A Fuga de Auschwitz

Joel C. Rosenberg

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A Fuga de Auschwitz

A Fuga de Auschwitz Uma terr vel escurid o amea a a Europa medida que Hitler implementa a solu o final um judeu e um pastor protestante precisam de confiar nas suas capacidades e num Deus que j n o sabem se existe ou n

  • Title: A Fuga de Auschwitz
  • Author: Joel C. Rosenberg
  • ISBN: 9789897242151
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Uma terr vel escurid o amea a a Europa medida que Hitler implementa a solu o final , um judeu e um pastor protestante precisam de confiar nas suas capacidades e num Deus que j n o sabem se existe ou n o, a fim de escapar aos horrores de Auschwitz Inspirado em relatos reais de presos e deportados e nas hist rias dos poucos que conseguiram escapar aos campos de extermUma terr vel escurid o amea a a Europa medida que Hitler implementa a solu o final , um judeu e um pastor protestante precisam de confiar nas suas capacidades e num Deus que j n o sabem se existe ou n o, a fim de escapar aos horrores de Auschwitz Inspirado em relatos reais de presos e deportados e nas hist rias dos poucos que conseguiram escapar aos campos de exterm nio, A Fuga de Auschwitz uma obra impressionante que depressa se tornou bestseller internacional Nele encontramos os horrores escondidos por tr s dos muros dos campos de concentra o, a luta di ria dos sobreviventes e a coragem de todos aqueles que tentaram escapar aos nazis.

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      406 Joel C. Rosenberg
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    One thought on “A Fuga de Auschwitz

    1. Lauren Hopkins on said:

      DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. EVER. READ. THIS. BOOK.According to Joel C. Rosenberg, it's okay that 6 million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis because not *ALL* of the Jews died. God got the Jews through it, just like he saw them through Egyptian slavery! Sure, he only managed to save like 10% max of those who went into concentration camps, but it's all good. Because he came through at the end! You know, after the Nazis had nearly finished what they set out to do, effectively wiping out European Je [...]

    2. Lori on said:

      I have read many fantastic novels centering around WWII unfortunately, this was not one of them. It was evident in the lack of depth in the characters and some dialogue issues that this was a departure from Rosenbergs usual writing genre. I do realize that this was a very personal novel for Rosenberg and I commend him for his efforts. Good story, but bad execution. Honestly, I just became bored about 3/4 of the way through. Bummer emoji sad face.

    3. Kat Dominitz on said:

      I found this book to be poorly written; it reads like a 500 page synopsis. The author spells everything out for the reader, the book is almost solely comprised of cliches, and the depth in character development is very limited. Also, I didn't find the writing clever or witty. This book brings nothing new to the table; we've all heard the facts and know the story. I think what the author was trying to accomplish was to write a story about a mans journey to becoming a Christian during this dark pe [...]

    4. Carol on said:

      "Where books are burned, they will, in the end, burn people too."After a failed attempt by the freedom fighters to release the captured Jews from the disgusting cattle cars, young Jacob Weisz finds himself locked inside and on his way to the dreaded hard labor camp of Auschwitz where within its evil barbed wire, he thinks of nothing but escape.As he witnesses the brutality, sees the emaciated walking skeletons and learns the true secrets of the death factory it is, he questions his faith in God [...]

    5. Betty on said:

      Another nail-biter by one of my favorite authors! I loved this book! I just simply couldn't put it down! I read it in less than a week! I kept thinking that it was a true story. It was truly a work of history and suspense. A hard book to write I'm sure! The author did a marvelous job taking true facts and weaving a fictitious character into them without sacrificing the true history. I love World War Two, and this book did not disappoint! It was heart wrenching and accurate. I am looking forward [...]

    6. Plethora on said:

      Rosenberg has written an outstanding novel that was able to move me to tears, as if I was reading a memoir written by an actual escapee of Auschwitz. The Auschwitz Escape opens in the small, quiet community of Sedan, France on May 13, 1940. Historically speaking, Sedan, was ground zero for the German Panzer armies advancing into France. So much for thinking the Meginot Line was impenetrable and that Germany would not venture through the Ardennes Forest, protecting France. Germany circumvented th [...]

    7. Chuck on said:

      Mr. Rosenberg, about whom I've become a big fan, snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat with this one. I've complained before about his amateurish writing style and I could complain again with this one but I've learned that if you just stick with him the quality of his story telling will overcome. The title of the book tells you about all you need to know about the main plot but the characters you meet make it special and once you read the Author's Note at the end you realizethis is historic [...]

