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Rut Rut takes readers to the Rocky Mountains circa where the once thriving burg of Gower is about to become a st century ghost town Thanks to extreme weather and plenty of toxic waste the skiers

  • Title: Rut
  • Author: Scott Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780981782447
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rut takes readers to the Rocky Mountains circa 2050, where the once thriving burg of Gower is about to become a 21st century ghost town Thanks to extreme weather and plenty of toxic waste, the skiers and celebrities are gone, along with the money and the veneer of civilization What s left Old time religion and brand new pharmaceuticals, bad food and warm beer, mutated aRut takes readers to the Rocky Mountains circa 2050, where the once thriving burg of Gower is about to become a 21st century ghost town Thanks to extreme weather and plenty of toxic waste, the skiers and celebrities are gone, along with the money and the veneer of civilization What s left Old time religion and brand new pharmaceuticals, bad food and warm beer, mutated animals and small town gossip Can the town survive We ll see.

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      128 Scott Phillips
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    One thought on “Rut

    1. Mathew on said:

      I tend to shy away from free books in the same way I shy away from free food. I'm not talking about a good book loaned from a friend, I mean bargain basement, remaindered, major mark-down, anything that has the the faint whiff of the unwanted. Also, self-published. I know it shows a prejudice, probably unfair and possibly a relic of a past and failing model, but flawed though it is, I believe in the filter of editors and agents, professionals who have dedicated their lives to discovering and cul [...]

    2. A. on said:

      Rut was received from Concord Free Press.Rut is a not-too-distant futuristic novel that sort of tracks a biology PhD student's interest in amphibian life in the small, former ski town, Gower, Colorado. It's about 50 years in the future, and humans have already trashed the place (the earth, that is). Cars are incredibly rare (government issue and rich people, plus, I believe, people in the big cities "on the grid"), medicine is readily available for almost anything (new eyes, new hair, new limbs, [...]

    3. Vivian on said:

      This story is set in a near-future dystopian United States. Climate change, pollution and peak oil have all taken their toll on a small town in Colorado. Once a popular tourist destination but now dying, its only visitor is a young biologist, come to study the local frogs. Although frog populations are declining worldwide, frogs are flourishing near this town. However, effluent from a mining operation is having an odd effect on some frogs, leaving them stuck in the tadpole stage; they'll grow up [...]

    4. Amy on said:

      Imagine a world in the not so distant future where the US has slipped from being a major power, the right has taken over, resources are scarce, toxic waste is not, oil is tapped out, military order is supreme, China is the superpower -- a post-apocalyptic setting minus the actual apocalypse. That's the world of Rut. The story is very loosely sketched, hinging more on the characters that populate/visit the small Colorado town of Gower. Gower is definitely past it's sell-by date, no longer the ski [...]

    5. Leonie on said:

      This was a nice littel snapshot of American politics in the long view as of this moment. It was like a forecast of the current zeitgeist wherein big pharma owns the little man and is morally bankrupt when it comes to providing chemicals to amuse and sooth him with complete disregard to long term health and environmental factors. The environment (global warming, big corporation pollution and hunting/farming) also looms large. The emergent power of China and the provision of cheap labour from the [...]

    6. Mary Overton on said:

      "The last outpost of the old outskirts is an abandoned Mobil station, its pumps still standing minus their hoses underneath the remnants of a canopy, the corroding tanks no doubt still leeching he last remnants of their petrochemical contents into the ground-water. The convenience store inside was a wondrous source of junk food and expensive trinkets, scratch tickets, and sugary frozen drinks dispensed from colorful, humming machines. She took the place for granted when it was open, was in fact [...]

    7. Eileen Souza on said:

      I received this book for free from Concord Free Press, with the agreement that I would give an amount of money of my choice to a person or charity who deserved it, in honor of the book. I gave $25 to Kiva, giving someone a chance to start a small business.The book was intriguing - I could give it 1,2,3,4, or 5 stars, depending on the concepts that the book presented, so I'm sticking with three. This is another one that could have gone 3.5The story is about Gower, CO around 2050, in a war-torn, o [...]

