Captain Small Pig

Martin Waddell Susan Varley

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Captain Small Pig

Captain Small Pig Im Captain Commander Small Pig said Aye Aye Captain Small Pig yawned Old Goat You are in charge of this boat But Small Pig soon tires of rowing and falls asleep and before they know it the boat is

  • Title: Captain Small Pig
  • Author: Martin Waddell Susan Varley
  • ISBN: 9781561455195
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Im Captain Commander Small Pig said Aye Aye, Captain Small Pig yawned Old Goat You are in charge of this boat But Small Pig soon tires of rowing and falls asleep, and before they know it, the boat is drifting across the lake, and grumpy Turkey going to get soaked

    • [PDF] ê Free Read à Captain Small Pig : by Martin Waddell Susan Varley ✓
      397 Martin Waddell Susan Varley
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ê Free Read à Captain Small Pig : by Martin Waddell Susan Varley ✓
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    One thought on “Captain Small Pig

    1. Tasha on said:

      Spend a day on the lake with Old Goat, Turkey and Small Pig. Small Pig is the youngster who is eager about everything and wants to do things himself. Turkey automatically responds with a no to every request while Old Goat allows Small Pig to do what he asks. Small Pig gets his own turn to row, gets to try to fish for a whale, and declares himself to be Captain Small Pig! Old Goat and Turkey shepherd him safely through the day and into the evening, even carrying a dozing Small Pig home to bed. Th [...]

    2. Candice on said:

      This is a delightful story about the power of friendship to bring happiness to a child's life. Small Pig, Old Goat and Turkey walk down to Blue Lake where they find a red boat. Small Pig wants to go for a row in the boat and while Turkey says that Turkeys don't go in boats, Old Goat is willing to indulge Small Pig. The three go for a row and Old Goat agrees to allow Small Pig to fish and to row the boat. Happy with his new experiences, Small Pig dubs himself "Captain Small Pig." By the time the [...]

    3. Rosa Cline on said:

      This is a charming storybook, not overwhelming not super hyper but just a gentle story about three friends. The two older friends help the younger one to have fun. Just the 'air' of the story was a nice one. Small Pig wants to go on a boat ride although the older ones doesn't want to but they do get in the boat and have an enjoyable trip. They enduldge him and alow him to row even though he was to little to do anything but go in a circle. They even call him "Captain" in the end they all fall asl [...]

    4. Natalie J P on said:

      This is a lovely story to teach about friendship. The story is about Small Pig, Old Goat and Turkey and their adventures on a small boat. Small Pig wants to go for a row in the boat and be the Captain, Small Pig rows the boat and tries fishing and has so much fun on the boat with his friends he falls asleep. It is a nice story that focuses on the importance of friends and trying new experiences.The illustrations are engaging for children and fitting with the story. I read this with Reception chi [...]

    5. Eva Leger on said:

      Julia and I are both of the opinion that this is pretty boring. Julia thought that part where the turkey fell in the water was "okay" and said she didn't like the rest. I think it's pretty stale myself. I think I've come across the authors name before but I'm not sure. I'm going to look at any other books to see if this is a first by him or not because I'm curious. I guess this is an okay book but I wouldn't suggest it for a kid looking for excitement. Read this to a kid wanting excitement and t [...]

    6. Alice on said:

      I read this book twice hopping that I missed something that would allow me to rate it higher. Well it started out as a 2 stars and got bumped up to a 2.25 stars The pictures are okay and the story ended quickly and abruptly. It is fun to be a kid when the grown up let you think you are doing grown up things too The last picture where he is holding his 'catch' of the day is cute. Other than that no impressed!

    7. Heather on said:

      27 months- We quite enjoyed this book. The illustrations are cute and the story is fairly simple and fun. Didn't we all have parental type figures in our lives like the stuff Turkey, who says no to everything and Old Goat who always seems to say yes and let Pig try. For a kid it's a fun story, for a parent it's a reminder to sometimes let go a little and let our kids try something new that might be a bit beyond their ability or a little bit risky.

    8. Ariel Cummins on said:

      Standard friends-go-on-an-adventure story. Small Pig wants to do all the things, cranky Turkey doesn't want him to do anything, and Old Goat wants to let him try some things. Not a lot of plot happening -- it seems like the three will be lost because of Small Pig's sleepiness, but nope. Fairly standard looking art, but it is enjoyable nonetheless.Would make a good storytime book for toddlers.

    9. Heidi-Marie on said:

      Cute. Not earth-shattering. But nice to see the goat allow the pig to try things, and to see how friends are and that they can be of different ages. I liked the illustrations. I did end the book feeling that I either missed something myself or that the book was missing it. But it isn't bad. Probably best as a lap-read than a storytime.

    10. Donalyn on said:

      Small Pig sees life as an adventure-- he wants to row the boat and fish for whales. His indulgent guardian, Goat, lets Small Pig do whatever he wants, in spite of Turkey's grumbling.Precise word choice and dialogue, paired with lush watercolor illustrations, create a gentle tale of one Small Pig who has a memorable day.

    11. Gmr on said:

      Set sail for adventure on the "high seas" with Small Pig, Old Goat, and Turkey as they chart a course for showing what the meaning of friendship is all about. Illustrations remind me of Charlotte' Web, but the story is all its own.

    12. Tina Bartholoma on said:

      good blog review, family visit to a lake, generic parenting with 2 males, could fit many paradigms

    13. Andrea on said:

      Perfect for 2 year old reading, just the right amount of plot and words per page. She has asked me to read it at least 5 times in the last 24 hours.

    14. Traci Bold on said:

      Cute story. Kids will enjoy the freedom Captain Pig gets from his guardian, the Old goat.

    15. Diane on said:

      Turkey finds fault with everything Small Pig wants to try, but Old Goat knows how to fuel Small Pig's imagination and help him have a good day.

    16. George on said:

      I loved that this book had my 6-year-old smiling throughout the read, followed up with his proclaiming he was Captain Small Pig!

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