Shattered Rainbows

Mary Jo Putney

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Shattered Rainbows

Shattered Rainbows Honed by danger and haunted by the past Lord Michael Kenyon finds it easy to risk his life for his country s sake But in the shadow of war he faces a far dangerous threat the loss of his heart to th

  • Title: Shattered Rainbows
  • Author: Mary Jo Putney
  • ISBN: 9780451213280
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Honed by danger and haunted by the past, Lord Michael Kenyon finds it easy to risk his life for his country s sake But in the shadow of war, he faces a far dangerous threat the loss of his heart to the beautiful battlefield nurse who saves his life yet can never be his.Called a saint for her virtue and selfless courage, only Catherine Melbourne knows the tragic flawHoned by danger and haunted by the past, Lord Michael Kenyon finds it easy to risk his life for his country s sake But in the shadow of war, he faces a far dangerous threat the loss of his heart to the beautiful battlefield nurse who saves his life yet can never be his.Called a saint for her virtue and selfless courage, only Catherine Melbourne knows the tragic flaw at the core of her life In Michael Kenyon she sees the strength and kindness she craves, yet for honor s sake, she must conceal her love and send him away Even when freed from her bitter marriage, she conceals the truth because of the bleak knowledge that she can never again be any man s wife.Then fate offers Catherine a fortune, a title, a heritage for her daughter if Michael will impersonate her husband on a visit to a wild Cornish island Reluctantly, he agrees to the masquerade But what begins as a simple journey leads them into a shattering vortex of danger and betrayal and a fiercely passionate love that can no longer be denied.

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      430 Mary Jo Putney
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    One thought on “Shattered Rainbows

    1. Pepa on said:

      He disfrutado mucho de esta lectura. De las de antes. No le falta de nada. Una pareja con un comienzo complicado y llena de aventuras y buenos giros.La primera parte está ambientada en la típica época de la batalla de Waterloo, pero la autora da un paso más e incluso nos mete de lleno en la batalla y sus horrores.La segunda, más relajada y ambientda en una pequeña isla me ha parecido también muy original. Las últimas 100 páginas han sido seguidas, no podía parar de leer jajajaBuenos pe [...]

    2. Keri on said:

      4.5 Stars. I knew that Stephen's book was going to be the most emotional and difficult and it was. Stephen was one of those poor souls that was destined to fall in love with women that were emotional unable to return his love, whether it be by death or marriage. But when he catchs sight of Catherine, none of that seems to matter. Very good read and a satisfying epi. Looking forward to Kenneth's book.

    3. Viri on said:

      Un libro como los de antes.De esos que se disfrutan y van poco a poco. Plagados de sensaciones y con historias muy bien trazadas.Es de mis favoritos en la serie ❤️

    4. Zoe on said:

      Of all the fallen angels I think this is my least favorite (I have read all of them in my youth). But I really appreciate Mary Jo Putney's writing. It sometimes flows a bit oddly, but always has a richness to it that I cannot describe. I think in the romance genre, some writers write fluffy romances, some dark, some light. And some writers, like Mary Jo Putney, write love stories. They explore a different dimension of our romantic psyche. The price they pay is that sometimes readers lose interes [...]

    5. Jennifer Ashley on said:

      Book 2 for my Romance Week shelving: Mary Jo Putney has many terrific books, but this is my very favorite (thus far), and one of my favorite romances ever, especially Part 1! It's a love story between a married woman who would never dream of straying and a man who has vowed never to have anything to do with married women again. The tension as they struggle to maintain their principles and at the same time acknowledge their feelings is built up in just the right way. Also, this is the best depic [...]

    6. Alina on said:

      From Mary Jo's Fallen Angels series I really wanted to read Michael's story the most.As I already had an idea (based on his presence and actions in the other books from the FA series) Michael is one smart and strong male. Catherine was a little bit annoying and tried too hard to be a "martyr" .I just couldn't understand her many lies and her ability to take irrational decisions .All in all the book was enjoyable.

