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Donna Jo Napoli David Wiesner

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Fish Girl

Fish Girl Who is Fish Girl What is Fish Girl She lives in a tank in a boardwalk aquarium She is the main attraction though visitors never get than a glimpse of her She has a tail She can t walk She can t speak

  • Title: Fish Girl
  • Author: Donna Jo Napoli David Wiesner
  • ISBN: 9780544815124
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Who is Fish Girl What is Fish Girl She lives in a tank in a boardwalk aquarium She is the main attraction, though visitors never get than a glimpse of her.She has a tail She can t walk She can t speak.But she can make friends with Livia, an ordinary girl, and yearn for a life that includes yoga and pizza She can grow stronger and braver With determination, a toucWho is Fish Girl What is Fish Girl She lives in a tank in a boardwalk aquarium She is the main attraction, though visitors never get than a glimpse of her.She has a tail She can t walk She can t speak.But she can make friends with Livia, an ordinary girl, and yearn for a life that includes yoga and pizza She can grow stronger and braver With determination, a touch of magic, and the help of a loyal octopus, she can do anything.

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      108 Donna Jo Napoli David Wiesner
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    One thought on “Fish Girl

    1. LolaReviewer on said:

      *This is my 1000th review! Whoohoo!*There is a mermaid imprisoned inside a house by a self-proclaimed Zeus. Every day, she plays with the visitors who come in the hope of getting a glimpse of her. The mermaid does not realize something is wrong with the way she is living her childhood—does she even have one?—until a girl her age opens her eyes to her own situation.This is a beautiful story. The narration is in short supply and simple… Not exactly poetic, though it is fitting for a middle [...]

    2. Rebecca Shelton on said:

      Review of an ARC.I'm not sure how appropriate this subject matter is for middle grade readers. Just because the author sugarcoats it into a nice mermaid story doesn't hide the fact that this is about abduction and abuse. On the other hand, it may be a good thing. To show how strong and resilient the human (haha) spirit is. I don't know though, I was pretty angry most of the way through.Update 12-16-16:I've had a day to think about this book and my reaction to it. It's not often that a book linge [...]

    3. Charles Lint on said:

      I would have given this five stars but the prose just doesn't sing the way the art does. It's a touch too simplistic. But oh the art is gorgeous. And the narrative hits all the right notes.

    4. Kazia on said:

      I'm a huge fan of Napoli, but this did nothing for me and it didn't feel anything like the rest of her fairy tale work, which is what I was anticipating. Weisner's art felt completely flat and emotionless to me. What a disappointment.

    5. Sesana on said:

      The art is gorgeous, and I love the idea of a mermaid with an octopus for a best friend. But the story just fell flat for me.

    6. Erin Cataldi on said:

      As a child I was obsessed with David Wiesner's gorgeously illustrated children's novels (Jumanji, The Polar Express, Zathura, etc.) and as a teenager I was completely taken with Donna Jo Napoli's young adult books, especially since the majority of them were fairy tell retellings. I re-read Sirena (a book about a mermaid coincidentally) soo many times in middle school. When I saw that these two literary power houses had teamed up to write a graphic novel I knew I HAD TO READ IT! Fish Girl is by n [...]

    7. Mary Librarian on said:

      There is no question that David Wiesner is an amazing artist. Here he joins forces with Donna Jo Napoli for a tale of a mermaid who lives in an aquarium and makes a human friend for the first time. Overall, the story is interesting and the interactions between Fish Girl the mermaid, Livia the human girl, and Neptune the aquarium owner move the plot along. I didn't feel that there was enough back story to explain how Neptune had come to have Fish Girl for his show and the ocean's storm also felt [...]

    8. Agnė on said:

      I LOVE David Wiesner's picturebooks and Donna Jo Napoli's fairy tale retellings, but this graphic novel is nothing like their previous works (unfortunately).Wiesner's artwork in Fish Girl is mostly flat and rather boring:with the exception of a few spreads, which hint at the illustrator's full potential:Although the theme of abduction and Stockholm syndrome did capture my attention, the story in Fish Girl is rather simplistic and seems rushed, the dialogue (and monologues) feels unnatural, and t [...]

    9. Sarah on said:

      Oh I loved this! I adore David Wiesner's illustrations, and have just come off of reading aloud many of his books, including my favorites-Flotsam and Sector 7- to a few classes. His incredible sea creatures and octopi take center stage here, along with a mermaid. And speaking of mermaids-Donna Jo Napoli is also an author I like.I was charmed by this imaginative story and I loved the pictures. Wiesner and Napoli were an inspired pairing and perfect for this book. I'm looking forward to sharing it [...]

    10. Colona Public Library on said:

      I've been thinking about this book even after I finished reading it. This is a story about a mermaid who is the secret main attraction in a aquarium, Her mystery is what keeps the costumers coming back to try and find her. Her closest friend and guardian is an octopus, until a girl spots her and says she is beautiful and makes friends with her quickly. The mermaids friend starts to question why she is treated the way she is and wonders how Neptune does his act. The mermaid has only ever know Nep [...]

    11. Alia on said:

      Pretty big let down for me. The writing and dialogue felt unnatural & the story wasn't super interesting/slightly disturbing. I went in with high hopes (Donna Jo Napoli!!) and came out just meh. It's just okay.

