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Jason Luthor

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Floor 21

Floor As humanity lives out the remainder of its existence at the top of an isolated apartment tower young Jackie dares to question Tower Authority and their ban on traveling into the tower s depths Intell

  • Title: Floor 21
  • Author: Jason Luthor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As humanity lives out the remainder of its existence at the top of an isolated apartment tower, young Jackie dares to question Tower Authority and their ban on traveling into the tower s depths Intelligent and unyielding, Jackie ventures into the shadows of the floors below But will her strong will and refusal to be quiet in a society whose greatest pride is hiding the pAs humanity lives out the remainder of its existence at the top of an isolated apartment tower, young Jackie dares to question Tower Authority and their ban on traveling into the tower s depths Intelligent and unyielding, Jackie ventures into the shadows of the floors below But will her strong will and refusal to be quiet in a society whose greatest pride is hiding the past bring understanding of how humanity became trapped in the tower she has always called home, or will it simply be her undoing

    FLOOR FLOOR is the story of one young woman, Jackie Coleman, and her search to find out the truth about how the human race became trapped in the Tower Although humanity safely inhabits the top twenty one floors, the world becomes dangerous the further down the Tower they go. Floor by Jason Luthor Floor is set in a high rise tower People live only on the top floors because anything below floor is uninhabitable The only thing that lives there is the Creep As far as they people in the tower are concerned, they are all that s left. FLOOR eBook Jason Luthor Kindle Store Dec , Floor is sort of a threshold between where the denizens of the people live the frontier where the creep resides Scavenger parties are occasionally sent below Floor to obtain food supplies for the upper floors. Heavenly Tower Floor Battle Cats Wiki Fandom This page is under construction Heavy hitting or anti Red Area attackers are almost required The Capys guard the Cyclone, while both will shred through any defense you have Thundia can be a good choice, for her power and triple damage against Reds Once the Capys are gone, then the Red The Battle Cats Heavenly Tower Floor YouTube Jul , Okay, start from this floor, no continue allowed and difficulty is increased greatly The biggest problem here is the stacking Capy and Blitzen behind Red Cyclone Because of this, you can t stack Floor grandsummoners Floor comments share save hide report % Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by best level GrationXI points months ago this is honestly one of the stupidest things because she

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    One thought on “Floor 21

    1. Melissa on said:

      I'm not sure what appeals to me so much about the YA dystopian genre! I have read quite a few of them lately. Some were good, and some didn't quite hit the mark. Thankfully Floor 21 was a win for me!What's left of humanity lives in a high rise tower, unable to get into the lower levels because of "the creep" a black growth of tissue, muscle and sludge that causes hallucinations when touched and is taking over the tower. Jackie is a 17 year old girl who lives with her parents on floor 4, the fort [...]

    2. Montzalee Wittmann on said:

      Floor 21 by Jason Luthor is a dystopia novel and usually I don't like those but this one was very different and strange so I had to give it a try. It was certainly different and I love different. This was very good from the get-go. It is a weird story about people that live in the top floors can't come down and the reasons is very, very terrifying. A refreshingly new look at strange! Loved it!

    3. Heena Rathore P. on said:

      Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I LOVED this book. It started off pretty great and ended on the same note. Floor 21 is written in the form of recordings in alternate person and I truly enjoyed how this format took this story to a whole new level.It was really intriguing and kept me on edge the entire time. I was constantly trying to figure out the mystery of the tower as well as that of what awaits outside it. The author has done a splendid [...]

    4. Britt on said:

      This is, hands down, one of the best and most unique dystopian novels I've ever read

    5. Anastacia on said:

      The author kindly sent me this book last year, and I was super excited to read it, but with one thing and another it took me until now to get to it. I was looking forward to reading it, because Floor 21 sounded like a really nice twist to the dystopia genre, which I got hooked on when I read the Hunger Games series. Unfortunately, the main character, Jackie, isn't very likable, and worse yet, I think the author fell far short in trying to write a young female character, and there were a lot of c [...]

    6. Cheryl on said:

      I like the premise of this book. The idea that everyone is living in an 21 floor apartment and they can't leave their floor had me intrigued. From the moment I started reading I pictured the world that Mr. Luthor built for this book. Jackie's curiosity about the rest of the floors in the apartment rubbed off on me and got me curious. The aspect of the world kept me reading even though the first half of the story was really all about the talkingtalking about the building and talking about the peo [...]

