Nearly a Lady

Alissa Johnson

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Nearly a Lady

Nearly a Lady Lord Gideon Haverston wanted to right his family s wrongs So when he promises young Winnefred Blythe the money that his stepmother had cheated her out of over the years he expects to be greeted as a

  • Title: Nearly a Lady
  • Author: Alissa Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780425241813
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Lord Gideon Haverston wanted to right his family s wrongs So when he promises young Winnefred Blythe the money that his stepmother had cheated her out of over the years, he expects to be greeted as a hero But the situation is much complicated than Gideon had expected and the task of taming the untrusting Winnefred much alluring.

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      253 Alissa Johnson
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    One thought on “Nearly a Lady

    1. Rane on said:

      There's always going to come a book that just surprise and delights you into remembering why you love to read the certain genre. Nearly a Lady reminded me so much of my love for the old Trad books, with it's deep characters and the beautiful blossoming relationship between the H/H that I don't see as much anymore without it having to deal with inst-o-lust something or another. You have two wonderful characters that slowly grow and reveal their innermost thoughts. Both were far from perfect as Gi [...]

    2. Catherine on said:

      This book was perfect for me. Seriously, perfect. I loved everything about it from the charming writing to the delightful characters. It was dead on for my mood and was much appreciated after my predominantly mediocre book luck in May.The hero, Gideon, was such a doll. He had some issues from the past, but he didn’t let that ruin his whole personality. He’s cheerful and funny and gets enjoyment from making other people laugh. He’s drawn to Winnefred, but he isn’t the kind of guy to take [...]

    3. Shawna on said:

      5+ stars – Historical/Regency RomanceBooks like this lovely, heartwarming gem make me grateful for , which has enabled me to make such great friends who share my passion for romance and happily ever afters and to discover so many wonderful new-to-me authors.Nearly a Lady is such a delightful, beautiful, emotional, sweet story that’s all the more powerful because of its quiet, honest simplicity and endearing characters who steal your heart. The genuine friendship and tender, gradual romance b [...]

    4. Jill on said:

      4.5 starsFor twelve long years Winnefred (Freddie) Blythe and her friend and governess Lilly Ilestone have languished in poverty at Murdoch House in Scotland. They were sent there when Freddie was thirteen as the unwanted legal ward of the Marquess of Engsly and his unfeeling wife. After his death, his son, Lucien discovering he now has charge of a ward dispatches his brother, Gideon to Scotland to deal with the situation. The Englsy estate under the greedy and dishonest hand of Lady Engsly - Lu [...]

    5. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      Nearly a Lady is beautiful in its simplicity as a historical romance. It's about two people getting to know each other and falling in love. There is no need for madcap adventures, a cruel villain, an extraneous mystery plot, chandelier-swinging sex scenes, or convoluted excuses for the couple to spend time together. Instead, this story is organic in its development. And I appreciated that. The characters are those who you might have seen before in Regency romance, but they seem more authentic he [...]

    6. Jo on said:

      Lord Gideon Haverston has been assigned the task of righting his stepmother’s wrong against his father’s ward, Miss Winnefred Blythe. He expected to be greeted as her hero when he promises her repayment of the money that was stolen from her over the years, instead he is assaulted when they don’t recognise him, and thinks him there to either hurt or steal from them. And then after that matter is cleared up, he has the difficult task of trying to win Winnefred’s trust. What he refuses to d [...]

    7. [Aengell] on said:

      4 starsWow, that was a nice HR for once. The story begins with our hero, Gideon, the brother of a marquess, being sent to the lowlands of Scotland by said marquess brother to check up on a long forgotten ward. The ward, Winnefred, or Freddie, has lived on a rural farm for 12 years, along with her companion Lilly. So Gideon finds himself knocked down by a feisty girl in pants, and afterwards has to explain why his family let girl in pants aka Freddie and Lilly live near starvation for so long. Yo [...]

