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Leopoldo Gout

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Genius: The Game

Genius The Game Trust no one Every camera is an eye Every microphone an ear Find me and we can stop him together The Game Get ready for Zero Hour as geniuses from around the world go head to head in a competition

  • Title: Genius: The Game
  • Author: Leopoldo Gout
  • ISBN: 9781250086884
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook
  • Trust no one Every camera is an eye Every microphone an ear Find me and we can stop him together.The Game Get ready for Zero Hour as 200 geniuses from around the world go head to head in a competition hand devised by India s youngest CEO and visionary.The Players Rex One of the best programmers hackers in the world, this 16 year old Mexican American is determined to fTrust no one Every camera is an eye Every microphone an ear Find me and we can stop him together.The Game Get ready for Zero Hour as 200 geniuses from around the world go head to head in a competition hand devised by India s youngest CEO and visionary.The Players Rex One of the best programmers hackers in the world, this 16 year old Mexican American is determined to find his missing brother.Tunde This14 year old self taught engineering genius has drawn the attention of a ruthless military warlord by single handedly bringing electricity and internet to his small Nigerian village.Painted Wolf One of China s most respected activist bloggers, this mysterious 16 year old is being pulled into the spotlight by her father s new deal with a corrupt Chinese official.The Stakes Are higher than you can imagine Like life and death Welcome to the revolution And get ready to run.

    The Game Lyrics, Songs, and Albums Genius About The Game Jayceon Terrell Taylor was born November th, in Compton, California to two Crip affiliated gang members He grew up on Santana Blocc, a Crip controlled neighborhood, with a Genius The Game Leopoldo Jun , The Game Get ready for Zero Hour as geniuses from around the world go head to head in a competition hand devised by India s youngest CEO and visionary The Players Rex One of the best programmers hackers in the world, this year old Genius The Game by Leopoldo Gout Genius The Game is thought provoking, intriguing, and soooooo exciting TJ s Time Travel Tips I like the three points of view three distinct voices Three distinct personalities The supporting characters added flavor as well. Genius The Game by Leopoldo Gout Genius The Game Leopoldo Gout Books Author Characters The Game Trust no one Every camera is an eye Every microphone an ear Find me and we can stop him together Featured Trailer The Game Get ready for Zero Hour as geniuses from around the world go head to head in a competition hand devised by India s youngest CEO and visionary. Genius The Game Genius Series by Leopoldo Gout Mar , Overall, Genius the Game is a smart, funny, and interesting story perfect for any tech lovers, science geeks, math prodigies, and engineering marvels, and everyone else in between review by Owen L age , Delaware Valley Mensa Genius The Game eBook Leopoldo Gout Kindle Jun , Genius is a breakthrough novel for young adults and others who love this mind expanding genre Genius isexciting, provocative, fresh, innovative, and smart, smart, smart Please don t wait until Genius is a cult classic to read it. James Patterson, New York Times bestselling author of the Maximum Ride novels.

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      313 Leopoldo Gout
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    One thought on “Genius: The Game

    1. Zachary West on said:

      This book wanted me to love it! The cast of characters is great, the danger that the characters faced is great, the idea of bringing the brightest young minds together with a hidden ulterior motive is great. I'm sure that there will be so much to love about the final publication, but unfortunately there is a lot of work to go with it in its ARC stage.There are four major flaws I saw in the ARC copy I received that made me give this book a lower rating than I wanted.1. There are a ton of visuals [...]

    2. Giselle (Book Nerd Canada) on said:

      An Electronic Advance Reader Copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review. Quotes have been pulled from an e-ARC and may be subject to change.Fun quick read! The pacing was quite fast, which I enjoyed. It almost read in a style of a movie, where the next clue or next plot point is dropped and the audience is taken along for the ride. I loved reading the challenges they had to do. Not knowing what they were talking about, I soon grew weary but nonetheless I was still curious and en [...]

    3. Ashley Brooks on said:

      dnf @ pg 36I usually don't give up on books this quickly but after 30ish pages I'm just not interested enough to continue.

    4. Kami on said:

      I went into this book thinking that it would remind me of Ready Player One and I was right, it did. It reminded me of it because this book is also about a young computer genius. In Ready Player One the protagonist is a gamer, in this book the protagonists are a technical engineer, computer programmer/hacker/coder and an activist. The high school student Rex is a brilliant computer programmer and he and his friends are on the run, presumably from the government or some worse kind of entity, in th [...]