    8. Skip on said:

      Less than 150 people escaped from Auschwitz. Rosenberg has meticulously researched the facts about those escapes and used the one by Rudolf Vrba, hiding in a pile of wood outside of the electrified fences and waiting for searches to end after three days, as the method for the protagonist, Jacob Weisz, to get free along with a Christian pastor (Jean-Luc LeClerc), who helped Jewish refugees fleeing Vichy France. Their mission was timed to warn of the plans to eliminate all of the Hungarian Jews at [...]

    9. Wendy on said:

      As a fan of Joel C. Rosenberg's novels, his latest book "The Auschwitz Escape" is not only one of his finest achievements but one of the most explosive and chilling stories I've read. Set in War II, the Nazi machine under Adolph Hitler has begun sweeping through Europe leaving bloodshed and devastation in its wake. But for non-Aryans caught in the crosshairs of the war, a worst fate awaits them in the ovens of the Auschwitz death camp.This is the story of Jacob Weisz, who after the death of his [...]

    10. Sarah on said:

      "Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good." Epic in scope, Joel Rosenberg’s “The Auschwitz Escape” is a work of historical fiction that is both breathtaking and heartbreaking. Young and naïve Jacob Wiesz, guided by his beloved Uncle Avi, joins the Resistance movement in Belgium after he is forced to flee his native Germany. Meanwhile, Jean-Luc Leclerc, an assistant pastor in Vichy France, answers God’s call to love his neighbor and the Jewish people by helping as many o [...]

    11. Laura on said:

      This book started really well but by the end I had lost focus. It was very informative of what was happening in the concentration camps but in comparison to other WWII books I've read, this one lacked the intensity. It's still shocking what the Jews went through and this book definitely brings all that to light. I would recommend this to a reader that wants to know more about the concentration camps but doesn't want too graphic details or inappropriate language used in the text. The author is ve [...]

    12. Jamie on said:

      Whoa.This book was all kinds of intense.And evocative.Seeing the horrors of Auschwitz through the eyes of those who survived it and those who managed to escape to tell the world of the horrors is a hard read. But a read that’s worth every emotion. Not only so we can never forget, but so we can remember bravery and courage of those who lived through it.I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s incredibly written and an incredible story. I admit, I had to stop half way through and read a lighter st [...]

    13. Stacy on said:

      Even though I know the book was fictional, I know countless true stories really happened like this, and the people who endured such inhumane evil still found the courage to try to do what they could to undermine the Nazi government-- that is truly inspiring. Mr. Rosenburg has again created a masterpiece. I always enjoy his writing, and this is destined to be a classic. He crafted a thrill ride of a read, that makes you feel as if you are there-- a silent witness to the characters' heroism and pe [...]

    14. Ginger Price on said:

      Another great novel by Joel RosenbergMy dad served in WW11 & I was born in the late 40s. how many years has it taken for us to truly recognize the atrocities that took place under Hitler's rule? I'm grateful that Rosenberg has so clearly documented what occurred at Auschwitz and that there were indeed those that escaped and tried to tell the worldMay we never forget. Rosenberg has written another winner. Bring a Kleenex.

    15. Marilyn on said:

      I read this on the recommendation of a friend, but I was very disappointed. The subject matter, Auschwitz death/concentration camp, was gripping but the plot is full of holes and the story and ending is predictable. The characters ring pretty flat, too. The writing was amazingly bad ("his leg hurt something terrible"). I won't be reading this author again.

    16. Negin on said:

      This is historical fiction about two men who manage to escape from Auschwitz. Despite the horrific subject matter, it was a beautiful read. I’m sure that the story and the characters will remain with me for quite some time.

    17. Aaron on said:

      A fantastic & important piece of literature that was thoroughly enjoyable in audio version. The narrator put in appropriate and believable (at least to an American's ears) accents for the vast array of European characters.The numerous horrors and tragedy of Hitler's Final Solution brings us too many true stories to ever need worry about historical fiction filling in the gaps. But this fact must also be kept in mind when you read about the daily atrocities and the magnitude of it all. This re [...]