    8. Becca on said:

      I loved Gideon and Winnefred. This story was a delight from beginning to end and I look forward to continuing with this author's work. I first discovered Alissa Johnson when I bought The Christmas Dance on sale and then I found all her books on Prime Readingwhat a deal! I'm now going to read everything :)Winnefred is a woman with a spine of steel, an excellent grasp of the absurd, a devotion to strays (human and animal), and a weak stomach (motion sickness? I can empathize). It is a blend of vu [...]

    9. Diana~ (Kiss Me Books) on said:

      I had so many emotions while reading this Nearly a Lady by Alissa Johnson. First, it started out as sweetness because I adore the friendship between Winnefred and Gideon. It was so cute and they were meant to be together from the very start. Then, there was heartbreak because while these two are friends, they're also unconsciously falling in love with each other and Gideon refuses to let that happen. And finally, peacefulness because the ending was worth all of the rollercoaster of emotions that [...]

    10. Nikki on said:

      5 stars.Historical romance at it's finest and one that stroked favourably on everything that I love about HR.Winnefred was a darling heroine; having grown up in less that auspicious circumstances, I found her remarkably courageous, bright, witty and entertaining. She wasn't prone to fits of sullenness or bitchiness at all, her sunny disposition was a constant throughout the entire book. And though she was an innocent who grew up on what could be referred to as a farm, she knew exactly what she w [...]

    11. Zumbagirl on said:

      3.5/4 starsFor some reason, I could not get into this book. I really enjoyed An Unexpected Gentleman but this one didn't set the world on fire. I'm not a fan of the tortured hero and Gideon would fit that description. He's probably suffering from PTSD and has both emotional and physical scars. I also don't like heroes that play the I can't get married/I can't have children/I can't forgive myself card. There are two love stories here and the other couple was a better match, imo. There was some pr [...]

    12. Angie on said:

      Originally reviewed here @ AngievilleNearly a Lady has been quietly languishing on my TBR pile for months now. I'm afraid that cover had something to do with it (she says sheepishly after making and breaking her 110th resolution not to judge a book by its . . . well). Uninspiring cover aside (but seriously, I just don't like the look of them and really that's far too much lavender for my taste and . . . well), it lingered in the back of my mind all this time for no discernible reason except that [...]

    13. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon on said:

      4.8It has been a severely long time in which I have read a historical romance and felt like I could relate to the characters, like I was totally absorbed in the storyline and invested in the outcome. This was that book. I'm not going to give you a review here. Nay, I will instead point you to a review that is better than anything I could write about this book.Isn't that Lazy CJ?Yes. Yes it is.But it's also right.Catherine's ReviewMy only qualm is that the ending felt a tad rushed and I wish that [...]

    14. Nefise on said:

      I love this so much!The chemistry and friendship between H/h is wonderful. The dialogs , the progress and the storylineI haven't felt emotions for so long time in historical romance. I've just remembered again, why I love this genre very much :)I can't believe myself, why I waited so much for reading Ms Johnson's books. I'll read other books of the author's as soon.

    15. Audrey on said:

      A very strong 3, almost a 3.5/4. This story was a pleasant Regency read that flowed well and stayed true to the voice and strong characterization of traditional Regency novels of yesteryear. I particularly liked the kind and independent heroine, Winnifred, whose lack of artifice was truly refreshing. I thought the circumstances of the physical consummation of their relationship were a little out of place in light of the traditional Regency tone and the restraint the H had shown up until that poi [...]

    16. Pamela(AllHoney) on said:

      The first book in Alissa Johnson's Haverston Family series. Alissa Johnson is quickly climbing to the top of my most loved historical romance writers. She has a way of creating wonderful characters and delightful and witty banter that keeps you glued to the pages. This one was very close to a 5 star for me. I did feel it trying to lag on me but it picked back up and carried me to the end.

    17. Keertana on said:

      Rating: 4.5 StarsLOVED this. So, so, so, so much. Exactly what I needed, actually. :)

    18. Ursula on said:

      Let me preface this review with the fact that I really like Alissa Johnson. I like her writing stye and she has a way of fleshing out characters so that they become very real. Sometimes I find she tends to have the heroes all tortured or conflicted and has the heroine"saving" him, which is a bit annoying- the other way around is good, too!In this story, the first in a trilogy, our hero Gideon is traumatised by what happened on the ship under his command during the war. Meanwhile, our heroine Win [...]

