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Minoes Tibble a journalist is obsessed with cats and is about to lose his job unless he finds something news worthy to report on As luck would have it he runs into a strange young woman stuck up a tree s

  • Title: Minoes
  • Author: Annie M.G. Schmidt Carl Hollander
  • ISBN: 9789021432762
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tibble, a journalist, is obsessed with cats and is about to lose his job unless he finds something news worthy to report on As luck would have it, he runs into a strange young woman stuck up a tree, scared of a dog Minou claims to be a cat, turned inexplicably into a human A very catlike, purring human.

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      373 Annie M.G. Schmidt Carl Hollander
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    One thought on “Minoes

    1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ on said:

      Full review, first posted on FantasyLiterature:Annie M.G. Schmidt, who died in 1995, was a beloved and well-respected author in the Netherlands, her native land. In 1988 she won the Hans Christian Anderson Award, the most distinguished international award in children’s literature, which is granted to authors and illustrators whose body of work has made a lasting contribution to children’s literature. Unfortunately, until now Schmidt’s work has not been published in the English language, so [...]

    2. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin on said:

      melissa413readsalotI thought this was a delightful read and would recommend to anyone that has kids or just loves to read children's books such as I do :) Poor Mr. Tibble works for the Killenthorn Courier and his boss has told him he will be fired if he doesn't go out and get real stories. All he writes about are cats and anything nice. He's too shy to go around talking to people and finding stories for the paper. One day when he's walking home he is talking to a man and out of the blue runs a w [...]

    3. Dana on said:

      Unpopular opinion here, but I didn't really care for this book. I was a nanny for many years and I have read my fair share of children's books. What I have come to learn is that just because a book is for children doesn't mean it has to be overly simple or lazy. Unfortunately I found this book to be just that. The writing was very stilted and while the plot had potential I found it to be rather boring. I realize that I am far from the target audience, but there are just so many other children's [...]

    4. Ivonne Rovira on said:

      What good fortune that Delacorte Books for Young Readers chose to reissue Annie M.G. Schmidt’s The Cat Who Came in off the Roof, a charming tale of a timid newspaper reporter and the clever but mysterious woman who comes to his rescue! Originally published in Dutch in 1970, this children’s story has lost none of its charm in the ensuring five decades. In danger of losing his job for typing out nothing but stories about cats, the excruciatingly shy Mr. Tibble has been directed to get past his [...]

    5. Harun Harahap on said:

      Suka.ka.kaJadi pengen miara kucing lagi. Dulu kucing pertama gw namanya panda, warnanya item putih. Lucuuu banget, seneng ngejar orang yang lewat. Terus dia menghilang dan diketemukan tewas di atap rumah. Lalu ada Mandra (jenis kelamin:perempuan) yang akhirnya punya dua kucing yang lucu2 n dirawat sampe tua yaitu Jipul sama Kuteleng. Lupa yah itu nama aneh dapet darimana. Trus setelah itu gak pernah miara kucing lagi.*********************************************Namun, sepertinya apa yang ditulis [...]

    6. Roya on said:

      My first dutch. It was fun but I would say I only understood, like, 20 percent? I enjoyed it nevertheless.

    7. Gijs Grob on said:

      Bij tweede lezingDe verlegen journalist Tibbe krijgt een juffrouw inwonen, Minoes, die vroeger kat is geweest en zich nog steeds vaak als kat gedraagt. Zij helpt hem via de "katten-persdienst" aan nieuws. Fantasievol, met schitterende vondsten, geweldige personages (zowel mensen als katten), en een spannend en lief einde. Een heerlijk boek!Bij derde lezingEn deze klassieker nóg maar 's gelezen. En weer een heerlijk boek, waarvan het eind zo verrekte jammer is dat je het uithebt, zeker als je er [...]

