.This book should be a movie,the subject it's perfect for a script.I can confess that i cried by the end of the book,a few tearsuse it was sooo sadi couldn't stop myselfOK.The story main character it's a 17 years old kid called West.His life supposed to be perfect,until a bike accident leaves him paralyzed.He "wakes" up in a hospital,and doesn't know what happened.Right there he meets Olivia,the girl next door.Olivia seems to be the only one who c [...]

    7. Paul on said:

      "Sometimes at night, when I was alone, or when I was at the pool, in the quiet stillness underwater, my mind would go to that place. To the hospital, to the people there. It was as if my heart could travel, over the miles, over the months that had passed, and I was back with her. Olivia"Wow. Amazing book, great love story.

    8. Emy on said:

      Oh My God ! I have just finished another awesome book ! I had some sad feelings as I read it ,of course.But this is why I enjoyed it so much ! There can be lots of sad stories,but they must be well written.And "Blink Once" is certainly a good-written one !The subject is really great.Something new for me .I mean,I've heard about this "meetings" with other "spirits" of the alive patients,as you're in comatose.But I never knew exactly how it was like.Before I read this book.I felt so bad about West [...]

    9. Katherine on said:

      Achjo.I učebnice fyziky je víc vzrušující než tahle Kniha Nudy. -_-Ještěže mám super spřízněnou knižní duši, která přesně vystihla můj čtecí proces:/review/show

    10. Libby on said:

      A spare, evocative thriller from an acclaimed YA memoirist. In this haunting story, we first meet West, a 17-year-old accident victim who wakes up in the hospital confused about what has happened to him, and the extent of his injuries. Luckily, there is a teen girl in the room next door, Olivia, who is more than happy to fill him in: “You’re paralyzed, in case no one has told you yet,” she announces bluntly. Olivia, a beautiful former ballerina, is at once charming and terrifying, and she [...]

    11. Anne on said:

      RECENZE NA BLOGUZa sebe dávám čtyři hvězdy. První polovina knihy se mi moc líbila, bylo to skvělé - velmi realisticky napsané, i co se týče odborného ošetřovatelského hlediska. Nicméně potom ehm, musím přiznat, že mě vývoj příběhu poněkud zklamal. Bylo to celé opravdu velice dobře napsané, ale osobně nemám ráda, pokud se příběh "vyřeší" tak, jak se zde "vyřešil".Vůbec nelituji, že jsem si knihu přečetla a to i přesto, že mě konec docela zklamal. Al [...]

    12. Alja Katuin on said:

      I have one words other than read this book it's original, its written with great wit and you'll be floating through it in no timeOh West

    13. Savannah (Books With Bite) on said:

      One of the mysteries of the world is what happens to you, when you are between life and death? Are you here stuck in limbo among us? Or are you lost? Destined to live in place where no one can hear or see you. I have watch many shows and read books on this matter. If you want a great book full of mystery with a life hanging in the balance, read this now.What I loved most about this story is the great plot! I really like how the author kept the reader out of the loop till the very end. Busby, gav [...]

    14. Sabrina on said:

      I received this book free fom Cylin, in exchange of a honest review. Thank you, Cylin!! <3Review This book was amazing!Paralyzed, West can only notice. He can notice Olivia's beauty and hope that, one day, he will be healed. But he starts to have nightmares where he sees a girl crying and man with burned face. West doesn't know what will happen to him and the only thing that relieves him is Olivia. She always stands with him, talks with him and tells him that he is going to be OK. But as they [...]

    15. Laura Salas on said:

      Wow. This novel about West, a high school kid who is paralyzed after an accident, is mysterious and magical at the same time. OK, usually I don’t like books you would describe that way. But this book was amazing. West is contemporary and believable. He can only communicate through blinking, and the girl in the next hospital room over, Olivia, is about the only thing getting him through the entire ordeal. I can’t say too much without spoiling things, but there are nightmares and crimes and su [...]

    16. Dotti Enderle on said:

      Amazing book! But why do publishers put girls on the covers of books where the MC is a boy? This one is almost spoilerish.

    17. Katy on said:

      2.5 stars - This book had such potential to be a very powerful book. Unfortunately, the writing and the story progression just was not compelling. So I really want to bump it up to a three to credit Busby for her creativity, but I just find it hard to find the book more than just okay.To be honest, I couldn't get into the first 2/3 of the book. We meet West, who was paralyzed in an accident, and he meets another patient Olivia, who supposedly shows him how to live.Meanwhile, West's point of view [...]

    18. hayden on said:

      You guys, I'm in a state of shock. This is one of the best, most emotional books I've read in a long time . . . I'm just going to say now that no words I will ever speak (or type) can justify or express exactly how I feel about Blink Once, exactly how much it tore me apart.Blink Once is about seventeen-year-old West, who is in a mountain bike accident and ends up in a hospital. From the first page, I loved West. He was compassionate, caring, and an overall great guy. He is one of the best male n [...]