    18. Delilah on said:

      It's not even possible to review this book and give it the justice it deserves. Just read it, everyone should. The fact is, very few people (around 100 or so) successfully escaped Auschwitz. This is a historical fiction based on facts of a small group who did just that. Their purpose of escape wasn't to survive themselves but to save future lives by exposing the truth of the atrocities taking place at this notorious death camp. They wrote the Auschwitz Protocol (fact) to spread the word to the A [...]

    19. Marialyce on said:

      As always, tales of what occurred and the strength of the human spirit awe and inspire those who look back at history as a warning about what can happen in the future. It is a harrowing tale and oftentimes as I listened to this book, I had to stop and think about the inhumaneness of humans. Less than 150 people escaped from the hell that was Auschwitz and this story is based on one of them who did. It is a story that engenders hope and a belief in God that one often has a purpose in survival, on [...]

    20. Ware on said:

      There were real escapes from Auschwitz. There were not many, but those escapes brought the true story of Hitler's Final Solution to the world. That the world did little with these revelations is attributed generally to politics and military necessity. This fictionalized account of the activities of a young German Jew who escaped the Nazis, became active in the Belgium Resistance only to find himself on a train bound for Auschwitz is based on real events.This is a tale told in sickening detail of [...]

    21. Anne on said:

      Beware: cliches and two-dimensional characters are the rule. Very much "holocaust lite." I listened to the audio version. The narrator's dramatic inflections throughout (difficult to describe) made me feel like he was reading to an audience of children. I found that very irritating. It's not the first time that the holocaust has been used to tell a story of suspense. In fact, i think all holocaust memoirs of survivors are just that, though this story has a different slant - the protagonist escap [...]

    22. Kat Perry on said:

      The book and storyline fell flat for me and there was definitely a strong agenda pushed by the author around Christianity which I did not like, it completely detracts from the essential historical context which is the Jewish genocide. The characters were one dimensional and disinteresting. It failed to draw the reader in and i lost any interest about the outcomes for those characters. Very poorly executed in comparison to the wealth of superior literature set in this context.

    23. Tom on said:

      I'm not sure I have anything to contribute. The only thing I would change, I would add some poetry to the moments they revisit Auschwitz years later. I could have almost seen words being written before my eyes. This is great read. Heartbreaking because it can't be anything else. Whoever loved The One Man by Andrew Gross, will love this one too.

    24. Matt on said:

      Rosenberg's latest novel is both a non-stop thrill and a desolate reflection on one of history's greatest ignorances. Jean-Luc Leclerc, a pastor from France accused of harbouring Jews, and Jacob Weisz, a Jew in Germany who joined the Resistance, are sent to the Auschwitz death camp for their respective acts after being caught by the Nazis. Neither is resentful for their actions, though their fear mounts when they learn more about what the Nazis have been doing in the depths of Poland and how the [...]

    25. Hilary on said:

      3.5 starsSeeing the Nazi invasion from a French perspective was new to me, and it brought home the shock of the sudden blitz on Sedan, but that was nothing to seeing Auschwitz from Jacob's perspective as an infiltrator and a working prisoner.With echoes of the Great Escape, this shows the creation of the Auschwitz Protocol, and the heroism of both Jews and Christians, working together to thwart the Nazi regime.As the author said, it's hard to write a book like this. Although Jean-Luc and Jacob a [...]

    26. Frank Kendralla on said:

      I enjoy studying history but enjoy it more when done via historical fiction. This book covers the lives of many people during their horrible time as prisonors in Auschwitz, the eventual escape of multiple people, the struggle they had with convincing the allies what was going on, and the question - "Where is God during this time?" - Joel Rosenberg does an amazing job blending historical characters into a few main characters but not failing to state what took place. It isn't a fast moving book bu [...]

    27. Rosa Ramôa on said:

      Sobre AuschwitzhorroresfugascapesjudeusndoigosdiascercasenredoHitler.aisincípiosagensligião.tãosardasjudeusçõesjudeushorroresholocaustorarrturartarjudeusexemploshorroresjudeuslágrimasda.cidadesraivajudeusaljudeuscrívelhistóriajustiçaerradadehorroresjudeusogroevasrtehomensiançasjudeushorrorestas temperaturasigualdaderacismo.cidadesldadesjudeushorroresaishorrorestupidezignorânciabecilidadeburricejudeus.acrergonhadadeevoluçãohorroresdos.asSobre o ser humano!

    28. DiAnn on said:

      One of the best novels I've read in years. Joel Rosenberg never fails to create a magnificent story.

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