    7. T.A. Uner on said:

      I was fortunate enough to vote for this promising novel when it was being featured on Kindle Scout and now that I have won a free copy (thanks to amazon) I plan on posting my review as soon as I read it. I wish Jason Luthor well, he has a bright future ahead of him.

    8. Dixie Goode on said:

      I feel really lucky to have chanced into this book when I did. I am in a group of writers on-line with different degrees of experience and success and differing interests. We support and criticize and fight amongst ourselves but it is a huge, world wide group so no matter when you have a question, someone is awake and willing to give feedback. It was on this groups' page that I first heard the author talking about the bare bones idea which would become Floor 21. From the beginning it caught my i [...]

    9. M.A. Kropp on said:

      Jackie is seventeen, living in the Tower with the remnants of humanity. No one knows why they were forced to live here or what went on Before. The humans live on the top floors of the Tower, and the lower floors are infected by the Creep, which is a nasty infestation that can cause serious hallucinations and even kill if you get too close to it. Jackie is the daughter of two scientists, and she possesses both her parents' intelligence and curiosity. She is not content with accepting what the Aut [...]

    10. Courtney on said:

      My love for books has always been in the thriller/horror genre and my love of reading has over time pushed me into many other categories such as this one, YA and Dystopia. I read the blurb for Floor 21 and was quite intrigued by it and had to see what Jason does with this story.Floor 21 is written in a first narrative and I don't think this story could have been told in any other way. We get to see things in recordings from Jackie and Vic. If this story was told any other way, it wouldn't have t [...]

    11. J.D. Cunegan on said:

      Floor 21 by Jason Luthor is one of the more unique novels I've read in some time, owing much of that to the first-person narrative structure that plays out through a series of audio recordings from Jackie, the teenage girl protagonist, and Vick. This structure gives the novel a time-capsule feel to it, as if the readers have stumbled upon these recordings.This is a fresh twist on the first-person narrative, and I feel like this story couldn't have been told the traditional way. Floor 21 is equal [...]

    12. Kim O'Hara on said:

      Grabs you and doesn't let you goIf you read a few chapters of this, you'll most likely find, as I did, that you have to read more and more. Why are Jackie's once smart parents so dull to the world? What is the Creep? Why does everybody live in a tower, and how did they get there? Why isn't anybody else curious about it all?The author's portrayal of a 17-year-old girl's point of view of this single-building world is at once convincing and gripping. The ending leaves you satisfied but begging for [...]

    13. Lyman Rate on said:

      Impressive and holds your attentionWell written and a book I couldn't put my kindle down before reading it all the way through. Jason really created a story that painted a picture of Jackie's frustration with the tower and her questions not being answered. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn't recommend this book more to anyone who wants a book that is solid from start to finish

    14. David Sanchez on said:

      Excellent story!The book is writing as if you are hearing the audio journals that the character makes. Very imaginative way to start. From there you get the character's point of view of a dystopian future were not many humans are left, and those that are left live inside a skyscraper. The story follows a teenage girl, Jackie, and her insatiable need to figure out how they got there and why. If you enjoy the Hunger Games, you will like this book.

    15. alice Tileston on said:

      only about 1/2way thruis author should look into movie rights. this could be as big as "the hunger games"will let you know if I change my mind when I finish it. ;-)ok. I finished it. but I want to read more! the FB, twitter and www sites don't connect.I need to find him to tell him I want MORE!

    16. A. Powers on said:

      Read and reviewed for OnlineBookClub. Official review coming soon!

    17. Carrie on said:

      *Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of this book for review as a part of YA Bound Book Tours*You know sometimes how you sit and wonder about the world and how it came to be? Now imagine, growing up inside a tower, yes a freaking tower, mind you a rather big tower, and not knowing how or why you've ended up living there. What happened to the world, who made the tower, are there other humans out living in other towers? Our main character is a 17 year old girl named Jackie, she thinks these things al [...]

    18. Tracy (Cornerfolds) on said:

      Read more of my reviews at Cornerfolds!One of my absolute favorite types of stories involves people who are confined to a community apart from whatever is out there. The Village and The Forest of Hands and Teeth come immediately to mind. I will be the first to admit the cover of Floor 21 is not what caught my attention - it was the synopsis. I read it and I HAD to know what was outside of the tower and why Jackie was stuck on the inside!As you've probably figured out, Floor 21 is about a society [...]

