The Full Experience

Dawn Doyle

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The Full Experience

The Full Experience Raven Valiente was glad to be in her senior year at Gable College It meant the last year she would have to put up getting frustrated by the dirty minded foul mouthed man tramp Beck Traynor upon firs

  • Title: The Full Experience
  • Author: Dawn Doyle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Raven Valiente was glad to be in her senior year at Gable College It meant the last year she would have to put up getting frustrated by the dirty minded, foul mouthed man tramp.Beck Traynor, upon first sight, looked like a walking wet dream.His dark hair, silver gray eyes, model good looks, and muscular build, were what made the girls go crazy.Not Raven, though.He d triRaven Valiente was glad to be in her senior year at Gable College It meant the last year she would have to put up getting frustrated by the dirty minded, foul mouthed man tramp.Beck Traynor, upon first sight, looked like a walking wet dream.His dark hair, silver gray eyes, model good looks, and muscular build, were what made the girls go crazy.Not Raven, though.He d tried to charm her from the day they started college, but she wouldn t give in, no matter how much he tried It didn t matter that he had her weak at the knees, had her heart fluttering in her chest, or even that just his presence gave her goosebumps He wasn t going to get in her pants and claim her as a statistic on the ever growing chart on his bed post.Every now and again, Raven caught glimpses into a different Beck There was to him than what he let people see.Maybe there was an underlying reason to his behavior What that was, she didn t know, but he frustrated the hell out of her regardless.If you don t like bad language or over use of the F bomb, this book isn t for you.If you don t like detailed sex scenes between characters, this book isn t for you.The main characters in this book are NOT teenagers.The book starts in senior year of college, with flash backs of the previous years Contains mature language and content intended for 18.

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    One thought on “The Full Experience

    1. Shannie's ⭐️Lookin' 4 My Next BBF⭐️ on said:

      Wonderful surpriseI'm just surprised how much I adored this book!! I didn't know anything about it or this author but who could resist the cover and a sexy player manwhore to boot. Loved it and loved Beck!!

    2. Rebecca Barber on said:

      Talk about sexual tension!About a third of the way through this book, I was so frustrated I was begging for Raven and Beck to get it together and even if it was just once, a one night only deal, please, please just ice this chemistry for a second and give me a chance to recover.Beck comes across as the man whore on campus. Sexy, enigmatic and charming. And the rumors. It's no wonder that good girl Raven is keeping her distance. Even if it's taking every once of strength and will power to resist [...]

    3. Nikita on said:

      I am honestly not surprised this book is amazing I loved the funny banter between beck and raven it's cute funny and all around great book

    4. Carrie on said:

      Wish I could give this book10 stars!So I read the description of this book and thought, sounds good. I just finished reading it and holy hell its freaking awesome. I absolutely loved Beck he's so hot and probably the best dirty talking, smoking hot guy I've read in a book! This book is a MUST READ and I will be reading all of Dawn Doyle's books!!

    5. Patrice Tipping on said:

      The story of Beck and RavenGreat story about Beck and Raven, Beck being the oh so handsome and Raven as per gorgeous, and how they get together, an easy read book

    6. Sarah Green on said:

      New to me author.Well that was just fab. I loved the characters and their relationship from the start, and how it progressed just right. I loved the bonus chapters, but they tend to confuse me personally, they'd be great stuck in the appropriate places in the book. Can't wait to read more of your books Dawn. Your right too, nothing like beautiful disaster.

    7. Nadia on said:

      4.5 stars. I loved this book!I loved it so much that when I started reading it, I couldn’t stop, and ended up reading The Full Experience in one sitting. The story was funny, endearing, infuriating at times and very well written.The story of Raven and Beck is told in a third person narrative. Usually in third person narratives, I find that I struggle to connect with the characters, however this was not the case with The Full Experience. From page one I was invested in Raven’s and Beck’s bu [...]

    8. Lorena on said:

      La primera parte de la novela me pareció fantástica. Muy entretenida, divertida, ese acoso de parte de Beck me pareció cautivante. Y cuando finalmente están juntos, me encantó la ternura y la dulzura que surgió entre ellos. Ahora, la vuelta de tuerca que genera la separación me resultó inverosímil. Él cambia negativamente, pierde esa seguridad, esa iniciativa que lo caracterizaba. Y ella, bueno, Raven hace lo que puede. No me gustó tampoco que ella lo perdonara tan rápido y ya hacia [...]

    9. shavawn crowe on said:

      I really enjoyed this book although at times I wanted to punch one of the characters lol but I think I went through most of the emotions Raven was going through in this book. I really liked her other books and this book is no different . It is writing at its finest. Im trying not to give anything away and I know if I start talking about the book I probably will so just take my word for it and read it today you wont be sorry!!!

