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Peter Pezzelli

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Francesca's Kitchen

Francesca s Kitchen No one writes about Italian American families with the humor warmth and heart of Peter Pezzelli With Francesca s Kitchen she delivers a winning novel about how much we need the closeness of family

  • Title: Francesca's Kitchen
  • Author: Peter Pezzelli
  • ISBN: 9780758213273
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • No one writes about Italian American families with the humor, warmth, and heart of Peter Pezzelli With Francesca s Kitchen, she delivers a winning novel about how much we need the closeness of family even if we don t know it.Where There s Food, There s FamilyFor years, Francesca Campanile was the queen of her home Standing in her kitchen over a bubbling pot of tomato saNo one writes about Italian American families with the humor, warmth, and heart of Peter Pezzelli With Francesca s Kitchen, she delivers a winning novel about how much we need the closeness of family even if we don t know it.Where There s Food, There s FamilyFor years, Francesca Campanile was the queen of her home Standing in her kitchen over a bubbling pot of tomato sauce, she dispensed advice as liberally as she did the garlic as she raised and argued with her son and two daughters.But now, her children and their children have moved away And for the widowed Francesca, no longer having a family around to pester, annoy, guide, love, and, of course, cook for, makes her feel useless What she needs is another family who needs her, and when she sees Loretta Simmons s ad in the Providence paper for a part time nanny, she s sure she s found it All the single mom wants is someone to fill in for a few hours a day But it s obvious to Francesca that Loretta and her kids need a lot Loretta s struggling to make ends meet Every man she brings home is a disaster And her kids could definitely use some guidance and a little lasagna, frankly It s time for Francesca to work her magic and the best place to start is the kitchen Funny and moving, with a heroine to adore, Francesca s Kitchen is a delicious story about sharing love, life, advice, and, above all, food Home cooking, good pasta, and traditional family values conquer all in this amusing and touching story Publishers Weekly

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    One thought on “Francesca's Kitchen

    1. Glenda L on said:

      What a delightful book and very well written. Being a grandmother, I was in the moment. It takes a grandmother to have a little wisdom, a lot of patience and a love of cooking to solve all problems. Lots of family values in this book. I would recommend it.

    2. Marleen on said:

      Francesca’s Kitchen is a thoroughly sweet little story about a widowed grandmother, living in Providence, RI, and who’s two daughters and their husbands and children have moved to Oregon and to Florida for job purposes some time ago. Luckily for Francesca, she has her youngest son, Joey, in his thirties, who lives nearby. He’s single and if it wasn’t for him bringing around laundry from time to time, or cooking for him on Sunday that still gives her bit of purpose. Still Francesca feels [...]

    3. Mandolin on said:

      Your stereotypical Italian-American grandmother, Francesca Campanile finds her happiness in caring and cooking for others. For much of her life, those others were her husband and children. Now, bereft of their company due to her husband's death and her childrens' relocation, she finds herself depressed and lonely. It's no fun cooking for only one! Add to that the dreary Rhode Island winter weather and it's easy to understand why Francesca feels a need for someone - anyone - with which to occupy [...]

    4. JayeL on said:

      I read a previous book (given to me by TFQ) by Peter Pezzelli, Every Sunday and I really enjoyed it. I have wanted to read other books by Pezzelli and thought that he might be a good author to use to test out the Kindle eReader.This is the kind of book that I like- a book about people going about their every day lives and trying to do the best they can. It is also a book about people needing to feel useful and use their skills. It is also a book about not being able to be Superwoman and needing [...]

    5. Teresa on said:

      This is a cute story. Okay, so it's not necessarily totally realistic, since things eventually fall perfectly into place. However, being the child of Italian Americans, I really appreciate Francesca. She is a combination of my mother and grandmother. I enjoy the cooking in the story because I love to cook, and so much of my growing up involved activities in the kitchen. It is a good reminder of how, when people get older, they may begin to feel unneeded, yet we really need them to share their wi [...]

    6. Victoria on said:

      If you don't belong to BookBub or Early Bird Books or any of the other sites for downloading discounted e-books, my advice is either do so because you will find gems like this book or don't subscribe to their daily newsletters because you will buy and buy and buy. This is a warm, as in your heart, novel about a woman that I wish I could be more like. Happy my family is all within a few hours drive and I get quality time with my children and grandchildren. Just wish I could walk to the pantry and [...]

    7. BethAnn on said:

      I loved this book. It reminded me of my Italian grandmother. Fast read.

    8. Jo Young Switzer on said:

      If you are looking for a good "vacation read," this might be a great choice. It is a warm, uncontroversial, well-written book by Peter Pezzelli about a widow whose family members have moved away from home. She misses their Sunday dinners together, and most of all, she misses making lots of good Italian food. An independent sort, she decides (against the advice of her widowed friends) to take an after school job as a babysitter for two children whose mother works each day. She finds their home de [...]

    9. Julie Barrett on said:

      Francesca's Kitchen by Peter PezzelliWhat appealed to me about this book was the fact the woman had raised her Italian family in RI-where I live and now that all the kids have grown and moved away.She keeps busy by learning new things from books at the library. She's got her act together-she travels to visit all the kids two times a year and they visit her. Some days it's still not enough-too much silence.The story is depicted in January and it's described exactly how it feels in RI at that time [...]

    10. Robin Nicholas on said:

      It was a cute, predictable, simple read. It was a sugary snack. Sometimes sugary snacks hit the spot. I am a little surprised at the high ratings it has recieved-but maybe most of the people rating this book, read books of this sort and this deserves a high rating in their genre. (Could I be any more of a snob.)