    19. Shaun Heneghan on said:

      Just when authors of Young Adult novels seem to be all alike. comes Cylin Busby. Her newest work, Blink Once, is a YA novel that truly respects the intellectual and emotional depth of young adult readers.Blink Once centers around a high-school senior, West, who lies in a hospital, paralyzed and heavily medicated. Only another patient, the mysterious Oliva, understands West's inner thoughts--including his haunting dreams. The author uses crafty techniques (such as semi-reliable narration) to guid [...]

    20. Mrs. S on said:

      Wow, ok. I don't want to say too much. I will say this: I know there's a big clamor for male narrators, and this book has an excellent one. West has been in an accident and is, essentially, trapped in his body. He meets Olivia, and she starts to change everything for him. Throughout all of this--a devastating accident, a grueling and uncertain recovery process, wildly changing relationships--West's voice felt true to his teen guy self. So I think a lot of you will enjoy this book based on that a [...]

    21. Stephanie on said:

      My Summary: West thought he had the perfect life - an amazing girlfriend, great friends, an a competitive BMX biking career. That is, until the accident.Now West is a vegetable - completely paralyzed and unable to move. His future looks bleak in comparison to what he used to have until he meets Olivia. Strange, intense, and mysterious, Olivia helps West on the path to recovery faster than any miracle drug ever could have. But what will happen to their relationship when West is released and thing [...]

    22. Wolf Draven on said:

      Ten konec byl trošku podivnej, ale jinak super. Mám radost, že se mi podařilo správně odhadnout, o co tam vlastně šlo :)) Každopádně doporučuju všem!

    23. Oana Ungureanu on said:

      No, no, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!I am just overwhelmed, I can't help crying. Review to be posted tomorrow.

    24. Educating Drew on said:

      Trapped in your bodyOthers might be surprised that you canHear life around you.Holy geez, be still my heart! I DEVOURED this book. In all honesty, I can't recall the last time I was caught off guard by a book in such a way. Not only did the plot unravel in a way that I couldn't step away from, the story grabbed my heart and treated it like a puppet, fully mastering maneuvers to make me sigh, yearn, and appreciate my life.Blink Once is told from West's point of view. He awakes unable to move his [...]

    25. Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page) on said:

      When I heard about Blink Once, I knew that I had to read it! I loved the idea behind it and it sounded quite different to some of the other young-adult orientated books that are out there. When I received the book, I picked it up straight away and was quickly hooked!Blink Once is different and a little difficult to describe. This story is narrated by West, a boy who has been left in a coma after having an accident on his bike. For around the first half of this book, West is left paralysed in his [...]

    26. Rose on said:

      "Blink Once" is a young adult paranormal story with a mysterious and coming of age leaning that took me by surprise in how resonant it was. The story begins with the narrative of a high school student named West who wakes in a hospital with no memory of what happened as well as having little to no ability to communicate or move. He has no bearing on how much time has passed since in the hospital, and his parents and friends share concern over his well-being. Add to his particular stay a charming [...]

    27. Debbie I Heart YA Books on said:

      Blink Once is a beautiful, heart-gripping story. Cylin Busby goes for the heart strings in this amazing love story and she doesn’t let you go even after you’ve read the last page of West and Olivia’s meant-to-be, but can't love. And with this story being shown to us through West's point of view, who is a seventeen year old guy, that made it a more powerful read for me. I love seeing West’s guy thoughts and feelings in this tender storyline. Busby is a wonderful writer, she will bring you [...]

    28. Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books) on said:

      Let me start by saying this is a very hard story to review without spoiling anything, but let me try.Blink Once is an emotional and mysterious story. This was an interesting premise, and I connected pretty well with West. It was definitely a journey being in his head while he is so hurt, not knowing what is real, what is a dream, and trying to piece together everything that happened to him, and if his dreams mean anything.I loved Nurse Norris, and often wondered how she could stay so positive an [...]

    29. Suzanne on said:

      (maybe a 3.5)Recovery from a devastating injury is hard, especially when one is completely paralyzed. That's what West discovers in the hospital. It's as if he has stopped being a person when his parents, his friends, and even his nurses and doctors sometimes act like he's not there, just because he can move or do anything for himself.The one person with whom he connects during the struggle to come alive after an extreme biking accident trauma is Olivia. She's right next door, a beautiful teenag [...]

    30. Brittany Rehage on said:

      This book was both predictable and completely unpredictable. I knew what was coming before I even started reading, and yet I was completely shocked by how much I love this story anyway.West wakes up, unable to talk, to move, to breathe on his own. He knows he’s in the hospital, but he doesn’t know why or how he got there. And then he meets Olivia.Olivia understands what he’s thinking, and becomes West’s best friend. Eventually, they start to fall in love with each other. But then things [...]

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