    10. Lynne Cuda on said:

      Great romance from a new favorite authorThis is the first book I've read by this author but it will not be the last. I loved this book! It was funny, sad, happy, and heartfelt. The characters felt so real, I got involved with them from the beginning. I wanted so badly for Raven to fall for Beck. I was sure he liked her! A great story. Well worth reading!

    11. Tracy on said:

      Great story!I loved this book and would have given it a five star rating, had it not been for all of the grammatical errors in it. Other than that, this book was great and I would recommend it to others that could possibly overlook and not get annoyed with all of the errors while reading this.

    12. MissKitty on said:

      Ok not as bad a I feared. Yes it did have a lot of grammatical mistakes and it annoyed me how the author kept using the word orienteering when she meant orientation. The heroine was annoying with all her whining in the start but she improved. And I did like how the hero kept pursuing her, he was really besotted.

    13. Griselda on said:

      spolier alert: I love, loved this books. the story was great and it keep my attention all the time. the only reason I didn't give it a 5 was because I didn't like the part were ravin drops out of school for a guy. she was so tough and strong. that part didn't just didn't fit her personality. over all it was a great book.

    14. Maria on said:

      Loved it! Hot. I'm going to recommend it my friends and anyone who wants to read something romantic and spicy. I loved the writing. Simple and to the point but still painted a picture.

    15. Brenna on said:

      I enjoyed this book! Such a cute college romance that developed kind of quickly and ended abruptly but still drew me in chapter to chapter! Beck and Raven were both a little protective of each other which I love!

    16. Tanya on said:

      Was awesomeI gave it 4 stars. I would have give it a 5 if it had continued the story and not just ended with it ending in the bathroom! I'm so disappointed! Other than the ending the book was great!

    17. Teresa on said:

      Loved this! If I could give this book more than 5* I would I absolutely loved the story between Beck and Ray I just couldn't put it down! A great read I'll definitely be recommending this to my friends.

    18. Bruyere Boe on said:

      OmgI think this just became my favorite book! Its funny, hot, romantic, and all around amazing. I read it in one sitting and could reread it right now! A must get!

    19. Maureen A. Smith on said:

      Could have been better.The storyline was adequate but I think the editors should be more attentive to the words used and sentence composition.

    20. Valerie on said:

      I liked the interaction between Raven and Beck, but Raven probably could have been a stronger character (i.e, not a whiner, but stalled his advances anyway). Decent.

    21. Elisabeth Cole on said:

      This book was a hot mess from beginning to end! I pray to the book gods above that I never again see the words "muscle lumps" to describe a muscular man. Just

    22. Amy on said:

      Did enjoy but very repetitive and felt that the storyline was lacking slightly

    23. Natalie on said:

      Have to say, from the reviews on this book I was really looking forward to reading it, as the summary seemed like the book was right up my street (good looking bad boy perusing unwilling girl). However I was sorely disappointed. It was like all the ingredients was there for a good story, but the writer didn't fill in the gaps to make an actual journey or any depth for the characters. There were plenty of flashback scenes detailing interactions between the two main characters but they all just se [...]

    24. Claire Mackenzie-neville on said:

      The rape culture is strong in this one. Don't read this, it'll just make you dumber. From a technical point of view this book is poorly written. It's full of type-o's, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, odd sentence structures, and weird vocabulary. Apparently all the students spent the first week orienteering. You can just imagine all these competitive students racing each other around campus with maps and a compass, right? Neither can I. Stylistically, the book was just as bad. Apparently [...]

    25. Saskia 'follow my shoes' Smith on said:

      This book was Ok but nothing to be excited over and nothing that hasnt been written by other writers. Its an easy read, but the plot lacks depth and jumps about to much making the time sale, timeline ridiculous , it gets all gets a bit silly as to why he leaves. Raven was far to immature, emotional and weak for her role in this book, Beck his behaviour and what he does was unrealistic. There is far to much sex, to the point where it ruins the story, and made it repetitive and predictable, lacks [...]

    26. Aubree on said:

      I was incredibly disappointed. I mean I wasn't expecting this to be the greatest book I've ever read, and the plot was similar to many I have read in the past. I read these kind of books bc I enjoy them. But Raven was too emotional and weak. Beck leaving the way he did was unrealistic. The timeline was ridiculous. And they spent their entire relationship having sex. There was no meaningful dialogue, no common interests, and no chemistry beyond the physical. I would have liked for it to have gott [...]

    27. Penny on said:

      Kept me guessingI really enjoyed this book, it kept me guessing. Even when there was a lul you knew something had to happen and then it was something I didn't expect.Very well written and really took me on a journey with the characters and had me laughing and sad for them at times.Definitely recommend.

    28. Angela on said:

      Hated it. Raven was so whiny and annoying. And the characters acted like high schoolers instead of adults. Raven's friends were irritating. The whole storyline fell flat. Not impressed.

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