Cuffed by His Charm

Stacey Kennedy

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Cuffed by His Charm

Cuffed by His Charm A tabloid scandal unites a powerful mogul and a woman from the wrong side of the tracks in this tantalizing novel from the USA Today bestselling author of Bound Beneath His Pain and the Club Sin serie

  • Title: Cuffed by His Charm
  • Author: Stacey Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781101882573
  • Page: 127
  • Format: ebook
  • A tabloid scandal unites a powerful mogul and a woman from the wrong side of the tracks in this tantalizing novel from the USA Today bestselling author of Bound Beneath His Pain and the Club Sin series.The multimillionaire owner of a chain of successful Irish pubs, Gabe O Keefe loves being in the spotlight almost as much as he loves women But when all his secrets are expoA tabloid scandal unites a powerful mogul and a woman from the wrong side of the tracks in this tantalizing novel from the USA Today bestselling author of Bound Beneath His Pain and the Club Sin series.The multimillionaire owner of a chain of successful Irish pubs, Gabe O Keefe loves being in the spotlight almost as much as he loves women But when all his secrets are exposed in a shameless tabloid, his glistening reputation takes a hit What hurts most is learning who sold him out sweet and sensual McKenna Archer, his own employee Gabe thought he could trust her But now he s got bigger problems than keeping his hands off McKenna.After putting a difficult past behind her, McKenna would never betray Gabe But she knows someone who would her brother, a compulsive gambler who owes money all over town To make things right, McKenna will have to set aside her feelings for her boss Easier said than done Gabe oozes pure temptation But when they team up, McKenna sees that he isn t the manwhore she always thought He s strong He s real And the heat between them is the only thing that makes sense any.

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    One thought on “Cuffed by His Charm

    1. XxTainaxX on said:

      While I confess that our hero and heroine, Gabe and McKenna, were absolutely explosive together, I was just not as impressed with them outside of their intimate scenes. Gabe made an assumption about McKenna and his actions were driven by it. She forgave him waaaay too easily in my opinion. She felt unnecessarily guilty for something she had no control over and it just didn’t jive. Might just be the grudge-holder in me. Other than that, these two really did have great chemistry. The plot was ok [...]

    2. Mindy Lou's Book Reviews on said:

      I’ve been looking forward to Gabe’s book. Out of all the guys in the series, he’s intrigued me the most and it started with a bang! Literally. The author wasted no time in the beginning and gave us a really hot angry sex scene. Talk about starting at 100 mph! Even though I liked Gabe the most, I think we needed a bit more grovel from him for McKennas sake. I did like these two together. We’ve been teased by their attraction in the previous books so I was ready for their story.This was a [...]

    3. Lover of Romance on said:

      Cuffed By His Charm is a charming and although intense had many sweet moments that I wasn’t expecting. Honestly, I had the most enjoyable time reading Gabe and McKenna’s book. Now I will say first off that this book can be read as a stand a lone, but I think I would have preferred being able to read this series in order to get more background information on this couple and Gabe’s three other friends especially since they play a big role in this story. This was a contemporary romance that I [...]

    4. Carol on said:

      3.5 stars.This is the fourth book in this series and it really is a very good series and well worth reading. I do like this author's writing a lot and she holds my interest . Unfortunately I have to say that this is my least favorite book so far and also I imagine the final one. I really liked Gabe's character, even with his initial harsh treatment towards McKenna and that was partially due in fact to her brother's deceiption. I could also definitely understand McKenna's sense of loyalty to her [...]

    5. Brooke on said:

      Stacey Kennedy is one of those authors that read one book by and you cant stop reading her other works! And this is no exception to that rule! I absolutely loved everything about this book. Her writing stole my heart in such a way that I couldn't help but keep reading every chance that I got and didn't stop till I was finished! If you need a good romance to pick up then look no further!

    6. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      This is a delightful book, with strong, likeable characters, emotional angst, a complex plot and steamy sex scenes. It wraps up the Dirty Little Secrets series, and we finally find the source of the information the tabloid “Gotcha” has been printing about the owners of several local sex clubs.McKenna Archer has been in love with her boss, Gabe O'Keefe, for some time, but he won't blur the line between boss and employee-until he believes her guilty of spying on him and his friends and turning [...]

    7. Brandy Thornton on said:

      I have read all four books in this series and must say this was my favorite. Gabe is a dream. He is passionate loyal driven protective and let's face it he's rich. Who wouldn't want him as their man. He is also easy going. He has all the money in the world yet he is more comfortable working behind a bar wearing jeans and a t shirt instead of being the CEO of his own company wearing suits and ties. That's another thing that makes him my favorite of the four guys. Mckenna has had a rough life. She [...]