    11. Dawn on said:

      This is the third book I have read by Peter Pezzelli. I enjoyed this book very much. I would like to see Peter Pezzelli write another book to continue the story of Francesca. I love stories about Italians. Reading about all the good Italian food Francesa would make made me hungry!

    12. Michelle on said:

      I got this as a free e-book and I didn't really have any real expectations about the book when I started reading it. I couldn't put it down! It's a wonderful book about an older woman finding a new purpose in life after her children are grown and moved away and her husband has died. 5 stars!

    13. heather mc on said:

      Loved this little feel-good book. Maybe I'll be a nanny when my kids are gone & I'm an old lady.

    14. Rachel Rogers on said:

      Lovely story about an elderly woman whose family has left the nest taking a position as a nanny/babysitter for a single mom and her 2 children. What follows is a charming story of growing trust, family, and feeding each other with more than just food.

    15. Susan Nutter on said:

      A good easy read heartfelt story . Contains some good Italian recipes too !

    16. Corinne Driscoll on said:

      Pleasant, simple, and predictable, but perfect for a non-taxing read. Escapism has its value!

    17. Bonnie on said:

      Warm, funny, and comforting read about life, family, love, and food.

    18. Angie on said:

      Synopsis: "With her children grown and no family to pester, annoy, guide, love, and, of course, cook for, widowed Francesca feels useless. When she sees Loretta Simmons's ad for a part-time nanny, Francesca is sure she's found the answer. All the single mom wants is someone to fill in for a few hours a day, but it's obvious to Francesca that Loretta and her kids need a lot more."My Review: This story pretty much progresses the way you would expect it to, but it is still an enjoyable read. I feel [...]

    19. Ana Silva Rosa on said:

      Prose style: 5Plot: 4Depth of characters: 4Originality: 2Entertaining: 4Emotional Reaction: 4Intellectual Stimulation: 2I really liked the prose style of this book, though I usually dislike it. And maybe thats because it goes well with the story, which is about an adorable italian lady who loves to cook. I must say that isn't very original; but the book as a whole surprised me! I loved Francesca's personality and the kid's too. I think I could relate to them (they were really young so I'm not su [...]

    20. Diane Ferbrache on said:

      Francesca was a wife, mother, and grandmother. She showed her love with food. With her husband deceased and her children living in other cities, she no longer has anyone to watch over and cook for. She is not interested in hanging out at the library like her friends, but when she takes a part time job as a nanny for a single mom, Francesca finds new meaning in her life.This is a sweet story about making something of your life and sharing your talents. It's pretty predictable and you can see the [...]

    21. Ann Boytim on said:

      What do you do when your kids are grown and moved away. Francesca finds herself at loose ends and she talks with her small group of friends about finding a part time job. Grandmother type looking for a job and applies for a position as a nanny to two children for after school care. At first she is turned down for the job but then the mother finds the student she has hired is not taking care of the kids so after two days she hires Francesca. Things have changed since Francesca's world as a homema [...]

    22. Jen on said:

      A old Italian woman named Francesca is lonely and seeking purpose in her life.Her 2 adult daughters live in different states with thier faimilies and her only son, Joey, is not around often.Francesca feels that finding a job will help her fill her days, so she becomes a nanny for a single mom named Loretta. Loretta's 2 children, Will and Penny, fill Francesca's afternoons with pleasure, and she slowly becomes a part of thier family.However, Loretta is still missing something in her life a husban [...]

    23. Savannah on said:

      I debated giving this book either a two star or three star review. It's not that I didn't like it, because I did. My only reasoning behind wanting to give it one less star is because I had some difficulty getting through it. There was a lot of back story and buildup and not enough goings on. I'd find I would read 50 pages of fluff building up to a small event that piqued my interest but didn't hold it long enough to want to keep reading. That being said, I did finish the book and it was a cute s [...]

    24. Marilyn Butterybooks on said:

      In this mouth-watering story, Francesca Campanile is a widow with adult children preoccupied with their own lives. Not being able to shake this my-kids-don’t-need-me-anymore feeling, Francesca decides to apply for a nanny position to get herself out of the house and start living her life instead of just passing the time. Through her food, Francesca wins the hearts of her newfound friends, a struggling single mom named Loretta and her two young children, Penny and Will.The family recipes that P [...]

    25. Nikki on said:

      This was a face paced read. I was pleasantly surpised with how much I enjoyed it. Yes, I surmised what the end would be by about 50 pages in and the main character was older than in most novels I read. But it was a breath of fresh air to read something a bit different, and the religious part was just enough where you didn't feel overwhelmed. It always made me really miss my own Italian Grandmother, whom I will be sending this book to. This isn't the great American novel, but if you read to escap [...]

    26. Autumn on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a light read, but made me think about how the "older" population can be left out, but still wants and needs to be connected. I love the fact that Francesca took the initiative to find her own connection and way to help, rather than being depressed and waiting for something to come to her. I enjoyed the positive influence she ended up having on Loretta and her children.

    27. Patty on said:

      This book reminds me of a movie - or maybe there's a movie that's been adapted from this book. Whatever - it's heartwarming and an easy read. Something to curl up by a nice fire with. You can guess the plotline from the inside jacket - a retired woman nannies for a single mother of two kids, Joey (Francesca's son is unmarried)See? Incredibly foreseen - but it's entertaining if you're not looking for something deep.

    28. Dawn on said:

      This book was so boring. None of the characters were very likable, including Francesca. I thought it was interesting though that the mother couldn't find the time in her hectic work schedule to cook a decent meal for her growing children yet she made time to learn and cook huge dinners for a guy that just appeared in her life. And they fell in love and got married way too quickly expecially when there are children involved and anyone with common sense would be more cautious.

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