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Sue Grafton

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B is for Burglar

B is for Burglar Beverly Danziger looked like an expensive carefully wrapped package from a good but conservative shop Only her compulsive chatter hinted at the nervousness beneath her cool surface It was a nervousne

  • Title: B is for Burglar
  • Author: Sue Grafton
  • ISBN: 9781429922258
  • Page: 221
  • Format: ebook
  • Beverly Danziger looked like an expensive, carefully wrapped package from a good but conservative shop Only her compulsive chatter hinted at the nervousness beneath her cool surface It was a nervousness out of all proportion to the problem she placed before Kinsey Millhone There was an absent sister A will to be settled a matter of only a few thousand dollars Mrs DaBeverly Danziger looked like an expensive, carefully wrapped package from a good but conservative shop Only her compulsive chatter hinted at the nervousness beneath her cool surface It was a nervousness out of all proportion to the problem she placed before Kinsey Millhone There was an absent sister A will to be settled a matter of only a few thousand dollars Mrs Danziger did not look as if she needed a few thousand dollars And she didn t seem like someone longing for a family reunion.Still, business was slow, and even a private investigator has bills to pay Millhone took the job It looked routine.Elaine Boldt s wrappings were a good deal flashier than her sister s, but they signaled the same thing The lady had money A rich widow in her early forties, she owned a condo in Boca Raton and another in Santa Teresa According to the manager of the California building, she was last seen draped in her 12,000 lynx coat heading for Boca Raton According to the manager of the Florida building, she never got there But someone else had and she was camping out illegally in Mrs Boldt s apartment The job was beginning to seem a bit less routine.It turned tricky when Beverly Danziger ordered Millhone to drop the case and it took on an ominous quality when Aubrey Danziger surfaced, making all kinds of wild accusations about his wife But it only became sinister when Millhone learned that just days before Elaine Boldt went missing, her next door neighbor and bridge partner had been murdered and the killer was still at large.A house destroyed by arson A brutally murdered a woman A missing lynx coat An apartment burgled of valueless papers, another ransacked in a mel e of mindless destruction And murder As Millhone digs deeper into the case, she finds herself in a nightmarish hall of mirrors in which reality is distorted by illusion and nothing except danger is quite what it seems.

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      221 Sue Grafton
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    One thought on “B is for Burglar

    1. Phrynne on said:

      I listened to this one on Audio and am not sure whether that affected how much I enjoyed the book. The narrator chose to read Kinsey as a very brisk, managing type of person and I felt she did not really do her justice. Nevertheless I enjoyed the story with its twists and turns and surprises. The ending was neat and not idealistic - like real life! I would have liked to give this three and a half stars and will certainly be carrying on with the series.

    2. Ed on said:

      I'd wanted to read A, Ms. Grafton's debut title in the series, but only B was on the library shelf. But then B shows Kinsey in her full profile and element. She cuts her own hair. She uses the washer for her hamper. She jogs. She eats junk food. In short, a very likeable PI protagonist. I've also liked her wry wit a few books ago. Sue Grafton's PI is my comfort read. She's always been reliable for delivering a sturdy tale which is just the something I often crave. I'll go on devouring the alphab [...]

    3. Jim on said:

      Another interesting mystery solved by Kinsey. It's a shame she's turned into such a damn fool by Grafton at the end. Just like the first one, I really liked everything up until she winds up confronting the bad guy. Then Grafton feeds her an idiot pill & ties one hand behind her back just to make sure there is a big suspenseful ending. Is this a trademark of the series? With only 2 books listened to, it seems unfair to pass judgement yet, but a third might just finish me.I like Kinsey & t [...]

    4. Robert on said:

      Kinsey Millhone might have her iconic status entrenched about as well as Sue Grafton has hers, and the series has kept me just interested enough to continue through to O, but I’ll need to take periodic breaths in between, or I might find myself gasping for air as the clock strikes E. Who knows? I might make it all the way to G before I pass out, but there’s the distinct possibility I’ll turn blue sooner rather than later.Like a female version of James Bond, she has her good points, and she [...]

    5. James on said:

      Review3.5 stars but I'm going to round down (since I sometimes round up for this author, and I suppose this makes it balance out a bit!) for the second book in the "Kinsey Millhone" [cozy] mystery series by Sue Grafton. In B is for Burglar, we get to know Kinsey more, figuring out what she likes and doesn't like. And apparently she is a bit picky when it comes to client. First, she doesn't want to take the case as it is too simple and sounds like a waste of her time. But when she digs a bit deep [...]

    6. Suzy on said:

      Reread in honor of Sue Grafton's passing, may she R.I.P. The mystery at the heart of B is for Burglar kept me guessing right up until when Kinsey figures it out. I was as entertained by the world of 1985 as much as I was by the story. Things like when on a stakeout, Kinsey wonders who she might call if things get out of control, but then decides that it doesn't matter because "the nearest pay phone is several miles away". Or how she knows answering machines are irritating, but also knows that he [...]

