Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat

Eduard Uspensky Michael Henry Heim Vladimir Shpitalnik

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Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat

Uncle Fedya His Dog and His Cat When he cannot convince his parents to let him keep the talking cat that he found Fedya runs away from home and sets up housekeeping with the cat and a talking dog

  • Title: Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat
  • Author: Eduard Uspensky Michael Henry Heim Vladimir Shpitalnik
  • ISBN: 9780679820642
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When he cannot convince his parents to let him keep the talking cat that he found, Fedya runs away from home and sets up housekeeping with the cat and a talking dog.

    • Best Download [Eduard Uspensky Michael Henry Heim Vladimir Shpitalnik] æ Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat || [Chick Lit Book] PDF ✓
      470 Eduard Uspensky Michael Henry Heim Vladimir Shpitalnik
    • thumbnail Title: Best Download [Eduard Uspensky Michael Henry Heim Vladimir Shpitalnik] æ Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat || [Chick Lit Book] PDF ✓
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    One thought on “Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat

    1. Quân Khuê on said:

      Quyển này thực sự là một kiệt tác dành cho thiếu nhi. Vô cùng thông minh, hài hước và duyên dáng, tiếc là ít người biết đến. Nếu có con, hãy chọn cuốn này cho con, còn chưa có con hãy chọn nó cho mình.

    2. Andris on said:

      Mazie klausītāji daudz un gardi smējās, un ko gan vēl var vēlēties.

    3. Lisa Vegan on said:

      This is a perfect 3 ½ star book, but alas, no half stars. I am giving it 4 stars because I think I’d have liked it more if I’d read it, or had it read to me, when I was a child. I read this Russian book for the April book for the International Book Club at the Children's Books group.26 chapters in only 136 total pages make this a terrific beginning chapter book for young readers and for reading aloud too.Well, much of the illustrated story is a fun fantasy for a child, as it includes a chil [...]

    4. Blue Hello on said:

      Последните две книги за големи, които прочетох, бяха с доста кахърно съдържание, макар и с красиво изписани думи. Тъжнотията преследва големите ми се струва и те затова си пишат за нея. Реших, че отдавна не съм се занимавал с по-патиланска литература, затова грабнах „ Чичо Фь [...]

    5. Deniz Balcı on said:

      Bu kitap benim en sevdiğim çocuk kitabıdır. Küçük Prens ekolünün o lirizmi bu kitapta yoktur. Çok kabaca bir espri anlayışı vardır ve küçük kalpleri kasvetli düşüncelerden çok daha çok hoyratça zevklere iter. Ben okuduğumda 10 yaşında falandım ve kitap parçalanıncaya kadar yanımda gezdirmiş, çok kere okumuştum. Fedon Amca benim ailemden biri olan ilk kitap karakteridir. Şimdi burada karşılaşınca yine çok eskilere gittim.

    6. Laura on said:

      Onhan tämä ihan hauska ja lapsillekin toimiva, mutta silti siitä puuttuu "se jokin", joka mukaansa imaisisi. Taidan jättää Fedja-sedän tarinat tähän yhteen osaan ja siirtyä Peppeihin seuraavaksi, aina on kivempi lukea jotain sellaista, josta itsekin innostuu. Edes vähän.

    7. Eszter on said:

      i am absolutely not kidding when i say this is the best book i've read in a long time. i was so taken by its tone; it really respects young readers and creates a world full of magic delivered with a knowing wink. the characters are unbelievably charming and really, really funny, no matter what your age. i think they may even be more hilarious for older readers, as they're all such spot-on but sweet caricatures of the weirdos that populate all of our lives. the illustrations fit the writing perfe [...]

    8. Katya Vinogradova on said:

      This was one of my favorite books growing up, and as an adult I must say - it's absolutely superb! It teaches kids many valuable lessons, about friendship, responsibility and the importance of a proper childhood. It takes place in a Russian country house, the main characters are a precocious boy, a sarcastic cat, an adventurous dog and a snoopy postman. And let's not forget the parents. It may not sound like much in this silly review, but trust me - the characters jump off the page and into your [...]

    9. Bilgi on said:

      It was my favourite book when I was a child and read it countless time, the last when I was in my early twenties, and had forgotten it for about 20 years. Now, I am 40. Moved into a farm 3 years ago with my husband. Adopted a cat a year ago and a dog 6 months ago.Needless to mention that this was the book which inspired me the most in my life: Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat.

    10. Tytti on said:

      This was probably the first book I read as a child after I had learnt how to read. Of course it had been read to me at least a couple of times before that. I would guess many remember the part where the mailman Petshkin tries to deliver the magazine Just thinking about it makes me still smile.

    11. Baska on said:

      I still have my copy of this book - falling apart and covered in sellotape. There even was a period, I think, when 6-7 year old me would reread it monthly. And before that, my mother used to read this book to me before bed, creating different ridiculous voices for each character and having me rolling on the bed with laughter.