    5. TJ Burns on said:

      Genius: The Game is thought-provoking, intriguing, and soooooo exciting! TJ's Time Travel Tips: tjtimetraveltips.wordpressI like the three points of view – three distinct voices. Three distinct personalities. The supporting characters added flavor as well. I have no idea how accurate the science is in the book, but it doesn’t even matter – I bought it. Some of the controversial issues covered in this fast-paced, suspenseful, intelligent, action story are: surveillance technology, surveilla [...]

    6. Kevin on said:

      I'd hoped for another 'Ready Player One' but this first book doesn't live up to the charm of RPO. Still it's a very interesting look at the near future, and I'll be reading the next book ASAP. The characters are great beacuse they are so diverse, being from all over the globe. Painted Wolf is my favorite as the strategist directing the tech geeks. (view spoiler)[I love the Tunde can only work with junk parts, given an MIT like lab he instead heads for a Boston Junkyard to gather the parts he can [...]

    7. Nicole Lynn Hoefs on said:

      This was kind of interesting, but it didn’t meet my expectations. I received a copy from Netgalley to review, and ended up giving this book 3 out of 5 stars.So here’s the thing…I didn’t hate this book, but I didn’t love it either. The ending kind of sucked and just left the story hanging. I really hate cliffhangers, especially if there’s no second book being published/talked about. I liked the characters for the most part, but I felt like I didn't really get to know them that well, o [...]

    8. Brooke ♥booklife4life♥ on said:

      Basic InfoFormat: Hardback Pages/Length: 304pgsGenre: Young AdultReason For Reading: Cover!At A GlanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?: No.Cliff Hanger: YESTriggers: n/aRating: 4 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:9Plot: 8Characters: 8World Building: 7Flow:8Series Congruity: n/aWriting: 8Ending: -100000000Total: 7In DeptBest Part: Cool drawings in the margins. Worst Part: That ending!Thoughts Had: F*CK YOU ENDING. FOR REAL.ConclusionContinuing the Series: N-FREAKING-ARecommending: Yes. Short [...]

    9. David on said:

      This book is awful. First off, spoiler, nothing happens. No, that's not quite right. Nothing important happens and if you're looking for resolution, you might as well read whatever the reviews are for the next book because it's a series, and for some reason some company thought that people would fall for this nonsense more than once.Second, it's obvious that this was more artistic fluff than plot and message. Look at the illustrations. It's cool, right? Awesome! This is probably why there is no [...]

    10. Rebecca Allen on said:

      StarringRex – a 16 year old Mexican-American coderCai – a 16 year old Chinese blogger/activistTunde – a 14 year old Nigerian engineer who up-cycles garbage into technology for his Nigerian villageThese teens are online friends who get the opportunity to meet IRL (in real life) for the first time when they’re invited to a competition hosted by the world’s top tech visionary, Kiran Biswas. Winners will receive spots on Kiran’s team doing cutting-edge tech development. Um…yes, I’ll [...]

    11. ReadWriteLove28 on said:

      I'm so excited to be featuring Genius: The Game by Leopoldo Gout as part of the Sunday Street Team!REVIEWI really enjoyed this book. Imagine three teens, living in three very different places around the world, who are best friends. They met online, because they're all geniuses in their respective fields- coding, spying, and engineering. While they've never met in real life, they act like family.One day, they find out about THE GAME. It's an opportunity for teenagers to compete in a competition [...]

    12. Jack Clonan on said:

      Remarkably gripping story about hacking, geniuses and society which is definitely worthy of the James Patterson review on the cover of the book. I am absolutely in love with the characters of Painted Wolf and Rex. I cannot wait to see what the author does with the directions of these characters in the recently announced sequel. Finally, the design of the book was innovative and just straight out cool. My only gripe with this book was the character of Tunde, I just found him a bit whiny and not i [...]

    13. Sandra on said:

      One of the things I appreciate the most about this book are the main characters. The three main characters come from different backgrounds. Rex is a Mexican-American, Cai is Chinese, and Tunde is Nigerian. These three characters work together to help each other in their journeys.I also appreciate all the technology that is included in this book. The main characters like to build things whether it’s code or machines. Genius includes diagrams/pictures of what a character has made and includes sh [...]