    8. Ayundabhuwana on said:

      First book read in 2017! Not a bad start of the year Funny story about this book, my boyfriend was vacationing with his family to Paris on the new year's and visited the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore. He thought, Oh, I know my girlfriend loves books, so I'm gonna buy her one. But he knows that I read so much, that he's afraid I will have already read the book he'll choose. So what does he do? He goes to the children's section and buys the book he think I'll love most. And, since he knows I loooo [...]

    9. Becky on said:

      First sentence: "Tibble! Where's Tibble? Has anyone seen Tibble? The boss wants to talk to him. Where's he got to? Tibble!"Premise/plot: Don't mistake Tibble for a cat; he's a very human reporter for a newspaper. If he can keep his job that is. Tibble's news stories don't qualify as "news" according to his boss. But his reporting takes a turn for the better after he befriends a young woman, Miss Minou. He first sees her up a tree. Up a tree?! Yes, she'd been chased there by a mad dog. And that i [...]

    10. Bunga Mawar on said:

      Pertama saya pernah nonton film "Didier", filmnya Alain Chabat di mana dalam semalam seekor anjing yang dititipkan pada seorang pencari bakat olahraga berubah menjadi sesosok pria. Ya, secara dadakan, siluman anjing yang tak bisa bicara bahasa manusia itu pun diajari jadi pemain sepakbola :pKedua saya membaca I Was A Rat karangan Philip Pullman. Seorang bocah laki2 berkeluyuran mencari rumah manusia yang mau menampungnya dengan masih menyimpan memori sebagai tikus. Bukan tikus sembarang tikus, d [...]

    11. Laura on said:

      Cute cat storyThis is a good book about a woman who used to be a cat. The author is supposed to be the children's book author that everyone in the Netherlands reads. She has won the Hans Christian Anderson Award. I am not sure if this is not the best example of her work, or if the translation is not the best that it could be, because although it was a pleasant read, it was just that, pleasant.The story is of Minou, the former cat, and the human that takes her in Mr. Tibbles, who writes for the l [...]

    12. bakanekonomama on said:

      "Saya juga mau dong punya kontributor berita kucing-kucing lucu. Terus jadi wartawan terkenaaalll!!! >w<"Begitulah yang ada di benak saya setelah membaca "Minoes". Sebuah cerita yang penuh dengan kucing kucing dan kucing! Mulai dari Kucing Pom Bensin, Kucing Deodoran, Kucing Hotel, Kucing Balai Kota, dan kucing-kucing lainnya. Tentu saja penuh dengan kucing, karena tokoh utama kita kali ini "dulunya" adalah seekor kucing! Hhhmm Seperti apakah ceritanya? Mari simak review saya di bawah ini. [...]

    13. Mechelle on said:

      A cute story for any animal lover. Schmidt grabs ahold of the reader and makes it extremely hard to put the book down.

    14. Rachel Hamilton on said:

      I loved this book for it's warm characters and fairy tale style. I read it because my 11 year-old daughter was enjoying it so much. Here's her review: I loved this book because it is funny and sweet and not like usual books! Here are five things that made me want to read it even before I opened it:1) The title is bold and big and bright and colourful and caught my attention2) The picture on the front is really cool3) It is a perfect length (not too long not too short) which means I can read it q [...]

    15. Yudhistira Perdana on said:

      Karya Annie M.G. Schdmidt ini memenangkan Zilveren Griffel, penghargaan di negeri kincir angin Belanda untuk buku-buku terbaik dari pengarang lokal maupun luar negeri, tahun 1971. Untuk daftar pemenang Zilveren Griffel lainnya dapat dilihat di librarything/bookaward. Sementara ilustrasi dalam buku dikerjakan oleh Carl Hollander, illustrator buku anak ternama. Profilnya dapat dilihat pada lambiek/artists/h/hollandeKisahnya tentang Juffrouw Minoes, gadis yang dulunya kucing. Gara-gara makan “ses [...]