    8. Tammy on said:

      I have always loved Gabe, but after the way he started out his book, I am not sure if that love will last. Will he redeem himself???McKenna has had a hard life, but she has a big heart and sometimes that lands her in trouble. She has loved Gabe for a long time and she knows that he has feelings for her too, but he won't cross that line because she is his employee. Just when McKenna thinks that Gabe has finally given in to his feelings, he accuses her of something that she doesn't know anything a [...]

    9. Deborah on said:

      Cuffed By His Charm is book four in Stacey Kennedy's Dirty Little Secrets series featuring stong and powerful men in San Francisco. Since this is the last book in the series, I knew we were finally going to get some answers!  It can be read as a standalone, but the underlying mystery is present throughout all four books.  I would recommend starting from the beginning to understand all that had happened prior to this book.There is a tabloid magazine publishing stories exposing dirty secrets of [...]

    10. Nellie Rivera on said:

      Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley. I did enjoy this book, however did not like Kenna, and she never grew on me, she actually annoyed the crap out of me. I understood her loyalty towards her brother, but I think she took it overboard, she did not help him the way she should have, she should have gotten him help, but she enabled him, and she did not get to the conclusion til the bitter end, and what I did not get, was how when she thought Gabe paid a certain amount, she chose her br [...]

    11. Bookgasms Book Blog on said:

      Stacey Kennedy's Cuffed by his Charm is the fourth book in the Dirty Little Secrets series and it was so addicting. I have been waiting for Gabe's book for so long and honestly I could not wait to jump right in! Gabe and McKenna were pure chemistry. They were drawn to each other from the beginning and nothing could stop the explosive heat from sparking between them! I could not get enough!When evidence points to longtime employee McKenna Archer as betraying Gabe and exposing his life as a Dom an [...]

    12. Maranda on said:

      Great Series and Great Author!! Boss Gabe and Employee McKenna have had a chemical attraction since she started to work for him in his bar. Gossip and Taped conversations made public have prompted Gabe and his detective friend Ryder to track down and eliminate this privacy infringement! Anger and Rage fill Gabe prompting his actions when the finger is pointed at McKenna. Even with their rough encounter and regret it is discovered that it is McKenna's brother who has sold this information to the [...]

    13. Tina on said:

      Wasgood. Hate to say that. SK is one of my go too authors. This one just didn't live up to all her other books.

    14. Nadine Bookaholic on said:

      I’ve been waiting for Gabe and McKenna’s story and I loved it!Review to follow

    15. (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick on said:

      Originally posted at SmexyBooks-smexybooks/2017/11/review-Kennedy’s emotional and erotic Dirty Little Secrets series is based on four men who are bound together by friendship, business, and BDSM. Cuffed By His Charm is the fourth story in this series and deals with the last man standing-billionaire Gabe O’Keefe. Book three revealed who has been selling Gabe and his friends’ out to the tabloid Gotcha. Now he has to figure out why and how to stop them. A spin off the Club Sin series, each st [...]

    16. Jennifer on said:

      ARC received for reviewGood ending to this series. Gage and McKenna are amazing together. She's not afraid of anything. The bad guy(s) are all finally caught. Nasty reporters put in their place. Still a little disappointed with the series overall for the lack of scenes, but there are two little ones in this book. Plus there's a very brief cameo from Dmitri (Club Sin). Can Alex please get a book? Pretty please.

    17. Misty (Red's Romance Review's) on said:

      Gabe O'Keefe is use to being front and center in the public eye, and to be honest he really enjoys the attention but then someone airs his dirty laundry, and his gleaming reputation takes a major hit, and now he is out for revenge. He thinks it is longtime employee who decided to cash in on his fame, and share his secrets, so he hands her her walking papers, only to learn soon after that it wasn't her after all. Now he feels like an insensitive ass, and knows he needs to apologize to her and mak [...]

    18. Sportochick on said:

      Visit my blog for more reviews: Sportochick's Musings 5 STAR goodbye to the very hot and sexy Dirty Little Secrets series by author Stacey Kennedy. In this Dirty Little Secrets book #4, Gabe O’Keefe wants to break all his rules about not dating his own employee when he falls for McKenna Archer but what he does when he finds out she betrayed him certainly sets this story up to be controversial in some people's eyes. Quite honestly I can't imagine anyone doing something worse and though I wanted [...]

    19. LeeAnne on said:

      3.5 StarsI enjoyed this book though I have to say it was my least favorite in the series so far – the story just wasn’t as intense as the previous characters stories. IGabe is the owner of a chain of pubs by day and Club Sin by night. He’s decided to take a break from the CEO life and just work in one of his pubs – he’s taken quite the liking to one of his most recent employees and though things are pretty hot between them he knows getting involved with an employee would be risky. When [...]

