Love By Design

S.W. Andersen

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Love By Design

Love By Design Life has a funny way of revealing harsh truths Cassie Carl believes she has it all On the cusp of achieving her professional goals and soon to marry the man of her dreams the handsome kind and loving

  • Title: Love By Design
  • Author: S.W. Andersen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Life has a funny way of revealing harsh truths Cassie Carl believes she has it all On the cusp of achieving her professional goals and soon to marry the man of her dreams the handsome, kind and loving Stefan Van Allen it seems she s found the life every woman dreams of What else could a girl want Peyton Kingston is a beautiful, talented interior designer on the rise, wLife has a funny way of revealing harsh truths Cassie Carl believes she has it all On the cusp of achieving her professional goals and soon to marry the man of her dreams the handsome, kind and loving Stefan Van Allen it seems she s found the life every woman dreams of What else could a girl want Peyton Kingston is a beautiful, talented interior designer on the rise, whose sole focus is building her business She loves what she does and has little time or patience for relationships She s happy with her life What else could a girl need When Cassie s wealthy fianc brings Peyton in to do a renovation on their home before the big engagement party, sparks fly, leaving both Cassie and Peyton to question everything they thought they already had What happens when the thin veil of perfection becomes riddled with holes S.W Andersen s modern day romance takes you on a journey of self discovery for two women who thought they had it all.

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      155 S.W. Andersen
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    One thought on “Love By Design

    1. Diane on said:

      An incredibly well written story that had some spicy,steamy chemistry between both leading characters who also had the support of a few well developed secondary cast. storytelling and i do recommend to everyone!

    2. Kara on said:

      “Love By Design” features yet another woman, on the brink of being married to a man, who is attracted at the last minute to a lesbian! Is this more of a “thing” than I knew? Perhaps the Catholics need to add a section to their pre-Cana conferences, or their FOCCUS marriage quiz, asking whether the woman would prefer sex with other women!All kidding aside, this is a very enjoyable book about very likable people. MC Cassie loves her fiancé, but not the life she will lead as his wife. MC P [...]

    3. CLo on said:

      So sweet you'll get a cavityI really enjoyed this book and S.W. Andersen's writing style. This read is very straight forward with little angst, very understand people, blunt best friends, and a whole lot of sweetness. Told from the the views of Payton and Cassie, everything is covered and you get a complete range of emotions and feel for the characters. It's the perfect book to read if you're looking for something to make you happy and smile.

    4. Luce on said:

      3.5 Stars for the Audiobook. A nice, pleasant, well written romance. It is written in 2 POVs of the MCs, basically alternating chapters. Cassie Carl is the fiance to the wealthy Stefan Van Allen, "of the Van Allens family". Cassie runs the local Neiman Marcus store and is eyeing a district manager position. Peyton Kingston, co-owns an interior design business and is the interior designer that Stefan hires to redo his mansion before the engagement party. So the audiobook is narrated by two narrat [...]

    5. lov2laf on said:

      I have some mixed feelings on this oneIs it well-written? Yes. Every scene was written well. The balance of dialogue, description, editing, etc was pretty much perfect. Even the side characters were given some personality that added to the narrative.As a full story arc, though? Eh, I had a harder time. The story alternates between the POVs of Cassie, the woman that's engaged, and Peyton, the designer making changes to the betrothed's home. The first 30% of the book has the two leads lust for eac [...]

    6. Loek Krancher on said:

      Absolutely WOW!Repressing feelings is practically impossible and brings you only pain, sadness and frustrations. To give in is playing with fire. A close working relationship develops into a burning hot desire. The chemistry is explosive. It is a roller coaster of emotions and intense sexual tension. I loved the interaction between the main characters and their friends. The dialogues between Cassie, Peyton and their besties, bring so much fun to this book. I have enjoyed it immensely. This is an [...]

    7. Netty on said:

      I don't have kind things to say about this book unfortunately, the first 20% of this book i was thinking bloody great, this won't be one of them books i've read a hundred times before, you know the ones where "im marrying a really nice man but im massively attracted to a woman but that doesn't mean anything because i'm so so happy and in love with my husband to be! oh and dare i get started on the fact he comes from a very rich, well to do family and she has to become a socialite, give up her ca [...]

    8. Danni Mladenovic on said:

      I have a huge weakness for those "when I saw her, I felt like I got struck by a lightning bolt" romances, so I won't even try to analyze it I loved the chemistry between Peyton and Cassie, and even though the book wasn't perfect, this was enough for me.

    9. Val on said:

      This book starts with a bang and its a roller coaster from that point forward. It just seems there is no way things could happen well for these two. Fortunately, the author is quite good at working things out. A romantic love story with excellent primary and secondary characters.

    10. Kathryn on said:

      5-I love the chemistry between Cassie and Payton. I didn't even mind the switching between POV. Beautiful love storyloved it. Thanks Kara for your reviewyou talked me into it.

    11. C. Mack on said:

      Love by designA very sweet romance that was a light and easy read with a bit of light angst thrown into the mix.

    12. Arn on said:

      2 stars. It's just too god damn sweet and cheesy as well as superficial and everyone in this book have massive communication issues. Their attraction is nothing but infatuation of sexual nature, it's one-dimensional and unfortunately it stays that way for most of the book. Furthermore the relationship issues explored are pretty standard, I didn't read anything new in this book that hasn't been written about countless times before. And I'm not a fan of endings where everyone pairs up happily and [...]