    7. Obsidian on said:

      After surviving almost being murdered in the first book, Kinsey is still dealing with having to take a life. When she gets another case looking into a missing woman, Kinsey hopes that keeps the ghosts that haunt her at bay. We get more insight into Kinsey, more development for characters like Henry and Lieutenant Dolan. And we get our first glimpse at Jonah Robb and his never ending messy marriage to Camilla.I really loved B is for Burglar. The reveal was really cool and once again Kinsey comes [...]

    8. Algernon on said:

      I'm not entirely comfortable with the star system. All through school I was judged on a 10 points scale, and a 6 was a very low grade, just a step above the barely passed examination (5). On that scale Sue Grafton is a comfortable 8 - intelligent, intriguing, elegant. But I have read better mysteries and I suspect in a year or two I will scratch my head and wonder what was this book about?The one thing that will remain for sure is the main character - Kinsey Millhone - private investigator in S [...]

    9. Wendy on said:

      B is for BurglarI've had this series of books on my book shelf for years now and I really don't know what took me so long to start reading them. To be honest I'm lucky in a way because I now have a whole lot of books to read. What a great start to this series, I love Kinsey and I can't wait to see what other cases she has to get in to.

    10. Deborah Markus on said:

      This book is due back at the library and I'm cranky because of all the construction noise right outside my window. It started really early, and they're hammering with what sounds like Mjolnir. Also trimming trees with chainsaws. And there are trucks. Lots and lots of trucks.So anyway. I like the Kinsey Millhone mysteries because they're a brain-break from my usual heavy-duty research mode of living. This may sound like faint praise indeed, but I think what I like most about them is that the stor [...]

    11. Book Concierge on said:

      Book on CD performed by Mary PeifferBook two in the mystery series featuring private investigator Kinsey Millhone of Santa Teresa, California. Beverly Danziger is expensively dressed and much more nervous than she should be considering her problem. She needs to find her sister to get some papers signed. Kinsey figures this will be fairly routine, so she takes the job. But a trip to Boca Raton, Florida only raises more questions about the missing woman, and Mrs Danziger is upset when Kinsey sugge [...]

    12. Ace on said:

      The formula has been set, Kinsey will continue solving cases, sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong and mulling things out in her head along the way. She's got quite a dry sense of humor and is a bit brave too. With this one I couldn't quite work out the mystery myself but let's face it, I'm not alone in saying that I would never have guessed the murder weapon!!

    13. Darinda on said:

      Kinsey Millhone takes a case to find a missing woman. On first glance, it appears to be an easy case and Kinsey needs the money, so she takes the job. Needless to say, it's a tougher case than it first appeared to be.The second book in the Kinsey Millhone series. Kinsey is still a smart and spunky PI who likes to work alone. This book was first published in the early 1980s, so it was fun to take a trip back to the eighties and read a nice, solid mystery. I listened to an audio version of this bo [...]

    14. Donna on said:

      So I'm a little late to this party. The series is almost? finished and I've just read my first. Really enjoyed it and I can understand why the series has been such a success. Great characters, solid plot with twists, red herrings, and surprises.

    15. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      Here we go again! In the second book of the Kinsey Millhone alphabet mysteries, Kinsey is once again on the move. This time she is flying back between Florida and California to search for a woman by the name of Elaine Boldt. Her sister is looking for her to sign some papers that require immediate attention. However, Kinsey discovers that there might be some other events that may be connected to Elaine’s disappearances as well.As you can guess by the title, the book does involve some burglaries [...]

    16. Fiona on said:

      Another pacey whodunit from Sue Grafton. This time Kinsey is on the trail of a missing woman with lots of twists and turns and false leads along the way. It was written in 1985 and it reminded me how much easier communication is now than it was then. No looking around for phone books, change for the phone, a phone booth. Portable communication whenever we need it, as long as there's a signal. I've just started but I know I'm going to enjoy this series. PS In the list of acknowledgements is a won [...]

    17. Sarah on said:

      I hope that these books get better. I may just have to give up on them. This book wasn't so much bad as it was pointless and boring, at least to me. I didn't care about anyone in this book, at all. No one grabbed my attention, and the mystery was just so-so. Kinsey (the main character) is really weird to me. I feel like we are supposed to think she is this cool,quirky, bad ass but she comes across to me pretty much the opposite. She is unnecessarily rude to people, she seems weirdly oblivious at [...]