    20. Mary Mooney on said:

      I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review.4.5 starsWhat does a multi-millionaire businessman do when he thinks his employee has taken his and his friends' secrets and sold them to the tabloids? He gets answers, it might not be the answers he was looking for but still answers.Gabe O'Keefe is the owner of many pubs across America and when he learns that the one woman he has wanted for the last year has sold his secrets to the tabloids, he wants r [...]

    21. April Symes on said:

      Cuffed by His Charm by Stacey Kennedy is book 4 and , from what I understand, final book in the Dirty Little Secrets series. This is the story of Gabe O’Keefe and McKenna Archer. McKenna Archer has been in love with her boss, Gabe O'Keefe for quite some time but Gabe doesn’t want to step over the line from boss to lover. He prefers to stay her boss while she is desperately in love with him. Gabe gets some wrong information and thinks McKenna was spying on him and his friends and then selling [...]

    22. Ruthie Taylor on said:

      ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is the fourth book in the series - and we have been working up to this episode for a while, so I would recommend that you read them in order to get the full force of this installment. We also get a nod to the Club Sin series too, which is fun for the loyal fan! Gabe and McKenna have been skirting around their attraction to each other forever, so what happens at the beginning is a massive shock to the system, and com [...]

    23. Peggy Lee (Reading Keeps Me Sane) on said:

      Cuffed by His Charm is the fourth book and final book in the Dirty Little Secrets Series. The story line continues in this suspense filled romance. You do not need to read the series in order, each story is an independent romance. We pick up with Gabe O'Keefe confronting the possible snitch, his employee, love interest, McKenna Archer. Gabe and McKenna share a mutual attraction but Gabe has kept his distance because McKenna is his employee. Now all bets are off since discovering that McKenna is [...]

    24. Carla on said:

      I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book, given by Netgalleyesecretworldofbooklovers.blAll of the secrets they been trying to uncover reveal themselves in this book and I couldn't get enough.This time it was Gabe and McKenna's time to write their story, but it was not gonna be easy, they had a lot of secrets and bad blood between them.Gabe misjudge her and he put their relationship at risk by not trusting the person he knew her to be. But she saw through his anger for her alleg [...]

    25. Avid Reader on said:

      Cuffed by His Charm (Dirty Little Secrets #4) by Stacey Kennedy4 starsM/F BDSM RomanceTriggers: Addiction, Mob connections, KidnappingI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This is Gabe's story. He is being hounded by the tabloids and he doesn't really know what to do when he finds out that someone from inside one of his establishments is the betrayer. He is angry and does something that ultimately made me really dislike him as a man and as a dominant: He took his anger out o [...]

    26. Booknerd_1107 on said:

      *received in arc in exchange for an honest review**4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Sexy and sinful. Gabe and McKenna’s story does not disappoint with its secrets and mystery. But you will be drawn in by the way these two dance around each other and challenge each other at every turn.Gabe can’t believe that someone he has trusted us leaked his secret. McKenna has intrigued him from day one, but she has also betrayed him or so he thinks. The one thing that he can’t deny is his attraction for her a [...]

    27. Laurie Beemer on said:

      Sexy as sin. I loved every part of this book it hit on every one of my must haves in a book to keep me reading and enjoying it. Hot sexy domineering alpha male Gabe has feelings for sassy sexy sweet employer McKenna. Unfortunately there are so many different things and people standing in their way of happiness. Will they realize that they need to work together so they can be together or will some one get in their way? Thank you NetGalley and Stacey Kennedy for allowing me to read an ARC of this [...]

    28. Jennifer on said:

      Overall, I have really enjoyed this whole series by Stacey Kennedy. Gabe knows there is someone who is leaking information about him and his friends and he narrows it down to McKenna. When he confronts her, he acts on the attraction he has always felt towards her, but hurts her in the process. When he finds out who is really betraying him, he has to work to repair the relationship with McKenna and help her out of a tough situation.

    29. Heather on said:

      This is the second book I've read in this series; not reading the other two books didn't take away from this book. The opening of the book grabs you; Gabe is convinced his long time, trusted employee Kenna has betrayed him. He takes advantage of the crush he has had on her but never acted on before confronting her and firing her. However, it all backfires when he discovers the truth about what happened. Not only does Gabe need to apologize and make up for what he did to Kenna, but he needs to pr [...]

    30. Angelique on said:

      3,5 stars and that is for Gabe,what a sweet and good man.Mckenna,was an oke charactere has a great heartfor her Brother is possible.ore she is too stupid too seewho really deserves her undying loyalty and love.She will get there,but it takes way too long.And that takes down the rating.It is fun too see Riley and ALex.loved the Epilogue.The story is well written,it all works out nicely.but did not love Mckenna,Gabe deserved more.Arc wash provided in exchange For an Review

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