Starting Over

Annmarie McKenna

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Starting Over

Starting Over Two years ago Aaron lost his partner in a drowning accident He s trying to move on but letting go of the past of the life they were building is hard One thing he knows he s not ready for is a new

  • Title: Starting Over
  • Author: Annmarie McKenna
  • ISBN: 9781607374282
  • Page: 244
  • Format: ebook
  • Two years ago, Aaron lost his partner in a drowning accident He s trying to move on, but letting go of the past, of the life they were building, is hard One thing he knows he s not ready for is a new relationship, but Garrett and Dane are determined to change that.Lifepartners Garrett and Dane, a cop and an ER doc, bring Aaron home after an accident They re happy in theTwo years ago, Aaron lost his partner in a drowning accident He s trying to move on, but letting go of the past, of the life they were building, is hard One thing he knows he s not ready for is a new relationship, but Garrett and Dane are determined to change that.Lifepartners Garrett and Dane, a cop and an ER doc, bring Aaron home after an accident They re happy in their light Dom sub relationship, fulfilled and in love, but they ve been keeping their eyes open for a third It doesn t take long for them to decide that wounded, pretty Aaron is exactly who they ve been looking for The three get along great, but Garrett and Dane have their work cut out for them in convincing Aaron there s a time for starting over.

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      244 Annmarie McKenna
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    One thought on “Starting Over

    1. JenMcJ on said:

      Garrett is a cop with a sense of humor and a submissive side. Dane is a doctor with a take charge attitude. Aaron is lost. I found myself tearing up and aching for Aaron and hoping he would take a chance with Garret and Doc.I really enjoyed this book. I felt connected to the three boys and the sex scenes were hot. The story itself is good although not completely solid. The missing info on the backstory is not crucial but it left me curious about Aaron. The BDSM is light and more playful than ser [...]

    2. Mandy*reads obsessively* on said:

      I am a huge ménage fan, and despite the BDSM tag I decided to try it. ( Tailtiu tested it for me and said it was safe for me to read.)Aaron has a motorcycle accident right in front of a patrol officer. Lucky, I guess, Garrett was there to give first aid and take care of him till medical help arrived. Garrett also instantly feels an attraction to Aaron.Garret's domineering lover Dane is a doctor at the hospital Aaron is being treated at.Aaron has no one to help him he reluctantly moves in with t [...]

    3. Candice on said:

      This was a well done m/m/m story, but I think it would have been so much better if it had been a full length novel and we could have really seen the relationship grow between these three. It was a nice story and I think the three of them fit well together.

    4. Tasha on said:

      When I read the description of how Aaron lost his partner I wanted to cry out in pain for him… yes I know he isn’t real but it felt real. This book is a bit different then the last Annmarie book I read… and that would be this is a MMM book and the other one I read was a MFM but they are all the same to me with the hot erotic… Lost in a book is where I always want to be

    5. Virginia on said:

      Really sweet m/m/m story with some great banter and funny exchanges. Loved the characters. Doesn't delve too deep and too convenient of a coming together than what could ever be expected in real life, but it was a fun piece of fiction.

    6. Kaylee Shyanne on said:

      This was a cute read and had me laughing out loud multiple times at Dane and Garrett's interactions. A really sweet story.

    7. Kassa on said:

      This is a sweet story about moving on after the death of a partner. The sex is hot and the connection between the established couple is strong and evident while the grieving partner is sympathetic. Mostly well written with a few holes in the story and emotional connection, nonetheless this is an easy, enjoyable story that will appeal to fans. Although this wasn’t entirely successful, it does open my eyes to a new author I’d buy again.The book opens with Aaron being involved in a dramatic and [...]

    8. Elisa Rolle on said:

      This novella mixes two elements that usually are not my cup of tea, a D/s relationship and a ménages. And already you have probably understood that both elements are not dealt in an usual way, since probably it’s the first time that I found this mix, I think it’s embedded in a D/s relationship to not be a ménages, the relationship between a Dominant and a submissive is so tight and particular that it’s not easy to add a third party. Here it’s possible since, even if without doubt Dane, [...]

    9. Nichole (DirrtyH) on said:

      I was hoping for more with this book. There just wasn't much substance there or opportunity to really get to know the characters or feel connected to their situation. I originally gave this two stars because, going by star system, I felt that this book was "just okay." But then I started looking at ratings I've given other books and I felt that to be consistent with my own ratings in this genre I should bump it up, because I did like it more than a lot of books I've given 2 or 3 stars to in the [...]

    10. Riina Y.T. on said:

      Why it took me years to finally read this, I will never know. Starting Over was exactly what I needed right now!God, those guys! Hilarious, adorable and just super sweet. I just wish there was a little more, just a bit (or a lot). *greedy*It was super light on BDSM or rather D/S and I really wanted to see how their relationship will turn out now that they're three! :( *greedy greedy*

    11. True on said:

      I kept coming back to this book to "read or not" for awhile now. What kept me away was that it was a novella. Boy was I surprised! I really liked this book. It was a surprise to see some of the dominance play through in the book as well. I can't really say that a three way relationship doesnt work in a dynamic such as Dom/Sub. I've met too many people for it to see that it does work. if anything its what I liked about this story. There was the resistance to join in because there was an establish [...]

    12. Jess on said:

      3.5 starsThis is one of those stories that has such great potential to delve into the gritty emotions that come up in new relationships. Especially when one is in mourning.I really enjoyed this book BUT it would have been so much better as a full length novel. The relationship could have developed slower and emotions be explored.It was still a real worthy short story. But I want MORE.Re-Read 2013 April - I stand by my original review, I got the urge to read this after someone else reviewed it an [...]

    13. Beck on said:

      Yet another book that is marketed as BDSM yet you need a magnifying glass to find the kink in this one.It's a sweet little fluffy tale but so implausible that I can't really recommend it. If you want a 30 minute read that doesn't strain your brain then this is the short for you. If you like a believable plot; decent character development; & a realistic development of the relationship; this isn't the book for you. Not dreadful but definitely forgettable.

    14. Sue bowdley on said:

      Although this is a short read it still packs quite a punchOk the MC's get together real quick but this is fiction and that doesn't hurt now and againGarrett watches Aaron fly through the air has he's knocked of his motorbikeDane who's Garretts partner and a Dr sees the connection that Garrett feels and feels the same wayey take Aaron home to heal in more ways than oneA lovely short read x

    15. Summer on said:

      A lot of emotion to cover in such a short story, but it was very well written.******If you liked this book you may enjoy the following groups:Erotic Enchants GroupMenage Readers Group

    16. CB on said:

      Very entertaining novella. The story line could easily have supported a full novel. M/M/M - so the character development was a little rushed and can there ever be enough sex scenes in a menage book?

    17. Yumi Wolf on said:

      Loved it, Dane and Garret were funny and Aaron with his broken heart soon came around to love again. Though I wish it was longer so I could read more and laugh, beautiful story I will always remember it, and read it again.

    18. Marsha Spence on said:

      Very sweet story. Loved all the characters and how Garret and Dane were there for Aaron. Great story!

    19. Lenore Kosinski on said:

      Delicious, arousing, heartwrenching. charactersce bit of side plot.

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