    16. Elissa Schaeffer on said:

      I was excited to see this released in the U.S. after the movie adaptations, Miss Minoes, has been so popular at my library (I had to order a fresh copy as it circulated so much!). I admit, I haven't watched the movie. Yet.Mr. Tibble is a reporter at the local paper of a small town called Killenthorn. But he only writes about cats. After an ultimatum from his boss, Mr. Tibble MUST find something else. That's when he meets Miss Minou. Miss Minou is having her own problems--she used to be a cat but [...]

    17. KWinks on said:

      There is something utterly charming about this story and I remember thinking, about a chapter in "this can't be American". It's not. And I think childrens fiction writers should read this and take note: WARNING RANT TO FOLLOWThis is a book about two adults and a network of cats. Too often kit lit assumes that children cannot handle stories about adults or they (the adults) are missing from the story entirely and the children know best about everything, suffer alone, usually prevail only because [...]

    18. Susan Johnston on said:

      Princess Fuzzypants here:We just finished reading the most delightful book. It is a children's book but it can be enjoyed by grown ups too and other animals.Tibble is a very shy man who is in danger of losing his job as a reporter if he is unable to find real news stories rather than just writing about cats. Minou is a cat who has been turned into a human lady and is looking for a home.The two of them find each other and after a rocky start, they learn to rely upon each other.Minou, who runs the [...]

    19. Mayda on said:

      This wonderful tale about a cat turned human is one of mutual friendship, caring, and kindness. Miss Minou, formerly cat, now human, still has a healthy fear of dogs, and finds herself up a tree. Mr. Tibble, reporter, helps her down, and thus begins an enduring and endearing friendship. Minou helps Tibble gather news stories so he can keep his job as a reporter, and in turn Tibble gives Minou a place to stay while she adapts – sort of – to being human. There is a bad man in this village, an [...]

    20. Annette on said:

      THE CAT WHO CAME IN OFF THE ROOF by Annie Schmidt is a sweet middle-grade fantasy featuring a shy newspaper reporter and the mysterious cat lady he befriends.When Tibble is told that he writes too many articles about cats, he sets out to find more news-worthy stories. When he rescues a woman from a tree, he soon learns that she’s actually a cat in human form and has a nose for news. Together, they make a great news team. However not everyone is happy when they uncover a story about a corrupt b [...]

    21. Christiane on said:

      This is one of those children’s books that I really think will appeal more to adults. It did not feel like it had a lot of child appeal, though then I read about the author and discovered this is a translation of a 1970 title by a famous Dutch children’s book author. So perhaps that is why it feels so unique. Mr. Tibble is a not-very-successful newspaper reporter until one night be rescues an odd woman named Miss Minou who has some very cat-like attributes. It’s almost as if she is a cat h [...]

    22. La La on said:

      This was a cute, whimsical story; although I don't know how much it will appeal to Middle Grade readers because it is 98% about the adult characters adulting with their jobs, rent, commitee meetings, etc. The little girl who is MG age skips in and out of the story much too briefly each time. The book is also pretty mundane (but cute) for the first 75%. It would be better as a quick palate cleansing read for adults than for young readers. I was approved for an eARC, via Netgalley, in return for a [...]

    23. Lois on said:

      Funny middle-grade tale about a young woman, formerly a cat, who retains many cattish ways. She helps a young newspaper reporter with information she gets from the town's cats. In the last chapter, the famous Dutch children's author, Annie M. G. Schmidt, ties all the threads together and creates a warm, satisfying ending, masterful storytelling! (I recommend this delightful book not only for children but also for adults who love cats.)

    24. Emma on said:

      I read this book after I watched the movie. I liked the movie better, but this is still a good book. One reason I liked this book is because it had cats.

    25. Shoshana on said:

      3.5 Full of cute moments - pleasant to read but not much by way of A Story.

    26. BookChic Club on said:

      Very interesting, cute and funny book and a really quick read too! I read it in less than 24 hours.

    27. Caren on said:

      This is the cutest book. I love cats, the descriptions used in the book are perfect. Such a fun read.

    28. Kagama-the Literaturevixen on said:

      Really liked this. Its about a cat that gets turned into a girl

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