    18. Teresa on said:

      I finished the second book in this series this week, but, my surge protector fried. I prefer typing reviews on a computer compared to the teeny keypad on my phone. Am back in business again. I enjoyed this second mystery, but not quite as much as the first. I lost steam in the middle. I still found it entertaining and did not guess who had committed the murder. I'm enjoying "getting to know" Kinsey Millhone and keep thinking of my mother-in-law each time I read one of these. This mystery begins [...]

    19. Aida on said:

      (Some spoilers) 2.5⭐️'S. Read the series this year as part of book club challenge. Was not too enthusiastic about the first book, 'A', as the writing and story/plot development was amateurish. The writing seems to be getting better however, someone really should tell Ms. Grafton her "nonessential filler' does not an interesting book make. I feel setting description is essential to a story line; there are clues that could attribute to the entire story. However, is it really necessary to add d [...]

    20. Megan Durrett Toll on said:

      I hate to say it, I'm eating my words from my first review. Kinsey is not so relatable. She is not just a loner, but a judgmental, self-contradictory, depth-lacking character. She takes a negative tone to everyone she meets and calls them fat, old, too beautiful, anal or there is something wrong with everyone she meets, it's a skewed way to view life. She is terrified for getting in trouble with CFI, yet she was celebrating over that fact that she almost took a life. She has no depth because her [...]

    21. Ami on said:

      Because it started with a missing person case, I found this to be even slower in progress compared to first book. Of course, later on, Kinsey realized the missing person was related to a homicide victim but I guess by then my full interest has slightly dwindled. Oh and I totally guess the whole twist and the villain before Kinsey did. Yay me.

    22. Quenya on said:

      B is for Burglar is very easy to figure out but the ride is still enjoyable as watch Kinsey solve the case. I don’t feel like the author hid anything from the readers and that we had just as much information as Kinsey. I don’t like books where I feel the main character has more information than the reader. I like it when the reader has just as good of a chance to crack the case as the detective does. B is Burglar is that book and you can really see the wheels in Kinsey’s mind turn. I liked [...]

    23. June Ahern on said:

      I've enjoyed Sue Grafton's series of Kinsey Millhone, female sleuth, for many years. Some of the mysteries are easier to read, staying with the one main theme while others can be confusing with too many stories going on at one time. Dead bodies do occur although usually not as brutally as in other contemporary novels and this is a fun treat compared the very graphic reads (not that I'm overly squeamish when it comes to blood & guts.) Grafton has a fun, quick moving style of writing that keep [...]

    24. Stephanie Lorée on said:

      I'm not entirely sure what happened with 'B' is for Burglar, but I found it very hard to get into the story. The characters were still there, quirky and interesting as ever, and Grafton's narrative descriptions still struck me as unique and engrossing, but I just couldn't find myself caring about the plot. It wasn't a murder mystery I could sit around guessing at, thereby provoking my interest as the pieces were revealed. Instead, the ending came from left field and accusations that were previou [...]

    25. Shannon on said:

      This is the second book in this *series* and I hope Ms. Grafton makes up her mind which way the series is going to go. There are several times when this book reiterates information from the first book, such as describing Kinsey or the town where she lives, thus allowing this to be a stand alone book. There are other times however, when she references the crime from book #1 (A is for Alibi) but doesn't give alot of details, assuming that the reader has started there and made the logical progressi [...]

    26. Christine (KizzieReads) on said:

      Really good story that had me hooked and didn't stop until the last page. I did not see the ending at all which makes for a really good suspense novel. I will definitely continue with this series.

    27. Chance Lee on said:

      In "B is for Burglar," PI Kinsey Millhone investigates a missing woman, a months-old unsolved murder, and a likely case of identity theft. Kinsey's client and the client's husband are delightfully crazy, and who is gaslighting whom is left open-ended for the reader to decide. Along the way, Kinsey gets info from a mohawked teenage drug dealer and jets to Florida, where she teams up with a bridge-playing octagenarian who adds some much-needed levity to Kinsey's deadpan seriousness and delivers sh [...]

    28. Karyl on said:

      Kinsey is back! It's two weeks after the end of A is for Alibi, and she's still dealing with the aftermath of that. But now a smooth-talking woman has hired her to find her missing sister, someone she's not heard from in quite some time. Kinsey figures it's an open-and-shut case, and so she starts digging. But she is surprised by the twists and turns she uncovers.It's clear that A Is For Alibi was a starter novel. But now, in B Is For Burglar, it feels as though Grafton has really hit her stride [...]

    29. Rishi Prakash on said:

      My quest for fast read continues to pay after the 1 month slow death i had with one of the book! This is also a perfect fill when one is looking for fast and furious genre! The set-up and the timing is another plus here. I loved reading the way things unfold in an era of basic technology. No cell phones, no internet, no google!! Too much fun. And so much more personal. The detective is sharp and her eye for details really makes even a small description real interesting. Go for it when you really [...]

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