    12. Edward Sullivan on said:

      Great illustrations, of course, and an absorbing story.

    13. Dolly on said:

      This is an entertaining and dramatic tale of a young mermaid on display at a seaside attraction.

    14. Sam on said:

      Huge thank you to Raincoast for this ARC!I'm going to be completely honest: I wasn't sure I was going to like Fish Girl. In fact, when I received it in the mail I did that dreaded thing you sometimes shouldn't do: judge a book by it's cover. I wasn't sure I was going to like the artwork, and the story sounded merely all right. I was colourfully surprised by how much I enjoyed Fish GirlHowever, I say this with an air of caution: Fish Girl is a misleading book. While it's aimed at middle grade aud [...]

    15. Ekaterina on said:

      I really liked this! It was almost like "A Little Mermaid", but more realistic and happier than the original fairy tale. I couldn't guess what would happen next in the book, so I liked that part of the story. I don't really read graphic novels, except I did this time for a book challenge. I think I will try to read more graphic novels in the future because reading this was a really enjoyable experience.The only reason why this rating is a 3 star is because it just doesn't compare to some other i [...]

    16. Nancy Kotkin on said:

      Story: 4 starsArt: 5 starsFish Girl is a middle grade graphic novel about a mermaid who is held captive in a boardwalk sideshow by the owner, a former fisherman who impersonates Neptune the King of the Seas to entertain paying audiences. But Fish Girl is the main attraction of the aquarium, and she believes her captor really is Neptune the God. At least at first.But Fish Girl is clever and observant in her search for truth, freedom, and humanity. She has help along the way by an octopus, who has [...]

    17. La Coccinelle on said:

      This is a nicely illustrated graphic novel with a sort of fairy tale flair. At first glance, one might think that The Little Mermaid would be the obvious tie-in. But I actually saw more similarities with Disney's Tangled, a "Rapunzel" story. Poor Fish Girl (she doesn't even have a proper name at the beginning of the story) has a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. She's kept in a fanciful aquarium on a boardwalk in an old house that's been converted to display all sorts of marine life. Neptune is he [...]

    18. Ms. Yingling on said:

      Public Library CopyFish Girl lives in a beach side attraction run by "King Neptune" who has a show that includes him causing the waves to roil, but also has kitschy t shirts. Fish Girl is part of the show, but she must only offer glimpses of herself to keep the public intrigued. When a girl visits the aquarium and strikes up a conversation with Fish Girl, she starts to wonder about life outside her tank, and she starts to investigate the museum. eventually wandering out of it when she realizes s [...]

    19. Diane Ferbrache on said:

      A lovely graphic novel about Mira, mermaid living in an aquarium operated by "Neptune". She's content in her tank with her friends the fish and an octopus, but longs to be an ordinary girl. Then she discovers that Neptune is not who he purports to be.A beautifully illustrated, touching story about loneliness and longing with a bit of cautionary tale (forgive the pun) about being careful what you wish for. From noted author, Donna Jo Napoli, and illustrator, David Wiesner, this graphic novel live [...]

    20. Patty on said:

      This is a beautiful heartwarming book! I loved it! It's the story of a Fish Girl who really had to learn that she was never a fish. As a teacherI know that children would love this bookobably hits around the 8 to 10 year old range but literally all ages will love this sweetly sad story and its beautiful illustrations!It's easy to read and it's easy as a read aloud, too. Plus it's a stepping stone into great ocean facts!

    21. Allison Davis on said:

      Fish girl is a fantasy story about a mermaid called Fish Girl, (Mira), who is trapped inside of an aquarium and her only friend is an octopus. Soon she meets a human named Livia who inspires Mira to seek for her own independence outside of her boardwalk aquarium. As the two grow a friendship, Mira seeks for her own freedom with many challenges along the way. This book is aimed towards intermediate grade levels, while the book could still be read by slower readers, some words are more advanced, s [...]

    22. Sonic on said:

      Mixed feelings for this one, Yes, it is a strange story with gorgeous art,however, I am not sure the what the main message that is being put out there is, or if it is a wholly good one.I shared this book with an 11 year old girl, She liked it. She said:"It was good. But the ending was kinda dumb.".

    23. Marti on said:

      Never a fan of graphic novels, the quality of the illustrations,depth of the plot and breadth of the vocabulary makes this book a "game changer". I really enjoyed it. Who knew octopi had personalities? He just needs a name.

    24. Erica on said:

      Fun graphic novel that's a very quick read and an entertaining story! Beautiful illustrations! I've read some of Donna Napoli's other books and have loved them (such as Zel- a retelling of Rapunzel) which is why I picked up this on.

    25. Jenna Davis on said:

      Enchanting. The illustrations were awesome and I really enjoyed the story!

    26. Kaye on said:

      I would be hard pressed to read anything by Napoli I didn't like. The characterization doesn't go as deep as it usually does under her hand, but overall, it was very good.

    27. Lindsey on said:

      easy read, wonderful artwork. Great for kids who love mermaid stories. Story stays with you. The friendships stay with you.

    28. Christine on said:

      This is a very quick read but so lovely. The illustrations are amazing, and the main characters struggle to understand herself and her world are poignant.

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