    7. Karen on said:

      Everything I know about the Battle of Waterloo I learned from this book. Mary Jo Putney writes historical romances that are always entertaining and sometimes much more. This is one of the "much more" books. The final section, set on an island off the coast of England, veers into a more traditional adventure, but what stayed with me were the passages about the bloody destruction of Waterloo, the absolute upheaval of lives, and the determination of people to continue living as best they can.

    8. ᴍɪᴄs ✖amante de los spoilers✖ on said:

      DNF (Reseña en español and a little comment in english) El prólogo me encantó, me pareció re interesante pero la autora se explaya demasiado en la primera parte. El libro se divide en dos partes la primera que habla sobre la guerra y cómo se conocieron los protagonistas. ¿qué guerra?, ¿quién ganó? , ¿dónde? ¿Cuándo?, ¿Por qué?. NI IDEA. Spoiler alert = no preste atención. Así que para cuando llegué a la segunda parte ya estaba re contra aburrida. No me gusta cuando en la sino [...]

    9. Estara on said:

      This is a second favourite in this series, even though you have to forgive the manhunt and derring-do escapades at the very end of the book, the action climax which is totally over the top (including spending a night in a cave cut off from land which only partially floods and which also has a hot spring - so you can wash and other things *nudge nudge*).Not having read much military history fiction this book, together with Georgette Heyer's The Spanish Bride, are the most memorable Napoleonic war [...]

    10. Carol Storm on said:

      Haldoran! Haldoran! Does whatever a scoundrel can! Can he shoot? Can he scheme? Ravishing Catherine is his dream. Here comes that Haldoran man!All Spider Man tributes aside, this is one of the best historical romance novels I've ever read. Mary Jo Putney has a great talent for not only creating hunky heroes, but heroines with real skills and intelligence, and villains who are far more deadly and resourceful than the liars and cowardly weaklings who make up "the usual suspects" in most romance.I [...]

    11. Oleta Blaylock on said:

      This series just keeps getting better and better. I have to wonder if these were the first books that Ms. Putney published. While are the books are very good there is marked improvement in each story. This story is just a single romance much like THUNDER & ROSES. This story is different from the others in that it covers several years. In covering that period of time there are wonderful glimpses of history. There are scenes after the battle at Salamanca. There are also the days Michael Kenyon [...]

    12. Dangermousie on said:

      This is the book that turned me into a Putney fan. It was the first MJP book I loved - passionate hardcore love I have never even come close to feeling for another MJP book before this one (I read One Perfect Rose after this and it was a one-two punch that made me a fangirl). More than half of SR is set right before, during, and after Waterloo, and is unspoken, unacted-on romance between an English officer and the wife of another officer at whose house he is billeted at and IT WAS MAKING ME DIE. [...]

    13. Linda Morris on said:

      This novel consists of two very different parts. The first part is set in the lead-up to the Battle of Waterloo and during the battle itself. England is on edge after Napoleon's escape from captivity, knowing that the resumption of war is inevitable. It's extraordinarily well-researched as a piece of historical fiction and is among the best romance writing I've read. The love story is also very restrained and understated -- it remains unspoken as the heroine is married to someone else. The secon [...]

    14. Robin on said:

      This book is classified as "romance" but it's so well-written that after the first few pages, you realize that the emphasis is on history rather than romance. It's out of print currently, but most used book stores probably have it. WARNING: It's the fourth volume in a series called "Fallen Angels", and I highly recommend that the books be read in sequence, as some of the plot lines and characters show up in all the books in the series (there are seven books altogether). A great leisure/beach rea [...]

    15. Laura V. on said:

      Me encantó.-. Pensé que después de lo ocurrido en Tormenta de Pasiones, Michael ya no tendría redención posible, pero él nos demuestra que sí, hay un perdón para él y que también él tiene que empezar a perdonarse a sí mismo. La histoira tiene tatnos entrecruces y vueltas, que te meten en la historia que se me hizo imposible dejarla sin terminar, amé Michael, me encanta Catherine.- y me gusta mucho la relación que tuvieron durante el tiempo que pasaron. Es una historia muy bella.- I [...]

    16. *MariaA* on said:

      Now, this is what I call a damn good read! Although we could have done with a bit less description of the battlefields and a bit more fast pacing of the story. Michael was an amazingly lovable fellow!!