    13. Laura on said:

      Oh, the "feels"!Oh, the "feels"! Love By Design is a beautifully written love story. If you haven't read S. W Andersen's books yet, you will fall in love with her writing style with this one! I have and there is no turning back!

    14. Kathy on said:

      Loved It.I kept reading until 3:30 a.m. and still had to force myself to put it down for the night.The characters are strong, charismatic and interesting women. I got a bit frustrated with the story at times, but it was worth the read.My only disappointment with the book seems to be a recurrent situation with most lesbian romance stories I've read, and that is the exclusion of women who are not femme. I mean, come on, many of us are neither butch nor femme, falling somewhere in between, but I ha [...]

    15. KEL on said:

      I want more!I would highly recommend this read hence the five stars. It had a great pace and lots of wonderfully anticipated build up between Cassie and Peyton. Would really enjoy a sequel or maybe a book with Val and Charli and we catch glimpses of Cassie and Peyton. I appreciated the way the author dealt with the relationships and the potential for supreme heartache if poor decisions were made on the characters behalf. The author created characters that acted like responsible adults and for th [...]

    16. Sascha Broich on said:

      Normally you speak of a rollercoaster of emotions. Not in this book. Here it is like the offspring of a bulldozer with the hyperloop.From the start there is an instant connection between Cassie and Peyton. And despite their attempts to squash and ignore it, resistance is futile.And contrary to many other books, the author decided to have no real controversy, so it peters out smoothly. Nobody is really angry or deeply crestfallen - quite contrary. Every counterpart gets seamlessly his/her woman a [...]

    17. Ginger Miller on said:

      ,Pretty goodNot bad but nothing great either. This book should have been over after the first 50 pages. The rest was just fill in. Peyton was the more likable of the two. Cassie and her internal monologue got old quick. This could have been a really good book had it put them together quickly and allow them to deal with the fallout together. Instead it wasted too much time. Still okay but could have been so much better.

    18. Violet on said:

      If you ever wanted to read a book by Joyce Wischnia, this is it. Maybe I misread the characters, but they felt like they should be in their 30's, while they talked like they were 60. I feel like this book had some potential under there, but got lost in the details. It's the same story I've read 100 times, with nothing new to contribute. Sorry to say, but this was a disappointing read.

    19. Julie Dobson on said:

      Good stuff.I always judge a book, on whether it grabs my attention, in the first few chapters! This not only grabbed my attention, I couldn't put it down!! Excellent readkeable characters

    20. Heather Henkel on said:

      Good bookI really enjoyed reading this story about meeting your soul mate but having to wade thru things to get your HEA.

    21. Ajita Khanna on said:

      Nothing could be better than thisWould love to read a sequel of this book please do write a sequel of this book. Perfect is the word

    22. Celeste on said:

      Four starsInteresting story, well written, with likeable characters. However, there were a few typos, not many, but they could have used a good proofreader. Enjoy.

    23. Dorothy Bennett on said:

      LOVE BY DESIGN by S.W. Andersen is an alls-well-that-ends-well love story. On the whole, it's well written, the characters are likable, the feelings are pretty realistic, there is charm as well as humor, and there are love scenes with other feelings explored besides sexual desire. At the same time, the book seemed long, sad (what could be more sad than two people engaged to each other who don't belong in each other's lives and haven't seen that fact), and not particularly grounded. We are given [...]

    24. Cindy Stein on said:

      Engaged to a wealthy man from a powerful family, Cassie thinks her life is going well until she meets Peyton, the interior designer her fiance hired to do renovation on their house. The connection between the two is immediate and intense and neither one knows what to make of it. They each spend a good deal of time trying to rationalize what they feel and explain it away even after they spend the day at an estate sale and end up sharing a smoldering kiss. The book is about how they each deal with [...]

    25. Ash Pierce on said:

      This happily ever after was just what I was looking for. A chance meeting between bride-to-be Cassie and designer Peyton starts out as heartache and headache, but slowly transforms and takes over the lives of every character involved. I especially enjoyed the alternating narrators, moving back and forth between the two would-be lovers. Standard trope of straight girl (who is engaged, dating or married to a guy) meets hot queer lady and sparks fly, "oh no what will I do to reconcile these new fee [...]

    26. Tony Hisgett on said:

      I read the first chapter of this book and I was really confused. All the information provided by the author shows Cassie as definitely heterosexual, literally within a second she is hopelessly lusting over Peyton.The more I read the less I liked Cassie and Peyton, with this type of book I really want to like the main characters. This might turn into an interesting story, but it’s not one I want to read.

    27. Gill on said:

      Not bad but needed far better editing than it got. Too much telling not showing, repetitive sentences as well as irritating mistakes e.g. sifter not snifter, Columbia not Colombia, peace not piece. Nice to have adults behaving like adults after a break-up rather than the usual tropes. It wasn't painful to read but just too wordy.

    28. Gail on said:

      A sweet romance with main characters Cassie and Peyton. Emotional highs and lows plus a good supporting cast of characters makes this a smooth read.4 stars.Looking forward to reading Ms. Andersen's "Sarah Sawyer Series" next.

    29. Eydie2 on said:

      Great romance book.The book is a nonstop read, about 2 headstrong women playing independence with a capital "I". I truly enjoyed reading this book , because it kept me in suspense and just had to know the ending. You go girl S.W. love your work.

    30. Karin Snortland on said:

      Love story, anyone?For all us hopeless lesbian romantics, this story fills the bill. Peppered with some soft erotica, it does beg for the author to go a bit further, but the story is a classic love story.

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