    19. Jasmine on said:

      Received a free copy through Kindle Direct Publishing.It was the writing style chosen to tell this story that originally attracted me to the book, and for the most part it lived up to that - telling the story in a series of transcribed voice recordings - most of them from the POV of Jackie but a segment in the latter half from Commander Vick that reveal the state of affairs surrounding the tower and its extremely high and low floors. For the most part, it skips over the way of life in the middle [...]

    20. Rachel on said:

      This novel is set in the future where a disease/creature named the Creep has overtaken the lower floors of an enormous tower and has essentially locked all those people into the tower. There is dark clouds and pollution all throughout the city and no contact with any people except those in the Tower. Peoples floor that they live on dictates their status in the community, like Jackie, who lives on the 4th floor because her parents are scientists on the 3rd floor. They are accustomed to a higher s [...]

    21. Dexter on said:

      This was probably the first found footage horror-esque book that I've come across. it worked surprisingly well, a lot better than I expected when starting out. The author transitions really smoothly from a narration to a more action-oriented style.This book is a really interesting mix of Science Fiction, Horror, Dystopia, and YA (though it didn't really feel like a YA book to me, other than the protagonist being 17).

    22. Sue on said:

      I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Floor 21 is a fascinating, original concept and a very enjoyable read. The main protagonist is Jackie, a 17 year old girl who is very curious about her society and asks lots of dangerous questions - like why they live like they do in the Tower, where did they come from, how long have they lived there etc. It is through Jackie asking such questions and mulling over these things that we uncover what kind of a world she lives in [...]

    23. Rebecca on said:

      I enjoyed this story once it got past the tedium of Jackie's repetitive thoughts about the Creep and what was on the various floors.entertainingHowever, the book has some major issues. As I was reading, I couldn't understand why the Scavengers would have to take two weeks to be away when they were still within the same building. It would make more sense if they left the building and had to travel a distance to find things. After all those years, how can the food they get be any good? Where is th [...]

    24. Peter on said:

      I received a free copy of this book after voting for it on Kindle Scout.I greatly enjoyed this book and finished it in one sitting. Luthor has created an interesting and mysterious world where answers are in short supply but questions are plentiful. For example, what exactly is the Creep (besides evidence that Luthor plays Starcraft)?Floor 21 is narrated by two characters who record their thoughts, the first of whom is a seventeen year old girl named Jackie and the second of whom is a Scavenger [...]

    25. P225 on said:

      Review: Floor 21 by Jason LutherWell - this was a fun read!Let me start off by saying that the world Jason Luther has created is unique, dark and intriguing. There are well thought out layers of complexity. From politics to science to religion, it is clear that time was taken to create a believable interweave of multiple aspects of an insular society. All these things make the world of the Tower believable, but the reader is not beaten about the head and shoulders with them. As a reader, I felt [...]

    26. BookLoversLife on said:

      Floor 21 is set in a high rise tower. People live only on the top floors because anything below floor 21 is uninhabitable. The only thing that lives there is the Creep. As far as they people in the tower are concerned, they are all that's left. They can't go outside because of the Creep, only a select few get to travel to the lower level to scavenge as much as they can. Most people are content with this, but Jackie isn't. She wants answers, she wants to know why and how etc, but how does she fin [...]

    27. Kate on said:

      Great bookI greatly enjoyed this book. It is suspenseful and really grabs the imagination! I really like the idea of using a "recording" to tell the story as it is not just another predictable futuristic tale, but is a fun-to-read adventure. The main character is spunky and comes across as a "free spirit" with a lot of courage. The only negatives I would mention are that some of the secondary characters seem a little flat and don't seem realistic. Also, the "demons" and "angels" we're somewhat c [...]

    28. Leslie on said:

      I made it through! And I have concluded that I am still perhaps too squeamish for the slimy-creepy-crawler side of horror. But if you're good with that stuff, you'll enjoy The Creep.Luthor plotted his novel well, and the characters (what you can learn from a limited perspective) are great. The concepts developed for the novel are singularly chilling. Some masterful storytelling going on here! Guaranteed to stick with you!

    29. Karen greer on said:

      Great Read!I just finished reading Floor 21. I didn't know what to expect when I started it but I can't wait for a second book. Please continue this story Jason Luthor. I voted for this book on Kindle Scout and I'm so glad I did. I love discovering new authors. Keep writing. You have a new fan. Thank you amazon and Jason Luthor.

    30. B.P. Crouse on said:

      About half way through got the idea of the tower representing different levels of consciousness. Super ego, ego, and id. More emotional and raw as we move down and more clinical and rigid as we move up. Great movement in the book and explored different levels of relationship and meaning with looming dread and mystery.

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