    17. Lu on said:

      4,5 starts rounded upMichael met Catherine during the war and she nursed him and saved his life. He was attracted to her immediately, but she was married.Her husband was unfaithful and absent but Catherine kept true to her vows.He is a younger son to a duke and told Catherine to reach for him if she ever needed any kind of help.Up to this point the book was clearly a 5 star to me, but then things started to get cloudy.Some time after the war Catherine discovers she has a grandparent who is Laird [...]

    18. Susan Ross on said:

      This book would have gotten more stars if most of the book hadn't centred on our main characters not admitting their lover for each other. I found that very frustrating. It dragged for me in some parts and I would have like to have seen more of Amy, our heroine's daughter, in the story. I think the most frustrating part was when Catherine didn't tell Michael that her husband had died. That just seemed ridiculous to me, despite Catherine's fears.

    19. Sandy on said:

      Fabulous readMary Jo does it again. This story starts at the eve of the battle of Waterloo and develops the characters in the eve of battle. It next moves to the feudal island of Skoal where they face both inner demons and outside bad guys. Great action great plot great characters.

    20. Macaron on said:

      Wonderful story. Michael Kenyon was a character that I liked in the previous books of the series and I expected a great story for him. And it was. I was pulled into the story from the first line and then whirled into a spiral of emotions and actions. It is an adventure full of suspense and unexpected twists.

    21. Sheila on said:

      This authors always fills my heart. Romance, action, characters that are real. I enjoy every one of her books.

    22. Mom2boyz on said:

      The beginning was wonderful then about half-way through the book all the unbelievable convoluted drama started and I just couldn't finish it.

    23. Ana on said:

      This was marvelous until they went to skoal! That part was just horrible!! I could barely read it! Boo! 2 stars(Read: September 2016)

    24. Cherie on said:

      I've decided I don't want to finish this. I have found a good place to stop. Up to this point, I give 4-4.5 stars but the story is about to go downhill as far as I am concerned.This has the best written scenes of the battle at Waterloo I've ever read. MJP knows how to squeeze emotion out of facts and have me on the edge of my chair while reading. She develops great characters and challenging scenarios. I just wish she could follow through without using dishonorable behavior. Honorable people are [...]

    25. Diane K. Peterson on said:

      A very good book. This is a compelling love story with angst and intrigue. You gotta love Michael Kenyon, a classic tortured hero. And Catherine was the epitome of a perfect heroine. My only problem with the book is that is was ratherlong. It was a little difficult to maintain a high level of interest with a story that took place over such an extended period of time. I realize that Putney was trying to convey the epic degree of their love, but it lost some intensity with some of the jumps in tim [...]

    26. Tonileg on said:

      Another book in the Fallen Angels series, but very special because it is Micheal's story who has waited so long to find love when he hasn't ever had it in his long life. We get lots of flashbacks in the beginning of the story to set up and explain why Micheal is so messed up and slightly insane because of his war experiences and a crazy affair with a nasty woman who broke his spirit with lies, broken honor and betrayal of a lifelong friendship when he has an affair with his best friend's estrang [...]

    27. Serena Miles on said:

      De momento el mejor libro de la saga. Me encantan los personajes, la accion que tiene, sobre todo la pareja que hacen catherine y michael.Un libro de sobresaliente

    28. Chris on said:

      Old RRA-L review:I also read Shattered Rainbows while I was sick, and perhaps I was just cranky, but it didn't seem like much of a romance to me. That being said, it is my second favorite of the Fallen Angels books (Thunder & Roses being my favorite as well), mostly because I was so disappointed by the intervening three. So much time was spent with the characters apart, getting up to whatever they were up to, and when they were together, the focus wasn't on overcoming the internal problems t [...]

    29. Georgie on said:

      Probably 3.5 stars, really.This was shaping up really well. I loved the slow-burn impossible love that developed between Michael and Catherine. It unfolded at a leisurely and compelling pace, and I was totally caught up in it. The cast of secondary characters all add to the view of the relationship , as well as being interesting in their own right. Background detail on army life and the atmosphere in Brussels before Waterloo felt spot on. The second half of the book, though, took the H & h i [...]

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