    19. Cecilia on said:

      The first thing I will say about this book is that it's not unintelligent. Which sounds like damning it with faint praise, but that's not my intention. It's just that the book's source of conflict - the hero's reason for resisting falling in love - skates close to the line, and is a bit simplistic in how the hero learned from one disaster in his past that he can never be responsible for a wife and children, and a bit simplistic in how he wakes up one day and gets over it. But while this kind of [...]

    20. Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria on said:

      Loved this book. Just loved it. Winnefred is such a lovely, giving person even though she's felt unwanted most of her life, and the hero, Gideon is wonderful. They make such a lovely couple. The dialogue between them was fantastic and made me laugh often and there was enough angst to make it a well-rounded book. It was a touch slow to start, but once I got into it, I couldn't put it down and read it in one day. I couldn't have been happier with it. This author has a very smooth style, and the un [...]

    21. Carrie on said:

      Nearly a Lady is a very enjoyable Regency romance. Most readers will quickly come to care for the unusual heroine and the kind, if conflicted, hero. The writing was fluid and interesting, giving enough detail without bogging the story down. The secondary romance seemed a little rushed, or somewhat of an afterthought, but the main characters were well drawn. This isn't a complex book, but it's better than average and a worthwhile read. From the except in the back of the book, it seems Ms. Johnson [...]

    22. Jennifer Ashley on said:

      Nearly a Lady is a delightfully witty gem of a book! Johnson’s charming romp features a courageous, hilarious heroine, laugh-out-loud humor, plus a true hero who will steal your heart.

    23. Yue on said:

      It started out great, somewhat sweet, along the lines of Traditional Regency Romance. I thought Gideon was a nice hero, kind, down-to-Earth, with a good sense of humor, etc. And Winnifred seemed to be a headstrong woman, not a girly, silly child. And besides, I like romances in little towns more than in high society. But this story dragged on and on and on. Winnifred and Lilly preparing themselves to be presented in society. Gideon feeling more and more attracted to Winnifred. Then the journey t [...]

    24. Jimzzz on said:

      Heart warmingSuch a fun book to read. The author kept the story line pure and entertaining throughout the book. The book had 3 main characters.

    25. The UHQ Nasanta on said:

      3.5-4 starsI wasn't exactly wild about this book. Part of this was because it started off somewhat slow, and continued to be ratherquiet. There were bits of humor interspersed which lightened the tone of the book but overall, it wasquiet. But I continued on and tried to look for positives. I found it in the writing, in how the author detailed the process of two young people falling in love:She caught the familiar twinkle in his dark eyes as he began a description of the Prince Regent's drunken a [...]

    26. Anna (Bobs Her Hair) on said:

      This is a sweet historical romance about two good people who fall in love. The heroine is strong, intelligent, kind, and senstive. The hero reminded me of Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale from Elizabeth Hoyt's To Seduce a Sinner. He is charming, without being rakish, and his humor is, at times, nonsensical. He is also scarred from war and nightmares wake him. In this story, Gideon is sent to rectify a financial wrong done to Winnefred. His step-mother has ran off after stealing a significant amount [...]

    27. Jackie on said:

      Nearly a Lady by Alissa Johnson is a Regency style novel that caters to modern sensitivities. Our heroine has been banished with her governess/companion to a small estate in Scotland with almost no money. She is fourteen at the time and her governess is at most 10 years her senior, yet somehow they manage to survive without servants or generous neighbors. Then the second son of Winnefred's original guardian arrives to set matters straight. Although he is a former naval officer or perhaps because [...]

    28. Jennifer on said:

      This was what I've come to expect from Alissa Johnson. It was engagingly written and peppered with witty banter. The plot was simple. Unlike any of the books in the Providence series by this author, the h was never in any danger. I liked that this was just a story about a man and a woman becoming friends and then falling in love. Unfortunately, I did not like the H in this story. He tried hard to be selfless in the beginning. He wanted to leave the h alone, knowing that he could never care about [...]

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