    12. Ida on said:

      Lapsuus! Luin tämän kertauksen vuoksi lasten- ja nuortenkirjallisuuden tenttiä varten miettien mm. nurinkääntöä (Fedja-setä joka on oikeastti pieni poika, puhuvat Kissa ja Koira, lehmä nimeltä Mirri joka sekin alkaa puhua). Kykenin edelleen kuulemaan, millä äänensävyillä vanhemmat eri kohtia minulle lukivat.

    13. Susanna on said:

      I loved this book as a child, and read it so many times. It's still a nice read when I'm sick and want to read something but I'm too tired to focus on anything more complex. And it does bring back memories

    14. Сибин Майналовски on said:

      Една от книгите, с които съм израснал :) Препрочитана хиляди пъти до дупка е, крайно време беше да се върна 30-35 години назад и да си я припомня :) Не знаех, че има продължения - ще оценя и тях, но доста се съмнявам, че ще повтарят магията на тази, изначалната

    15. Goda on said:

      First book that I've read in Russian, and I loved it. All the characters are amazing (especially the Cat, I would love to have such a cat), and the situations are really funny. Can't wait to read about the further adventures:)

    16. Miia on said:

      my sons favourite, there is a tractor which is eating potato-soup as a fuel

    17. Angela on said:

      a charming, charming children's book! i read it out loud to my husband and baby daughter and it was enjoyed by all.

    18. Alexander Fedyunin on said:

      Прочитал! Понял только отдельные события и фрагменты, похоже это будет мой "армянский Гарри Поттер" - пойду читать теперь по второму кругу, должен больше понимать в деталях.

    19. Serkan Boltürk on said:

      Tartışmasız ilkokul yıllarımda okuduğum en güzel en sevdiğim kitap. Çocuğunuza kardeşinize okutun bu kitaptan sonra kitap okuma alışkanlığı kitap okumayı sevmeye başlaması çok büyük ihtimal.

    20. Sanna on said:

      Ihan huippu, hauska kuin tynnyrillinen apinoita.Sekä minä että poika 4v9kk annamme viisi tähteä. Alkuun poika mukisi että luetaan mieluummin rekkakirjaa, mutta kun pääsimme kolmanteen lukuun asti, oli Fedja-setä, kissa ja koira voittanut jo molemmat puolelleen. Ehdottomasti hauskin kohta oli posteljooni Petshkinin ja naakanpojan legendaarinen keskustelu:- Kop kop.- Kuka siellä?- Minä täällä, posteljooni Petshkin, toin teille Pörriäisen.- Kop kop.- Kuka siellä?- Minä täällä, [...]

    21. Cheryl on said:

      An enjoyable tale of a young boy who is older than his years who runs away from home because he can't have a pet. If I spoke Russian, I'd love to have heard this storyteller tell this story in his own voice. As a translation and being somewhat unfamiliar with the culture, it felt a little stilted but I still enjoyed it. I think it would have been a great book to read aloud over the space of two or three evenings to my daughters. I'm very thankful I don't have a cow like Murka!

    22. Burcu on said:

      This is the book that was formative in my childhood. I remember reading many books as a child, but this one is dearest to my heart. Many years later having re-read it, I can see how it all came out. I should re-read this every now and then.

    23. Renee Crook on said:

      Not one of my favorites because I really didn't think the plot was all that great. It was definitely an interesting concept for a boy to be off on his own at such a young age, but I almost expected the boy to have imagined the whole situation by the end because it didn't seem realistic to me.

    24. Marinakoable on said:

      Eduard Uspensky could have been a talented scriptwriter. The plots of his stories are very charming. I loved the Russian cartoon based on this book, but I never developed a taste for his storytelling. Because of his dry and dull style of writing, his wonderfull jokes often fell flat.

    25. ♡Susanna on said:

      Yllättävän viihdyttävä ja kiinnostava kirja aikuisellekin, kun taas vähän aikaa sitten lukemani suomalainen lastenkirja oli pelkkää rasittavaa lässytystä. Harmi, ettei tämä osunut kohdalle jo lapsena!

    26. verbava on said:

      цікава штука: в успенського мами такі філістерки суцільні (от этой картины на стене, – говорит мама, – очень большая польза. она дырку на обоях загораживает), а тати – щуплі романтики в окулярах, які з першого разу все правильно відчувають. і тут, і в "хутряному зоопарку" те [...]

    27. Malkhaz Shonia on said:

      Вся суть СССР в одной детской книжке.

    28. Ангѣлъ on said:

      Една топла детска книга, пълна с човечност. По-ниската оценка е просто, защото съм лекинко по пораснал :)Забележка към преводачката: Момчетата не носят "гащички", а "гащета".

    29. Alexander Skakunov on said:

      Читал сыну. Он и удивлялся, и хохотал - отличная книжка, у Успенского очень всё фантазийно. Рекомендую. Кстати, дяде Фёдору 6 лет.

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