    14. Hannah on said:

      I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is one of those books that I loved, but have no idea how to review, simply because it was so uniquely enjoyable. I loved all of the characters, particularly the three main characters. I thought that each character was well developed with distinct personalities.Tunde's speech pattern was distinctive and it made reading the character's thoughts and comments interesting.The concept of the novel was compelling; during the first h [...]

    15. Jessica Figueroa on said:

      Now this isn't normally the type of book I pick up but I was able to get my hands on an ARC and decided to give it a show. I loved getting to know the characters even if for a short period of time and getting to know a brief history on the three main characters. That goes to say I loved that there was multiple point of views getting to see how the game went from different angles. I thought that there was plenty going on to keep the readers interested. I thought it was interesting in the aspect o [...]

    16. Dana on said:

      This was an awesome tech-based book. If you are into technology and coding and computer stuff, this books is for you. This is a young adult novel about three teens who are completing genius level work in engineering, coding, and hacking/blogging/being a superhero. They all, we'll all except one, receive an invite to the game. The game is designed by Kiran Bitswas. The game seems too good to be truead on to see what entanglements these characters get into.

    17. Landon on said:

      This the type of book I would usually read. I don't know anything about coding, but I actually set down on my chair and took the time out and actually read this book. I Enjoyed reading this book. If you're into computers, math, engineering you should add Genius: The Game to your to-read list.

    18. Cole Shepherd on said:

      Leopoldo Gout's "Genius: The Game" was a great book that kept me intrigued my entire time reading it. I would highly recommend reading this novel. I read the Advance Reader's Edition released in 2016. Leopoldo Gout is better known for his work in the film industry rather than writing books. His use of illustrations was enjoyable but they could be overwhelming at times. By switching the point of view between characters each chapter, I felt it was easier to follow.The genre of this book is adventu [...]

    19. Diabolica on said:

      Liked but couldn't love.Everything about this boom seemed well researched and the premise and everything about 'the game' was well put together. However, when reading through this book I couldn't help but feel stupid in comparison to the kids in this novel. But I guess that is a drawback with books whose main characters star geniuses. Despite that, I found myself enjoying the book. But I'll admit that I found myself lost during the parts of explanation. I think my favorite point of view had to b [...]

    20. Hansen Qiu on said:

      This book has its ups and downs and the main antagonist isn’t set until the end of the story. This book is likely setting up an environment for the next book, as most of the conflict and real problems are near the end. This book is about a group of kids that are friends online, and they finally meet in RL via The Game, a series of problems that participants need to solve in order to pass. 2/3 of the friends are invited, leaving one out. So what does he do? He hacks his way in, through an extre [...]

    21. Colby Naumovitz on said:

      I liked this book because unlike most other books that I have read this book includes a lot of technology. I also liked that the book ended on a cliffhanger and that i was able to find the next one right away.

    22. Sophie on said:

      I wasn't overly blown away by it, but it's a good story and a good book. I love that it has diagrams and doodles, and different pages for each character's POV. I'd been looking for a book that added in intellectual drawings and patterns ever since I finished Illuminae, but I think they could've gone furtger with many of the doodles in Genius. Sometimes the words appeared too simple, and didn't have the right forms of writing to create intensity or emotion. Simplicity is good when it relates to t [...]

    23. Wendy Dembo on said:

      I really liked the concept! It was fun. I can't wait to read the sequel. Actually, I want to read it now.

    24. Avyn on said:

      The Game involves 3 people one is trying to find his brother another one of them has to work for a crazed general and the third doesn’t want anything as of now and I’m a little over halfway done with the book.

    25. Karen Barbieri on said:

      Easy read . would have enjoyed the book more if there lose ends were tied up at the end of the book

    26. Harker on said:

      I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.If you like For the Win by Cory Doctorow, then I think you will very much enjoy Genius: The Game. Genius kids tackling huge problems with little more than their wit and their determination? These kids aren't just smart, they are SUPER smart. They are could take over the world if they wanted to smart, but they aren't jerks about it, which could turn the story in a different direction in a split second.There were a [...]

    27. Wing-yee (bibliomeds) on said:

      See my full spoiler-free review on: bibliophilicmedstudent.wordpr

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