    8. Jenni on said:

      I received Rut free from Concord Free Press. I was quite intrigued by the cover, it shows a person with a prosthetic leg so straight away I was starting to wonder about what sort of story it was going to be. The book does not have a synopsis so I just had to dive in and start reading.Set in the near future Rut offers a possible view of what may happen if China becomes the global superpower and America is taken over my right wing extremism. We follow Bridget, a research scientist, as she enters t [...]

    9. Josh on said:

      Rut reads like literature disguised as dystopian fiction. Set in a not too distant future when the world has turned for the worse, this not entirely inconceivable tale is more a character and environmental study than a page turning fast moving plot thriller. Bridget, a research scientist is sent to the small off the grid rural town of Gower to study the amphibious life. What see encounters is small town scandal, corruption, and violence. Rut places a heavy emphasis of creating a setting and esta [...]

    10. Abigailann (Abigail) on said:

      I loved the concept behind the publication of this book- a book that is passed around free in return for its readers making a donation to a charity of their choice. However, the fact that this was a free book showed in the quality of the reading experience. The setting was good, a future world similar to ours but different enough to make an interesting world. Unfortunatly there seemed to be s much happening that it was hard to find a clear plot amongst all the different characters. Every time I [...]

    11. (a)lyss(a) on said:

      I like the concept behind Concord Free Press probably more than I liked this book. I found it at a used bookstore and the idea of giving people books for free with the expectation that people will pay it forward in exchange definitely drew me to the book. It's unclear that it's a dystopian kind of future early on in the book. It took me a while to catch on to the setting without having any kind of summary to go from and without more specifics it's hard to picture but the way the story is written [...]

    12. Nancy on said:

      This book was interesting, a near future look at a small town in Colorado. Phillips gives us a look at what life might be like after the trhreats of climate change, corporate power, global economic control, energy shortages, and fundamentalism become a reality. But at it's heart, the book is still a book about a small town and the people who live there. Also interesting is the fact that this book was published by Concord Free Press. I picked it up at Puddinhead Books in St. Louis on one of my in [...]

    13. Gareth Price on said:

      Read The Ice Harvest ages ago & enjoyed it but have yet to catch up with the rest of Scott Phillips output til now. This was a good enough read and well written but nothing much seems to happen until the end where things pick up pace. Very subtle in it's description of a near future dystopia where people are struggling to mantain normal lives it probably failed to grab me completely as I read it in short bursts & may have benefited from reading it in larger chunks . My fault then not the [...]

    14. Chris Hansford on said:

      I got this book as part of the Concord Free Press project. concordfreepressIt was pretty good. It didn't blow me away, but it was interesting. Set in a distopian near-future, it looks at life in a small town after the US has become a 3rd world country. This book is unique in its genre because it doesn't go into the global politics that lead to the current state of the world. It just looks at how ordinary citizens are getting by. The characters are interesting, but at times can be a little carica [...]

    15. Peter on said:

      Too many characters qnd subplots, plot sort of drifts, and the odd sociopolitcal status of Gower and the rest of America is only vaguely described. The book would have been much better if it focused heavily on Cole, Bridget and Rex - the three strongest characters here who weren't as developed as they should have been. An interesting premise, but the execution was lacking.

    16. SallyJo on said:

      One of the very few "futuristic warning" books I've read where I kept wishing for more details, please! Set in a small, isolated town, there were frequent allusions to big city living. I really, really wanted to hear about what was going on there! Recommend reading, simply because its short and a fast. choose for yourself how you feel about the message.

    17. Caroline on said:

      Kudos to self-publishers, to Concord Free Press and to free books. I support you. But 'Rut', a story of futuristic toxic America and the folks still fighting to survive in a small town left me wondering if free press doesn't need a shot of bravado.

    18. Nathan Barker on said:

      Mini-review: I found this short novel very entertaining to read - Phillips is a gifted storyteller. Unfortunately, this seemed like only a small part of a much larger story - like the rest of the novel was missing.

    19. David on said:

      Anybody want my copy? Concord Free Press is all about circulating these books.

    20. Susan on said:

      Futuristic society book published by Concord Free Press which gives out books for free and asks readers to donate to a favorite cause. The future in this book is not looking so free.

    21. Nik Korpon on said:

      Much different than I'd expected from Scott Phillips, yet at the sam time exactly what I expected. I love it when that happens. Mini-interview/review coming soon.

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